Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I was Inspired

I participated in Donna Downey's event in Concord, NC last weekend - with some of my peeps... And even though it was the second event in 2 weeks, I thoroughly enjoyed it with my creative flame ignited. The event set up really worked for me - the hotel was luxurious without being expensive - just the right mix. I loved having 3 hours for each class (and somehow we didn't finish the painting class). The on site store was downright addicting and I knew well enough to get into Jenni Bowlin's booth first thing. She offers the best vintage goodies and AT A FAIR PRICE, which I just love. It is so nice and refreshing - its like she shares her stuff with you, with a little money involved. The other booth, Random Arts had very eclectic artsy things for sale - most I didn't understand but I knew a few good things when I saw them - blue bird ribbon and copper plates. Of course the fabric store was inviting and the trim/button store had some lovely goodness that I selected - a vintage yellow puppy dog ribbon. I haven't unpacked much nor downloaded my photos so I'm either going to have to steal from someone's gallery or you'll have to wait. Better wait.
I have to say I was put on fire with Susan Edmonson's sewing class. First of all, kudos to Donna for having a nice large room, and plenty of sewing machines, that all worked and a great TA who kept them threaded and fixed for us. It was a joy and a pleasure - I've been to events where the electrical issues weren't thought out so this was great appreciated. And the fabric journal that we made just makes my heart sing... after all its sewing - machine stitching and since Silver Bella anything sewing really is making my creative heart dance! We even skipped the next class so that we could go to the fabric store, Sew Much Fun and get more moda goodness. I selected pastel fabrics and sewed 3 "pages", that still need buttons and writing etc., but they're sewed! It really was soooo much fun - just like scrapbooking but with fabric. Its a whole new world! I've also been grappling a bit with my creativity lately because it seems I only create when I have an end in mind - I want to make a gift for someone - and this was more about just putting pretty fabrics together, er - creating. Its not perfect, its my first time out but I just kept going. It felt so good and light and happy. I want to do more of it. I will do more of it. I learned how to thread the machine by putting my two index fingers together and putting the thread through the needle and it works! Okay, I'll cut the exclamation points - are they getting annoying? I just can't say enough, how much I loved this class and want to incorporate it into my creativity.
My favorite workshop (I did 4) was right as I stepped off the plane, with a Stampin Up demonstrator, Anna Marie Still. She put together a bracketed mini book made from a Big Shot and already embossed with gorgeous sparkly SU embossing powder. It was pretty and delicate and made me want to buy the stuff - good marketing tool. We watercolored with crayons (SU of course) and a water pen. Lots of fun play time with different technics, small project which was just right for an hour workshop. And I loved the pink version (there were three colors to choose from - green, blue, pink). Look down a couple entries on her blog and she shows them being kitted. I promise to photo mine this weekend. Promise. I have to say I was really taken back by her because she seemed such a confusing combination of a person and I mean this in a good way. She has lots of tattooes, but she's an SU demonstrator, she had a baby strapped to the front of her and yet she was dressed young and hip and so-not-mom like... It just makes me laugh at me for thinking old and trying to pigeon hole someone into one category. People can surprise you and I enjoyed her individuality.
Right now I have a little girl that needs to go to the beauty shop (Grace) and a job that's calling my name. I'll talk more about Inspired this week. Especially the heavenly goodness like Carol Wingert's journal, which I can definitely make over and over again.