Friday, February 06, 2015

Project Show & Tell

Long time, no speak.  Here are a couple of projects I recently finished that I thought you might enjoy and I hope inspire you.  I LOVE Pinterest and was inspiration by this purse organizer made from a place mat.  I found two singletons in my kitchen and made these:

It is a simple process of folding the place mat long-ways (what some folks call hot-dog style) towards the middle and then adding a colored hair tie to one side and a button on the other side.  Sew the button on first (obviously - which I didn't the first time!)  And then sew straight lines based on the measurements of your purse contents. I just eyeballed it.  Fold it over & slip the hair tie around the button and you can start filling it up. With the black one I made a few pockets too tight so for the yellow one (summer style) I made sure they were wider.  The middle can hold larger items, like my hand sanitizer and mints.  I just grab it firmly when I'm lifting it out of my purse.  It such a great idea - I love not having to dig in my purse for a pen or whatnot.  
The second project was actually an original idea  Imagine that!  These hangers are available at The Container Store for $8 and I thought it would be cute to add the baby's monogram to each side.  I searched through my alphabets for the right size and color and attached - some were stickers, others I used Beacon's 3-in-1 craft glue.  I love that stuff and use it on everything.  Container Store also have zoo hangers - I thought these were cuter.  The note was chipboard that I covered with baby paper and inked the sides.  I thought about adding pink ric-rac to the top, but didn't go overboard. 

I have a couple more projects on the board for the weekend.  I'll post as soon as I finish them.  Thanks for looking.