Thursday, January 26, 2006

I'm Organized

My newly organized crafts room! Posted by Picasa

So you want to know what I did most of last weekend! Well, I certainly didn't learn how to put pictures on this thing... but I did manage to empty my crafts room and then reorganized it! It is in terrific shape and I'm very happy with it. You can't see the bookshelf to the left and my elfa cart (that I lurve!) - it was stuck between the table and built ins and I felt cramp so it has a new home and I can roll it over to the desk when I am creating! My goal is to the keep the desk top clear so I can come home from work and just create! Its hard to see but there is an in box and I mean box, on the table, right as you walk in. All the mail and paperwork goes in there - with the lid on so I don't feel the need to be organizing and filing or paying bills. Out of sight, out of mind. You see my faithful followers, Gracie and Killer. Killer is the mini dach and my shadow. He follows me everywhere I go. Gracie is a 4 year old lhasa who is a sweetheart and thinks everyone who comes to our house is there to play with HER! She is sweet and cuddly. I have a few more pics posted on Two Peas photos ... but don't ask me to put a link in here... I've tried and can't get it done so I give up for now!

Paper Ho, Stamp Ho - what am I?

A couple of months ago, I got to talking to a fellow customer at Michael’s about Sizzix and we found that we had a lot in common, especially with scrapbook shopping. This lucky girl drives around the city for her job so she has the chance to see many stores and enjoys the shopping as much as the scrapping. So, now there are 3 of us – Rosemary, Sherry and myself. And from the looks of some scrap rooms I’ve seen on several message boards, I’m thinking there’s a larger sisterhood. But I digress. So Sherry tells me about a store called Papers by Catherine

but it’s not in a great part of town and her DH says don’t go. Well, I say “pppshaw” and went there at lunch today. It is FABULOUS and AMAZING and I bought 6 stamps, some mitsuhiki and a nice little stack of paper and still managed to be 12 cents below my MTS (maximum to spend). They have a great website (with excellent card examples) so I had picked out the stamps beforehand. Oh yes, and the $3 Hero Arts book I bought the other day - they give it away. They supply paper to Texas Art Supply so you know what I’m talking about… unusual stuff you don’t see anywhere else (except for Texas Art Supply, of course). I had a blast. They have a stamp club twice a month. Of course, I had to give a field report to Rosie and she’s going tomorrow (her RDO) and then we’re going to meet up and do a show and tell. I will definitely be creating tonight.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Madam Treasurer

Just call me, Madam Treasurer from here on in… You know that trick where everyone takes a step back and they somehow forgot to tell you to do the same and BOOM! You’re elected. It was kinda like that. At the end of one of our Homeowner Association meetings, Wanda, our superhero realtor said, Hey, Peggy, why not be treasurer and I had the deer in headlights looks and articulately said, uh-huh. And then it was set to be. It was sooo funny because after the meeting, the treasurer’s husband couldn’t get to me fast enough to drop off the mailbox key and tell me, ya gotta go there every day to pick up mail – especially once dues notices are sent out (in February). So, I’m driving home last night thinking, what the hell did I get myself into ~ especially with the possibility of a new full time job on the horizon? I’ll just go with it because it was meant to be.
My stamping/embossing class on Friday fell into my Both category (my definition of life is Both – it is a rare thing to find an experience that is all positive or negative, it’s usually a little of Both). So, the embossing part was awesome and interesting and I’m hooked – the teacher was experienced and I learned a lot but she was also disorganized and actually was late to class (on the phone) and took calls while teaching. Can you believe! Okay, so there was only one student but still. I didn’t like that part at all or when she said she hadn’t done a hand out in 7 years because she never found the time to type it. Irritating plus I could definitely use the notes – we covered a lot of ground. Oh well… what can you do. I am on the fence about taking the class on Feb 24th – my two buds want to take it so I probably will but we’ll just have to be prepared for Teacher Disheveled. The rest of the day was a blast – a real treat of meeting my sister for lunch at our old Chinese haunt, The Rooster and then shopping at the new Hobby Lobby on 529 because stamps and stamp pads were 50% off. On Saturday I had to hit another HL because I fell in love with HeroArts stamps and wanted more. Monday afternoon drove down to Pearland, TX to Novel Approach and checked out their supply and dropped some bucks. Got the Card Trends Jan/Feb issue – have been wanting it for a while. Never have seen the premiere issue Nov/Dec, which is sold out so thought it was a duty to check it out.
Saturday and Sunday I finally did it! Took everything out of my crafts room (the dining room) and put it all back. Moved the cart so I wouldn’t be so cramped in and cleared the desk off. Created an in box so all mail goes in it (with lid on!) and I can deal with it when I choose to. It is usually thrown on the desk, then I waste time clearing off the desk and not CREATING. I want to create! My goal is to keep the desk empty so I can play! Sunday it rained and yet I was a happy girl. Ran out to The Container Store and picked up $100 worth of stuff. I swear I felt just like Mission Organization. I had a list of stuff I needed and I got it! No hemming and hawing about whether I could afford it. Dammit I’m worth it! Do you think I have money balance issues? Ha. I’m either denying myself or going hog wild. But that’s okay – it’s me. The room looks AMAZING – all that is left is wall hanging. I have a beautiful tin lady that needs hooks installed so the DH will do that this weekend and up she goes. Tried to post photos on Two Peas but it would only let me upload one photo. Will fool with that tonight. Along with several birthday cards I need to get started and done! Am also working on 4 memory cards that need to go out next Tuesday. Whew. I need to focus! One more thing... joined NSA and now get “call notifications” when various publications are requesting submissions. My goal is to get 2 published this year. I looked at Gretchen’s list and it is awesome and overwhelming but in reality in her first year, 2000 she had 2 items published and won 3 contests so that is a good goal. Big woo hoo thanks to Gretchen… I got my first comment! Yeah! Oh yes, and next post – I’ve got to tell you guys about The Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan. He is my hero and he rocks! You have to check out his show on National Geographic! Oh yeah, and my toes are french manicure and I dig it every time I step out of the shower!

