Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Loving Where You Are

It looks like this outside today. I love the sunlight and the shadows. We're coming into Texas August, and that's hot stuff. But I've decided hot is alot better than the storming July rains every day. Now that was brutal. And downright depressing. I don't see how Seattle people do it.
Have you ever thought about all the people that are affected when it rains? Like storm rain, really rain, Houston rain. Golfers, yard guys, everybody in construction, pool cleaners, fishing, little leaguers, really any kid sports, moving any furniture in the back of a pickup. Okay - so you get my point.
Next year if I get the idea to go to Canton during August - just slap me. Because that would feel alot better than being there. There's just no use in trying to shop because you can only move about 30 steps. I did score a major find - a bench made from bedposts. Never mind that it didn't fit in the Tahoe so we had to take it apart. Now my hubby is reinforcing it so it will be sturdy. Its very very cool. I also picked up a white chenille bed throw to cover the seat - great match. Plus theres enough left over for pillows. Now the tricky part is where to put the bench - I didn't really think it through - it was just a - I gotta have that - purchase. It will look nice in the living room. I'll take a pic when I'm done.
I'm working hard on Loving Where You Are. Not to be confused with Being In the Moment. It seems that all our lives we spend wishing we were... married, or 16 so we can drive, or having kids, curly hair, or not working or whatever. I have been working on being grateful, writing down 5 things every morning. But stepping beyond that to stop wishing I was somewhere else, whether its with my hair or my marriage or my job. Appreciating exactly where I am and quit wishing it was different. It's a big one.
Off for physical therapy on my shoulder. Be real.