Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Have You Been There?

Today I rediscovered an awesome store in central Houston near River Oaks.  Tell me if this looks familiar and that you've been there?  It's like visiting London, Paris, Italy, NYC all in one store! I saw products from all of these locations while I was there.  I was so surprised, as they recently expanded and have even more amazing gifts and lovelies.  I loved these sock animals, especially the pink cat on the right. 

Next I came upon their Maileg displays, which of course, I love. 
Maileg is a Danish company started by Dorthe Mailil.  I fell in love with it a few years ago when I saw it on Nanacompany blog and then recently, at my friend, Tove's house. 

Little did I know I could find it in Houston! I recently purchased some of their characters online from My Sweet Muffin.  I have two prams, a bed and ironing board (here's the bed and a pram). 

Okay, I got off subject, back to the store.  They have an adorable pet section, with plenty of choices.  I love this display rack. 
I couldn't quite capture in this photo how great the pet display is, with the two elephants and then animal heads on the wall.  You will have to go see it for yourself.

Aren't these dishes adorable!

The store displays are a designer's delight, full of inspiration and absolutely unique with huge signs everywhere.  Where do they get this stuff?  Do they make it?

The Traveler section will make a Texan proud with its Catstudio pillows and glasses.  See that sign?  It says Round Top Inn... Tourists Rooms Meals.  Way cool. 

I remember seeing these assemblage dolls at Bloomingdale's in NYC in 2010.  They are stunning, look at the details.  I'm a big fan of John Derian's decoupage trays.  I always say I'm going to buy one but somehow walk out of the store without one.

These soaps caught my eyes, they are just beautiful.  They were next to some lotions and potions from Italy.  I even saw the soap I purchased in Tuscany last year at this store...

These statues are amazing, and I only captured a few of them.

And if you know a flamingo fan, there was plenty of merchandise to select...

Although this one had a strange looking baby in it... I had to shoot from the other side.  The face is freeeeeaky!

The final display I'll show are these cute coasters.  A good laugh.

So, tell me.  Have you been to Kuhl-Linscomb lately?  It's owners are Dan and Pam Linscomb.  It's a great shop that provides inspiration and great gifts.  I didn't leave empty-handed and I will definitely be back.