Friday, September 29, 2006


I have added two very cool organization tools to my scrap room. One I found on my own and the other I saw on a blog. I wish I could remember which blog it was... oh well, never mind - I managed to figure it out on my own. This week while in Bed Bath & Beyond, I found this:

An 18 inch lazy susan. Isn't that the coolest! It fits my measly little paint collection plus Ranger dabbers (that is correct, they haven't even been opened yet!) I thought about adding my embossing powder in the middle, but probably not... I just loved it!
Earlier this week in my blog trolling, someone and I can't remember who! posted a pic of this yellow organizer from Target . It is a great organizer for chipboard alphabets. I'm not totally organized yet and have each drawer marked.. but I'm getting there. I love it!

The deal is, now I need to go to Container Store and get the metro shelf and get rid of the table I have in my room. I need more place to store all this stuff.
Oh, yes, and here is my new favorite blog/website. You guys know I love amalah and dooce and dawn - that won't ever change. But from a scrap/craft/decorating viewpoint, this chick has impeccable taste!

Friday, September 15, 2006

It's MY IPOD, Beyotch!

Yes, I did it. I got myself an IPOD and I'm jammin to Usher right now. I bought 3 of them at Christmas and my birthday TOTALLY sucked so I decided revenge buying works for me and walked into the Apple store today after CKU and got me one! White with a pink sleeve and BANG & OLAFSEN earbuds. This will not be my last B&O purchase. Two years ago I wanted their stereo system but we spent all our money on the house and I chickened out. Well, as soon as I can get my happy self over there, that will be my second RB.
I'm attending CKU Houston and it's been fun. Kind of hard to top Creative Escape and I'm pretty darn tired but I'll have fun playing with the projects next week when its all died down. I should take a picture of my desk and suitcase (yes, there is still CE stuff in there). Took Stacy Julian, Donna Downey and Lisa Beranson's classes today, along with Georgiana Hall. Georgiana is with Adorn It and I love the hot boss tool - they are selling the used ones tomorrow for $8.50. I will be there! You sprinkle embossing powder and free form write or doodle. Way cool. Donna Downey did the canvas with newsprint stuff which we did at CE - I want to try it with a map instead. Stacy Julian had great ideas and Lisa's project was nice. I am just worn out and need a rest. Plus I have to deal with real life now... Yuck. I mean - great! A New Adventure!
I went nuts at CKU and bought a gazillion Ranger dabbers. They are absolutely so cool. I got all the pinks and purples of course. And maybe a couple of green ones.
Can't wait for the classes tomorrow and then a couple of days of rest! I am t-i-r-e-d!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Creative Escapes in THREE Days

I leave in three days to go to Arizona for an amazing time. I know it will be awesome and I will be making many new friends. I am going alone - in like, my marriage has ended and when I come back I will be reconstructing a new life. A good life and a happy life. Yes, I'm scared even though I'm acting strong and brave on the outside. Right now I am just trying to stitch it together til I can get back and then I'll worry about it. It was funny because my niece asked timidly, are you still going to Arizona? I whipped around and said, are you kidding? Nothing short of death will keep me from that trip. I am getting away and having fun with my new buddies. Scrapgirls are great and I know they will envelope me and hold my hand. I need to get away.
I have a ton of projects to do before Tues am when I have to go to work. Yikes. I'm going to try and focus now...