Monday, February 18, 2013

Pretend Its January

and it didn't take me this long to tell you about the October email I received about French General's Art of Craft event in Los Angeles in January.  I've read about it for four years and in that moment, when I read that three former Silver Bella teachers would be together again, I knew I had to go, so I clicked the BUY NOW button and I booked miles for the airplane fare.  It was such a terrific weekend, I am so so glad I made it.  I left Thursday morning and returned home Monday afternoon.  California was cooler than normal but still gorgeous.  I didn't book my hotel til the very last minute, paid too much but enjoyed my stay at the Embassy Suites in Glendale.  Glendale is a nice little town, with quaint antique stores, a fun outdoor mall and some nice restaurants.  On Thursday afternoon I hung out near the Grove, had a healthy lunch at medocino farms and checked out a few antique stores.  Best one was Liz's Hardware, which was jammed packed but pricey.  Still fun to look around.  I met my cousin, Len for dinner that evening in Glendale.  It was so great to catch up with her and give her a wall hanging like this I made.  She has a wonderful gift of making you feel so loved and understood.
French General Los Angeles, CA

Carla, Julie B, Julie, Connie
Friday morning I checked out some antique stores in Glendale and made a few purchases; a beautiful album from 1882 and some hankies, lunch at Home near French General and our first class started with Charlotte Lyons.  I sat in the back alone until a bevy of girls waltzed in including Julie Baxley from Silver Bella days and her bestie, Carla and two Cali girls, Susan and Sally.  It turned out to be the most fun table in the store - I lucked out!  And the store is everything you dreamed about.  Charlotte's class was a book for stitching and starts with a beautiful blue/white vintage quilt - gosh, it was awesome and I wish I had more of that quilt!  Next came Rebecca Sower with a stitching fabric bracelet.  There were four small rectangles and it was so fun to design within a tiny box - I loved the challenge.  I also purchased another RS journal of gray and peach - it!  I'm still using my first one by adding notes and receipts from my daily life - I love it.  I should probably stop here - its getting late and I need to start and finish a journal project tonight.  I'll try my best to tell more of the story tomorrow. 
In the meantime, tomorrow will be another day of Lists in 52 Lists by Morea Seal.  I've started mine and cannot wait to make a journal of it.  I'm on week 5.  What a fun project!
And I did catch Downton Abbey fever, a bit late starting in Season 3.  But you can watch Season 1 and 2 (which I did) on Amazon for FREE if you're a Prime member (which is a bargain, btw).  That show just gets into your head and won't leave!  I love it and also looking forward to Masterpiece Classic's Mr. Selfridge March 31st.  I wonder if Laura Linney will introduce it, also?  Does your mind speak with an English accent also?