Friday, January 20, 2006

Whiney Hiney

From everyone I talked to - yesterday was no fun. All around the globe, people just had a crappy day. I am one of those people. Frustrating was more like it... until I went to stamp "class" and it was a blast and fun and creative. It made it all go away. That is why I love thise stuff. My goal is to clear out my crafts room so that I am free to do more of it - just play and create.
But let's get back to the crappy part for a moment so I can be a whiney hiney. I decided after lunch to go full force into it. It is hard to let go but it seems once you do, it dissapates and isn't so important or hard anymore. Yep, it happened again. Our neighborhood just had new streets put in and new decorative light fixtures. Two streets have them, four streets don't. I got to rush in and be a hero about issuing our directory and that felt good so I thought I'd put my cape on and do it again. Well, not so fast, missy. There are some bad boys at Centerpoint that didn't get the memo. It is a really good lesson for me in not taking it personally. But of course I did. I'm working through it. The guy actually lied to me - I am still having trouble with that one. My husband laughs (he's in construction) and said it happens every day - they have no intention of being on site but they lie right to your face. I am naive. The problem is I was raging inside my head all day yesterday and sometimes that seeps out when I drive. Not good. Need to change. Finally talk to the Liars boss and supposedly they are going to fix it. Question is - do I go to the Liars boss's boss or give the Liars boss a chance? We're suppose to find out Monday - I am not a patient person so I am going to just work on today of letting go. The good news is I didn't totally lose it and cuss him out - I acted like a grownup. Whoo hoo for me.
So, back to the creating part. Once a month I go to a stamp club a bazillion miles away in Katy with my cohort, Rosie and we do cute little projects and it teaches me to just play. This is so opposite of what I do for a living and people think it is natural and comes easy but it doesn't - almost but not quite yet. We made a cute little card with pink and black paper and glitter and polka dots and LOVE stamps. Also a cute boxing day type cracker filled with candy and tissue paper. What I love is the projects are simple and easy but cute and fun. Its 1/3 of a paper towel roll filled with candy covered with tissue paper and paper and tied with jute - now how hard is that? The other was a tag with a brad - it was cute too. I am getting into stamping - just adding a bit to the cardstock - another embellishment. I bought a buttload of acrylix stamps because I love them and I need to make up for last week - ha ha just kidding. Rosemary was the hostess and made two yummy cheese dips and she gets credit for what we buy, that's why. Then she turns around and tells me to use the credits... I've got really great friends.
Two things I will do this weekend - today I am going to a neat embossing class and I am going to learn how to post pics on this thing. Wish me luck!

Monday, January 16, 2006

I did it! I did it! I did it!

