Thursday, July 13, 2006

New Pottery Barn Stuff

Yes, I did spend the entire day yesterday shopping... after a visit to Dr. Kray for my asthma I made my way from one side of town (I-45 North) to the other (59 South) because Scrapbook Village has a sale of 25% off the entire store. I have been meaning to get there all week... and decided what the hell - we don't need groceries we need MORE scrapbook supplies! Good choice, I think! Bought a few magazines and mini albums and of course, PAPER... will take a pic later.
What is important is an email I received this morning... Pottery Barn has published their fall stuff and it looks interesting - if doodling is in for scrapbooking, distressed and worn is in for furniture... I want this desk
and this mirror so far - but I haven't made it through it all yet! Gotta grab a shower and get Gracie to Miss Lisa so she can look purty...

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Sunday Sunday

It was a wonderful rainy day in Houston. Yes, I know... its rained for every day the past week but what can you do about it? Nothing... just enjoy the green everywhere! You know what also makes me happy - 600 count sheets. I'm telling ya - there is nothing like the soft silky smooth texture! I think I got these at Target, believe it or not. They are coffee colored and just incredibly silky. Rainy + silk sheets = happy girl. I love waking up to rain when I don't have to go anywhere. Like today.
We stopped in Hempstead on the way back from College Station for a wedding yesterday. We bought corn and new potatoes and pinto beans. We fixed ribs and just finished a fabulous meal. Need to get another glass of sweet tea...
Okay, I'm back. This ALSO made me HAPPY HAPPY, JOY JOY. I love Rhonna Ferrar stamps and these will definitely find a home in my scrap room just as soon as they can be purchased! I used my alpha stamps today for a card - they are just sooo cool.
I have a circle journal LO to finish and get shipped... Can't settle on a title. I've been looking at scrap rooms on Two Peas - I may switch my table out for a stainless steel kitchen shelf - more space to store. And get a new desk - I've heard the PB desk isn't worth it so not sure what I'll
do. Love the expedit shelves from IKEA (which is TWO blocks away from my house but I NEVER go!) that Donna Downey has... that room is absolutely perfect in my book. I just love organizing and buying more stuff.. ha!
We need a pic... can't have a post and no pic...

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Be careful What you Wish for

I haven't posted in a while and don't really have a subject in mind. My boss is quitting tomorrow... pretty cool for her - who knows whats in store for me. I am only working 2 days a week Tues/Thurs so its no biggie. My life revolves around grocery shopping mostly... I really need to get to Costco and join.
I've cleaned up my scraproom but can't seem to create much. Not sure why. Really wish I could figure it out and get moving. I have a new circle journal LO to do: what makes you giggle. Problem is - I'm not really a giggler. Not much makes me bust out laughing. I do smile though when I think about my topic.
About 20 years ago I bought my first house: 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and a great yard. I loved taking care of the yard. Even though I filled all the closets with my shopping, I often wished for someone to share it with. I even sponsored a foreign exchange student from Germany for a semester... my sister and her family stayed for a while, my brother moved in when he separated from his wife. I always felt a bit guilty for having so much damn space all to myself. HA! Be careful what you wish for ... because The Universe will eventually give it to you. Right now I have SIX people in my house... and its not all about me anymore! That makes me laugh.

Want some eye candy? I absolutely LOVE the new Basic Grey ribbon. I had to go back to Lone Star and get more... Oh Baby and I forget the other name... really gorgeous stuff though. And look at that paper. This is tuff from Scrapbook Village from the bus tour... I think! I love paper.

I'm going to Long Beach & Santa Monica in 2 weeks - the girls are going to meet me for a nice little vacation. We are staying here. For their sake, I hope it is amazing! But first, I have to go to Wilmington, NC and Savannah, GA - it is going to be a loooooooong week. And then, July will be over!

One last pic. Of my hubby on his birthday. He's 53. haha. And I'm not!