Wednesday, April 30, 2008

All of April

Where shall I start? Back to April 11th? I have a wonderful friend in Canada named Charleen, a skate coach who made her first journey to Texas so that we could invigorate the Texas scrapbook economy and that we did! That girl kept me hopping every minute of the visit – I have finally met my match and she wins… I was worn out. She started at the Galleria on Friday afternoon, unfortunately I had to work. Saturday we went south to Scrapbook Junkie, Tuesday Morning, Burlington Coat Factory, a nice lunch at Cracker Barrel and then on to Novel Approach and By Design. By then it was noon… okay, not really but whew, it was a lot of fun. We headed out to Archiver’s, Kohls and Hobby Lobby in the evening with a final stop at Chipolte. Sunday we took a photo with our beautiful CE aprons from Jeanne Kelly:
We went to the opening of the new downtown park, Discovery Green and then out to Cypress for the new outlet mall. See – I’m not kidding! Monday, she walked over to IKEA and then to Memorial City Mall. You’d think we forgot the whole purpose of the trip was Bruce Springsteen but we didn’t. He was amazing, even from the nosebleed seats behind the stage. I’m so glad I went – there is nothing more invigorating than live music – it is pure joy down to your core. I’m so thrilled because Tina Turner announced this week she’s back on tour and I will travel wherever I need to see her. That is one final tour I regret missing.
Okay back to mid April, on Thursday I left for Nashville and reunion of my peeps from CE at Scrap Etc that was held at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel. Wow, what a place! Correction – what a beautiful and expensive place. The event was good fun although I feel very tainted these days, a little burned out by events. I still have a couple in 2008 but I think I will be slow it down in 09, so that I can savor each one. Here are a few things I loved about SE: my Houston homies (Kristin, Karen, Sandy, Sandy) attended and loved it, the classes were all good and I was relaxed doing them, seeing Donna and Ann again from 2006 – my first event ever and I knew no one, seeing Megan and Mel, hanging with Jeanne and getting to meet Cathy and Nan (hearing about Cathy’s business was very interesting), seeing Debby Schuh and Pam.

In completing a recent circle journal about Simple Joys, I know that scrapbooking gives me that - wholly (holy!) and completely on such a deep level. Connecting with other women and laughing and playing with paper - what's not to love! But I digress...

Sandy Horton gave me a tiny clay book that is the finest crafted gift I have ever received, it really is amazing. It is stamped with a dragonfly and has tiny gold dragonflys attached on the cover and with the ribbons on the spine. Phenomenal. I wish I had visited more with different folks but there’s only so much time. We had the best group leader, Brittney Smith and I’m not just saying that. That girl had a fantastic attitude and kept us all on track. I even won an Epson picture mate printer, which was so shocking and amazing all at once. They said I had the Miss America look – happiness and shock at the same time. I was honestly looking at buying one so this was such a great gift. Jeanne had a new Sony camera and when I got home, I ordered one also. Very cool 2 pound point and shoot at 10MP, 5X zoom and the 3.5” screen is what captured me. I keep it in my purse and love being able to shoot anywhere I go.
Since then life has been keeping pace – took an acrylic album class at Archiver’s last night – cute little project for only $15 – what’s not to like? Saturday I am taking all 3 of Debby Schuh’s class at By Design – can’t wait. Saw samples at SE (thanks, Josie for bringing them!) and they look amazing. I love her techniques – I always learn something new.
Work has been less than satisfying and I am wondering why I stay at such an abysmal place. I was asked to travel the weekend Charleen was visiting and said no. I’m glad I’m not a workaholic anymore. Scrapbooking has taught me many things.
And finally, I am loving Oprah’s online class and Eckard Tolle’s A New Earth. It is so calming and peaceful to participate in the class, although I’ve missed several. I can still go back and watch on line. I wish I had time to participate on those message boards. It makes me appreciate Oprah even more. Hope you are having a great week!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart

Still loving our beautiful downtown park, can't wait for the opening a week from Sunday. My Favorite Canadian, Charleen will be here all the way from Halifax, Nova Scotia for a visit with Mr. Bruce Springsteen. Okay, so he may not see us up in the nosebleed section, but we'll be there! The local economy will get a nice boost from her visit, especially all of our LSSs.
We took Gracie girl to Memorial Park on Sunday and Killer showed her the ropes. She didn't quite make it around the three miles, so I had to carry her a bit. She saw a pit bull and went after him, slipping out of her collar - I caught her within inches of his jaws. Okay, so he was just kind of looking at her but still... It was fun observing them at the park, but I think we'll have to stick with smaller venues. Maybe Discovery Green?
The house painters are in session - its looking great - hopefully, they will finish by Friday. Stop by and see us!
I drove by the Co-Cathedral tonight and after seeing the photos on the Chronicle site, wish I had been there today. Even if just out on the street, watching the procession. It looks so amazing and I can't wait to go inside it. Houston has alot of reasons to be proud these days.
Got a very interesting email yesterday from a lady, Gayle who has TWO Japanese doll vases, right here in West U. She found them at a garage sale, then she sent a link to an online auction where there is another one! Amazing. I asked the auction seller where she found it and she said Bakersfield, CA. So cool! I think I will have to get it... wish I could find out where they originate and the artist.
I ~ heart ~ Houston.