Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday at last!

Okay, so I'm still loving the Wii, like in - every evening we fight over it and I rushed home from work when Nanie called to say she was at Target, just so I COULD BE FIRST! It really is amazing how they trick you into doing all these little games and you DON'T EVEN REALIZE you're exercising your body. I am telling you - it is phenomenal. It was hilarious today when my 10 year old nephew came over and played tennis. I had been playing this civilized old lady in skirts version and he was making those guys ATTACK. Crazy. And just too much fun. I can't say it enough.
The good news is that I don't sit at the computer every night and do nothing... I also haven't worked on any of my Photoshop projects or my last CJ (sorry, Megan). I am leaving in the morning for Quebec City for 6 days and I need to pack tonight, along with get some money and pay bills blah blah blah. It's alot cooler in Montreal (70s) than here, which will be wonderful. I'm going to a conference where I know no one... except my boss. But they're my kind of people (insurance) so I'm sure we'll get along famously.

My newest BFF, Cindy found some amazing ideas on scrap rooms with my all time favorite being, Vicki Boutin. Oh man, it is exactly what I want. I have been eyeing the Liatorp cabinet and she has it outfitted beautifully.

I also found an ingenious clip it type storage here. Stop for just a moment and take a look see at how simple and inexpensive the solution she created. Amazing. It only cost her roughly $10.

Okay, I'm just about out of time but have to show you some amazing canvas' that I purchase a few weeks ago. Fell in love with them... Found them on etsy while searching for local, her name is Lori Young. Love her work. I purchased 6 of them - look at 33 sales to see the last 2 Texas canvas, that I bought. What do you think?

Okay, so I'm out of time. Have an early flight so need to get packing. Hope its a great weekend for you. Au revoir!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mii loves Wii

I think it is important to remember when life becomes as easy as a cake walk. Sunday morning was one of those times. I have been researching Nintendo's Wii for about a month. On Sunday I was reading the Chronicle and looking at the Target ad when I saw Wii and Wii Fit on friggin SALE, people! So I call and the Memorial City store says they have both in stock and I am there in 4 minutes flat. I did brush my teeth and I TOTALLY SCORED a Wii. Well, two actually. My 10 year old nephew wanted one so I woke up his Mom to see if it was okay to get one. It is very easy to put together and I have to say, I am now one of those goofballs that is hooked on it. The tennis brings me back to high school days. And no, I won't share my rated age (at this time). Maybe later. When I lose 20 pounds... We love the golf too and I love doing hula hoops. Nancy has a full workout routine going but for the past two nights we've started at 9 pm and then I can't get her off the damn thing. I just have to say, it is one of the best inventions of the decade, for sure. Come on over and play with us.
I've torn my scrap room apart and trashed the living room and sunroom. My new BFF, Ronda gave me some great ideas on using Ikea's Expedit and Liatorp together (hanging the E horizontally on the wall). I also have a cool PB engraved pencil thats 6' tall that I need to get on the wall. I won't do either until I get back from Quebec City (I leave Saturday). I did get another Elfa cart from Container Store - I have one that is crammed full and I love the large open trays. I still need to assemble it - maybe tomorrow night. I've had trouble sleeping 3 nights in a row so hopefully I can crash for the nite. Oh, wait. We need a requisite photo - let me look in my stash... This is one of the rooms at Lake Austin Spa, one of my favorite places to visit. They serve healthy cuisine and teach tai chi, along with all those fabulous spa services. I haven't been in years but it is on my vision board now. The rooms are so comfy and inviting. It is my goal to get back there in the next two years. Its a great way to kick off healthy living - you don't want to veer off the path once you get started. In my dreams I'd like to be invited as a speaker or teacher one day. I should probably have a clear idea of what I could teach or write but that's for another day. Yep, when the stars align and things come easily it is confirmation that I can relax and remember I'm not running the show. Good night.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