Can you believe it - I actually made it an entire week without purchasing scrapbook supplies. I tried and I did it. And It was Hard. You know what I'm talking about. What was funny was today I saw Oprah and her new book club book, Night by Elie Wiesel and I wanted to run out and get it. Even though I have 4 or more books sitting there waiting for me to read. I really have an accumulation disorder. I have to accumulate in order to feel good. It's a serious addiction!
Speaking of addictions, I am more than halfway through A Million Little Pieces and I have to say, y'all, I'm not getting it. What is all the fuss about? It could possibly be ruined because of The Smoking Gun and Larry King interview (which ran Friday and I saw it) because I just don't believe what he says. Especially if the dead girl's parents don't remember him, well, what does that tell you. You remember those events and details. I think he's just a Wannabe and he seems pretty melodramatic when he talks about vomiting up chunks of his stomach. Doesn't mean I put the book down and won't finish it but I'm just not getting the hoopla.
Well, the weekend was very quiet and I spent alot of time organizing my crafts room and paperwork. Hopefully to make way for more creativity. The desk is almost clear and the thank you notes almost written. I did a pretty unusual sympathy card for my Aunt Pat, but damn if I didn't close the envelope and forget to take a pic. I hate it when that happens...and it happens alot! It was pale pink with a fleur de lis embossed on a tag and some vellum with leaves. Her brother died in a hit and run car accident New Years Eve. They have had a hard year, after losing their house in Slidell to Katrina. That isn't suppose to happen when you're over 70.
Well, looking at the future, I'm hoping to hear about a job this week. This week or next but I'm feeling pretty darn hopeful.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

My Random No Scrapbook Shopping Week

It's been a busy week. I spent most of the day Saturday with Rosemary traveling the scrapbook path to our favorite haunts, such as Maridawns and to check out some embossing at Memory Depot and the new Hobby Lobby on 529. Good stuff. So much good stuff the guilt rolled in and I decided to withdraw from scrapbook shopping for an entire seven days. Can she do it? I don't know, but so far so good. It almost came crashing down Wednesday when I got a Texas Art Supply gift card from my sweet friend, Theresa. I'm holding out. The certificate won't crumble and turn to ashes for at least another week so I'm holding the dogs at bay. Dogs at bay, is that really a saying?
Anyhoo, I have been on a blogging/internet/scrapbooking frenzy. I have searched and read so much about scrapbookers and their blogs - including my hero, Heidi Swapp til my eyes are crossed. It has been inspirational and distracting at times. Now I'm wondering about my choice of provider, hence the 7 day delay in making my second post. Jury is still out.
My new Xyron Design Runner came in this week, only to not work. Yes, you got that right - it doesn't work. It is not recognizing the printer cartidge and does this! Yes, I have taken the tape off, yes, I have put it in and taken it out like twenty times. I called Xyron and spoke to... well, I really should be kind but this kid was such a lame ass I just said never mind. I would let it sleep and maybe it would wake up in the morning and feel like working. It didn't. Xyron says they are sending me another one. We shall see - I think they are waiting for me to return it first. You know I can't do much of anything during the week - have to wait til Friday for my 1/2 day off. Then I can move and think and errand. Except after a really crummy, painful chair massage at work today, I decided I needed to have it done properly so I'm going to see Leslie at Nordstroms tomorrow. Nordstrom's spa is amazing - they know how to do it right. Before anything happens, they wash your feet in a bowl with this yummy warm water and oils. Now, how can that be bad?
Went to bunko tonight. I wasn't really sure if I meshed with these girls but after tonight, and alot of nice white wine, I'm thinking it's a yes. They were all nice and interesting. Going to read two books from Laine, The Mermaid Chair and the Million Pieces thing that was in the news this week. I love staying up til 2 am on a Sat reading. Haven't done it in a couple of years - since I got married probably.
Oh yeah, so Tuesday instead of shopping for scrapbook stuff, I bought 3 pairs of shoes. I am not that crazy about shoes so I buy in bulk and get it over with. Kinda like a Sam's shopper but at DSW.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Light at the End of the Tunnel

It was a good day today. Mainly because I got alot done. Another job interview set up for Monday. Ordered a power lift chair for DeWayne's mom. Talked to my mom. Talked to his mom. Worked on getting the lights installed in our neighborhood with lots of calls to the City and Centerpoint but with great results. I felt very accomplished and good. 2006 is going to be a very good year, I can just feel it.