Monday, April 05, 2010

Come with Me

Friday was a super day, spent in Warrenton with my gal pal, Vicky wandering the aisles at Cole's and beyond. Time was short spent junk shopping because there was a crawfish boil waiting... but I managed to drop a bit of cash and also act like a photog/artiste by taking these snaps at The Seed Box. Brian and wife, Meloney are super talented, a bit famous and set fabulous vinettes with their wares:

Check out the paint brushes...

Vicky would mention that I was drooling during my chat, but I couldn't help myself. The man is gorgeous. They will be at Urban Market next month. After that I picked up some beautiful lace and trims from a very sweet California lady, Dianne. We spent alot of time picking out pristine white lace shams and a regal grain sack from Anne Gebhard and her husband, Fred, the Germans. The grain sack has a red stripe and regal crown on top. LOVE it. They spoke German when they were wishing we'd just pay up and go... They come to Urban Market also. And while I had alot of laughs with Vicky, she made me sit down and eat... when I could be sifting through some junk. So not fair. But loads of fun.

At some point, I hope you get to go to Warrenton - perhaps next fall. I went to Round Top years ago and didn't like it. I didn't get the part about driving from tent to tent for some really expensive thousanddollar type expensive furniture and stuff. And then I found Warrenton and its junk. And I love looking through junk. If you could only get paid to do it...

I do have quite a stash of french monogram ribbon with initials or numbers, in red or black ribbon with white stitching. I'm thinking about bringing it to ME to sell or perhaps Inspired. I scored more on ebay today.

We found a lovely field of wildflowers right outside of Industry on 159. Unbelievable pinks and reds:

I found a few purple bottles and a then some handsome skeleton keys that I want to marry. I should take a photo of the bits of linen, lace and trims I found at Dianne's. Perhaps tomorrow, I'm working on my One Word Journal swap for Inspired and also my Year of Tags swap for Mary Engelbreit Home Companion workshop which is about 3 weeks away. Yeah!