WOW! What fun... I went to an all day crop at By Design yesterday to support Laurel's walk for breast cancer. You can read about it here. It's called, "Save the Tatas" - 3 day walk, 60 miles. Anyway, we all donated and cropped together yesterday. It was an awesome day. If I sound like I am gushing, I am - I think we all did because we all connected and had such an amazing time, sharing projects, information, websites... I have learned to appreciate those days of pure bliss. Laurel arranged for some great Lebanese food and I'm not into that kind of stuff, but it was good and there was plenty. I got to sit with my CE buds, Sandy and Karen and I met several new girls, Ronda and Cari. Laurel, Cindy and Adriana all are into Carol Wingert kits, so it was fun to see those and Cindy's LP album (made from a record). I definitely want to try that out! Went searching for my LPs... and finally found them. I was so inspired today, I finished a layout, etched on a vase and almost finished a surprise board book for someone(s) special. I was talking trash yesterday... I did NOT make it to Ikea for the bookcase. I still have to decide which ones to get!
I know everyone complains about the heat but I am just loving the sunshine days we are having. (random).
My niece, Megan is 15 today! It's also my Gracie girl's birthday today, she's 7. I've had her since she was 4 months old and it really doesn't seem that long ago. She is such a sweet little pup. (Killer's on the left - he's a good guy too).
Last week went off the rails slightly. I took my brother to the emergency room Wed nite because of stomach pains. I thought it was something he ate, turned out to be pancreatitis. He got out Friday and I'm glad he's feeling better. It was a little scary for a while.
I'm not sleeping well and not really sure why (not). (another random)
I'm home for another two weeks and then to Montreal and Quebec City for a business conference. Should be fun and interesting. I'm taking the train from Montreal to Quebec - it's 3 hours. Wish I could go further east and see my friend, Charleen but not this time. Oh, Canada!

Sunday, July 06, 2008


Guess I can't make it a month without blogging... Ah, me. Guess what? I finished the message board for my sister - wanna see it? This is from Heidi Swapp's Creative Escape class last year - it is two canvas attached with brackets. I masked a bird and butterflies using Distress Ink and decoupaged (mod podge) some old book pages and added tons of details (that are hard to see). I love details. The devil is in the details... Here's a second photo - perhaps you can see more of the details there. Anyway, I'm pretty proud of it - it's only taken me 10 months to finish it... but its done! I hope she likes it. I collaged photos of her family on Picasa and added it to a library pocket, good holder for tickets and such.
I signed up this week for Silver Bella! Yikes! I know its expensive but I really wanted to go last year and regretted not jumping in and doing it. I hope it is as great as it was last year - the raving was deafening!
I have to thank my brother for a great reference - actually two! I am looking for a hotel in London for next month and he recommended skoosh. They provide "tried and tested" hotels - I feel really good about the one they recommended - I don't think I can go wrong with that.
I've been lamenting about all the chores that need to be done around the house (now that the man person is gone) and was thinking about hiring a handiman once a month, to clean the a/c filters, clean the gutters, fix the door bell - all those little odd jobs that need to get done. Brother recommended Angie's List. I joined for a year and I am thrilled! They provide detailed reviews about the company/person, with a rating and how much was paid. And it's not limted to handimen, it's for everything: calligraphy, dog walkers, cake decorators, painters, etc. I am amazed! For $63 a year, how can you go wrong? I am going to finish my list and call someone this week. Love it.
Monday is a historical day for me 7-7-75 I started my career in marine insurance... 33 years. I always think of my Dad since he got me started.
Last month when I went to For Keeps Sake's Scrap St. Louis, this was my favorite project: it's a small box with a light and a little boy sitting on a stack of hay. Tracy Niehues of K&Company was the designer and I think she's just AMAZING. Her project for Creative Escape 2007 was ingenious and my favorite - a clear envelope folded and embellished. Anyway, she created another masterpiece - she is terrific and talented. The box is coming out from K & Company soon - I would love to make Christmas boxes, Valentine boxes... you name it. I bought a large pack of the lights at Mike's when I got back. Also have been searching for the boxes (guess it will be after CHA Summer).
So happy for the girls at Scrap-A-Ganza Expo that they had such a great turn out. I went on Saturday morning and the parking lot was full! I was amazed that the various stores all had different product, very little overlap. How do they do that? Nice mix and I found a few goodies that had to come home with me.
I'm sure as soon as I hit Publish I'll remember something else. I guess that's what edit is for. I'm going to go out and enjoy the sunshine at the pool. Aren't 3 day weekends the best!