Friday, June 16, 2006

Warning New Scrapbook stuff Ahead

We need pictures... pictures of the beautiful supplies I've purchased on the book tour and at the Pasadena stamp show... oh yes and the KI stuff I won from Karen Russell when she was raising money. It's pretty cool stuff and tons of great paper!

Although there wasn't much at the Pasadena stamp show, I did manage to pick up a few cool brass stencils and very cool stazon pads - there were about 6 different pastel colors I've never seen - I got butter cream and soft lilac. Can't wait to use them!

On the bus tour the day before they did a cool glass slide with alcohol inks... gotta love it! So of course I had to get more Ranger Alcohol Inks.
Speaking of bus tour, here's my Lone Star Stash:
You will notice the new Designing With book... that "paper" is actually fabric - so cool. The distresser is for my secret sister at CE and the acrylic stamps are brand new and look like alot of fun. Not sure how I'm going to decorate the initials but I think they were like a buck or two... I've been wanting the big chip chatter too. Fun Fun Fun.

I'm focusing on all of this today because I had some gum surgery this morning and thanks to my friend, Darvocet I am fairly functioning (but NOT driving according to the label on the prescription!) and without pain. I love that stuff! And yes, it is a narcotic.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Pity Party is Officially OVER!

The pity party is officially over! It has been an incredibly hard month and a half, starting at Easter with the unplanned move of my mother in law (with us), then my mother (with us), throw in a couple of graduations and a funeral (my mother in law’s husband) and we’re done! I managed to keep my head above water most of the time and now I am finally able to b-r-e-a-t-h-e. This marathon “oh no” session reminded me of 2004 when my Dad, Brother and Cousin died within a few months of each other and life felt completely out of control. And part of me gets pissed off at the exclamations that escape from people’s mouths – as if it were my fault. Or rather I kept taking it personally and felt embarrassed. Embarrassed that my life contained so much freakin upset and chaos not to mention the doom and gloom. So during this 2006 version, some martyrdom kicked in and before you knew it, a full-swing pity party was happening. When Katie Couric quit her job and they were talking about her husband and sister dying within the same year, I had my “ah ha” moment. It’s not just in my life, everybody has tragedies and death and crisis. It made me stop feeling sorry for myself and move on. Nuff serious talk…

Saturday was the Four Corners Bus Tour and it was a blast. The past two times they gave the microphone to some young girl who giggled for 8 hours and it was kind of annoying. This time, no microphone and I’ve made a bunch of friends in the Yahoo group so it was a TOTAL blast. Talked to some new people…especially Laura who owns THREE dachshunds. My kinda girl! Bought tons of new product and still haven’t played with it… but will do soon! Had a great time and both me and my pocketbook were weary at the end of the day.

Sunday I trotted into Stinkadina, I mean Pasadena for the Rubber Stamp Expo show and it was so-so. I picked up the Creative Memories blades I needed and a few other trinkets like Staz on ink pads with refills in light aqua and butter yellow... Pretty sure that show won't be here next year. Very poorly attended by sponsors, probably because it's the week before convention and not the week after.