Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Looking Forward

I'm home now for all of February, which allows for some great time to catch up on all the projects - I did clean up the spare bedroom and dropped off donations to Turning Point. We had a simple Valentine's Day. I made a board book for my husband, Ten Things I Love About You. I had a good time creating it. I have to say I am loving my Genesis trimmer - it really does cut like butter. So clean and crisp. And I managed to get into Karen Russell's photography class starting in June. Yipee! She's an amazing teacher - I can't wait to get some feedback. My photography skills lacking - here's a photo of the kids... I love them so much!

I'm looking forward to Saturday when I have breakfast with my brother and sister at the Egg & I. We started a monthly visit (last month). I am IN LOVE with the Egg & I - a franchise out of Colorado. They just serve breakfast and lunch, and the food is scrumptious - just the way you order it! Terrific orange juice, great flavored coffee. I highly recommend it, it's on Memorial near Kirkwood. Nothing makes me happier than flavored coffee and breakfast out! In the afternoon I'm heading to Elida's for our NW crop. After a handful of stores have closed in my old neighborhood, the customers have banded together and we have our own Yahoo group (Houston & Beyond) and monthly crops. I don't participate often but I enjoy this group every time I go. Not sure what project I'll work on... I still have Carol Wingert's white album to do!

I was thinking of doing the art journal for Scrap St. Louis, sign up deadline is February 28th. I said if I had a page designed by then, I would sign up. I would love to incorporate three different sections on the page, and an arch separating two of the sections, in the middle of the page. I can visualize it, now I just need to get it down on paper. I did sign up for Barb Reiniger's page swap. So many interesting teachers - Wendy Vecchi and Linda Cain. Really looking forward to this event. Two weeks later is Inspired in North Carolina. I am totally jazzed about the different vibe for that event - paint, canvas and TEN SECONDS STUDIO metal. Yes, Cheryl D will be teaching - so much to look forward to. But let's get back to the here and now... After watching an Oprah show about hormone replacement therapy, I'm thinking about signing up for it. I spend too many nights awake from 2-4 or 3-5, which seems to be a common problem. Anyone have experience with it? In any event, I'm going to lay my head down now. Good night.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Urban Market

It was a nice day at Urban Market today and I found plenty to buy. Once again, the pricing has increased but what can you do? I didn't snap a picture of the quilted pillow from the Gaudy Sisters that says - Its never too late to live happily ever after! If that isn't so true for my life now... I had to get it. I really enjoyed visiting with Pam and Sherry - lots of fun. I plan on checking out their shop, Second St. Antiques in Katy. I also found this beautiful stool with china mosaic on top at their booth. Yummy. The legs are a dark brown but I'm going to paint them white. Matter of fact, they had alot of stuff I COULD have hauled home.

Next door to them are some sisters that do wholesale upholstery right in my neighborhood. I made a bee line for their booth when the doors opened. They have trims 5 for $1 and then fabric bits for $2, $3 or $5. There is so much possibility with these fabrics - I just love it.

Beautiful trims (sorry that my picture isn't fully in focus). When I saw the green trims, I thought of Rebecca Sower's Prayer Collage from Silver Bella - these would go beautifully with it.

The linen on the left reminds me of Anna Griffin paper. Great embroidery. Some other shoppers were convincing me to cut out the embroidered parts on the bottom piece... I had to make noise because
they kept calling me back to the stack to show me more pieces (all of which are below). Last weekend I picked up 10 pieces of quilted or cross stitched pieces at Canton - I washed them and they look gorgeous. I am set with fabric...

Next to the upholstery girls was this beautiful piece of WOOD. Yes, it is carved wood and I just love it. Painted in the lightest pastel colors. With a cherub. What more can you ask for?

These were vintage baby linens for $1 and $2 - from another booth.

Afterwards my friend, Theresa came over and we made a light box for her little niece, Jocelyn. It was all in pinks (pink toile for the interior) - and I used a pink crystal knob that I got in Chicago at Christmas - thanks Jeanne for showing them to me! It really was just the right touch! Only thing left to do is find a photo for the inside. I enjoyed today.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Weekend Hoopla

I scanned four of my new cards and will post two for you, that I've cleaned up a little. Did you know that Picasa 3 now has a cloning tool that allows you to clean up an old photo. That is one thing I could do for hours - is blow up and clean up an old photo. I know it sounds monotonous but I love it. I'm a detailed girl at work so this makes natural sense. Call me simple.

This first one would make a sweet prayer card, with a little text added. and maybe a little shading.
My Genesis trimmer arrived and my honey is going to put it together later today (attach the light box). I can't wait! I need a flat surface to store it - not enough of that in my room so I'll need to do some moving around. Also, both library card catalogs, one 4 drawer and one 6 drawer arrived this week and they are already loaded up! I LOVE them. Got them on ebay and paid too much, but what the hell. They are gorgeous oak and now I see what a great organizer they can be. I want more!
I love these sisters, so cute and sweet. The cloning tool in Picasa isn't as good as PSE, so you'll have to clean up the two smudges on the side.
Have you ever heard of something called Destination Imagination? It's for kids in school, non profit organization that conducts tournaments where they learn teamwork and solving problems and presentations. Doesn't it sound amazing! I am going to a class this morning to learn how to judge a competition that happens at the end of this month. I'll miss Laurel's crop on that weekend, which is the biggest bummer but I haven't done much for my nephew lately, so I'm willing to sacrafice for him! He's 10. It is such a great tool to help prepare him for life later - I'm so glad he's interested in it.
OH and before I forget - Urban Market is tomorrow, starting at 9 am. I am going early this time. I've been a bit relaxed about it these past few times but it has become increasingly popular, so I'm going to head in with the crowd - why not! Sandy, Theresa and a bunch of the local girls are going... can't wait to see my peeps!