Thursday, December 27, 2007

Happy New Year

A quick goodbye before we don our Mouse Ears and head to Orlando... We're all very excited about it and can't believe the time is actually here. The weather is in the 60s for the lows and 80s for the highs so it should be fantastic. I did land a room at a Disney hotel - Coronado Springs. We've used a great website, All Ears which provides great information, including menus to all the restaurants. I'm ditching all the chocolate and sweets that we've accumuldated over the holidays and going back to South Beach style eating. I'm tired of the look, so I want to get busy and start making better choices. And I feel so much better when I eat a salad for lunch - I just have to find a nice salad that I can enjoy.
Be sure a take a look at Daily Puppy - it just a bright part of my day. Wait til you see the little bijon that they have today. So precious. I'm noticing that they have some great shots of these pups - terrific facial expressions. I picked up Allison Tyler Jones' Designing with Photos this week with my 40% Mikes coupon. I know I can learn alot from this book... Also enjoy reading Karen Russell's blog with her photography tips. If you look on the left side of the blog, you can go directly to the photography advice. I am soooo dying to do a banner like the one in the background. I have been thinking about doing a Welcome banner since Creative Escape.
Happy New Year. I am looking forward to another fun and fabulous year of learning and loving.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Monday Monday

Hands down, I have found the BEST internet website evah! Check this out... Can you not fall in love a million times over. Isn't it the best! I am going to have to go back in the archives, definitely... just too much fun.

For some crazy reason, the DVR on cable fried this weekend but before that I was taping Martha Stewart Crafts on DIY - I don't know what it was but watching Martha make stuff was just fascinating. You keep wondering if she'll screw up - I mean, there she is... crafting. And it doesn't always go as planned. Last week she made a very cool lattice tray, some lemon candles by scooping out the inside of a lemon and french milled soap. So cool. I have to get the recorder fixed, if only just to watch Martha.

I received my Secret Santa box today - Yipee! It rocks! I got the vintage label stamps from fontwerks. I love love love these labels - they make meeee happppeeeee! There was plenty other cool stuff in the box. White Funky Vintage alphabet and MM paper stack and cute cards. I am glad I mailed my package on Saturday. And if I didn't mention it, I am loving my stamps!
If anyone has suggestions about Disneyworld - pls leave a message and tell me where we MUST go! We're getting excited and I've decided to get the park hopper passes - just in case we want to go to Magic Kingdom.
Every week I get an email newsletter from Cheryl Richardson, author and life coach. I've learned alot from her books and her newsletters are thought provoking and inspiring. Last week she talked about a website called Tabletopics and threw out these questions:
1. What's the most beautiful drive you've ever taken?
2. If you only had 5 more years to live would you change anything about your life?
3. When you're down what do you do to feel better?
4. What's your proudest accomplishment?
5. What's the best and worst thing about being a man or a woman?
Aren't they great ... make you ponder for a bit? I think after Christmas I might order a set of these. Of course, I'm thinking of them in terms of a layout. Hope its a great week for you.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Hello Mickey!

It was a slow week last week. My nose is healing up nicely from the basal cell surgery and I skipped my balance therapy (for vertigo). Rachel's birthday is Christmas and she was not excited about it - she'll be 21. I suggested that she plan something fun so she'd have something to look forward to - that's what I do. I've been toying with the idea of taking the girls on a trip and I just wasn't feeling wintery and cold so I threw out the idea - Disneyworld. We're going the 27th for a long weekend - they've never been. Both of them are over the moon excited which makes me really excited and happy. Unfortunately, the Disney resort hotels are booked except for the grande one so we're not staying there. But we're going to have an excellent time - I'm so excited to see their reaction. Plus, it's been 10 years or so since I've been so it'll be terrific. I still have to tell them at work - I don't have the second day of vacation but what's one day - they can dock me for it. I want the girls to have good memories for this Christmas, not be mopey about losing their mother. Not to say, grieving isn't necessary - believe me, we are in it. but they can have good memories about the Christmas of 2007.
Not much else to report - Suziblu has a new video up. She's just amazing. I am always amazed at her talent - every time I see a new video. I scrapped a bit this weekend - finished a baby book for a friend. Staying positive...

Monday, December 03, 2007

Chinese Backstreet Boys

It was a great weekend - Hugo Chavez got his hat handed back to him. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. I really hate Hugo Chavez and I wish more Americans understood how dangerous he is to our country. I also wish they understood that Citgo is owned by Chavez and the connection between the two. Anyway, I don't get political about much but for some reason this subject gets a flare from me.
I spent all of Saturday getting in a little Christmas shopping and alot of scrapping at Michelle's house, my Creative Memories connection. She totally rocks, and I always have a great time at her house - yummy food and lots of laughs. I finished a baby book for a friend.
Ali Edwards had these linked on her blog this morning. There are some great videos on there, but hands down, this is the BEST one. It is totally hilarious. It's Chinese Backstreet Boys singing That Way. And its been viewed almost 5 million times. Watch it and tell me if you aren't swaying by the end. The first one is also good - the wedding dance. Isn't You Tube amazing.
Oh, yeah, we have lots of Christmas lights on our house... it looks pretty! Good night.