Sunday, September 16, 2007

One Down, 7 to go

Pictures, we have pictures of my first completed project! I finished Tracy's folder, inside and out: I know two girls who will be very proud of me! Last year after CE I attended CKU Houston and stuff sat around for months and even a year without getting done. I vowed to complete all 8 projects by Nov 11th... 1 down, 7 to go! I've almost finished the purse but I can't find the dang first page!
Last month when it was blazing hot, we, okay I had the grand idea of trapsing around Canton in 90+ degree heat. It was worth it, though, because we spotted this neat bench made from old bedposts and I thought/lied and said it fit in a Tahoe. It didn't fit. It had to be taken apart and then it barely fit. But we got it home and DeWayne was kind enough to re-enforce it was some l-brackets so it would be really sturdy. I also found a pretty white chenille bedspread that had a rust stain on it... today I recovered the bench and I think it looks perfect. I can't decide between a long bolster or two pillows... look at me, talking like I am a sewing-type person or something... As if. Anyway, it won't stay there, next to the front door but for now it is there. I love the architecture of it. And you can't see the top posts which are cool. It's so unique. Lurve it.
I went with DeWayne to the gun range today and shot a 38 and 380. S&W and Browning, I think. It was pretty good - I am trying to get over my fear of pulling the trigger. I've never been around guns and my hubby collects them so it was nice to do something together today. He's very patient and a very good teacher. I would like to practice my aim - it was just so hot out there. This morning, we woke to a beautiful nice breeze with just a hint of fall. It makes me so happy inside on mornings like this. We had coffee on the front porch. But man, later on it was 90 again and hot at that range. It'll be more fun in a month or so.
I have a root canal to look forward to this week... let's hope he has an appointment soon because this suckers been so painful! Good night.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Escaping with an Arizona Vacation

Yeah, I know, I've been gone but its for all good stuff. I had to cross the FIFTY finish line which involved lots of lunches and partys and gifts. I had to stretch it out the week before and full 10 days or so after... I'm here to tell you that fifty is indeed Fabulous. There is a calm and ease that doesn't arrive until you cross the threshold. I am absolutely loving it. A stillness and a peace. And thanks to Creative Escape and this great addiction called scrapbooking, a pure joy has been with me for the past two weeks. Pure. Joy.
It was a weeks vacation and I originally regretted scheduling so much time but now I'm so grateful. It was the best thing to do. Hooked up with my peeps, Jeanne and Tanya on Tuesday and we started The AZ Shop dance. We ran into Megan and her luxury tour at Happy Sisters and then stopped at the best box scrapbook store ever, Recollections. Man, I just don't get why Tom Bazzone won't put one of these in Houston. I am back on my letter writing campaign. That store was packed full of scrapbooking ecoutremonts - just the best. I loved the Go West etched acrylic albums, both compass and Christmas themes.
On Wednesday we completed an assignment by my brilliant roomie, Jeanne: photography session with the awesome and fabulous Allison Tyler Jones. In.Her.Very.Own.Studio. We were ROCKSTARS - with a wind machine and lighting and music. It was so amazing. We did combo shots with all 3 of us and then individually. I can't wait to see the proofs - we should be able to view them in a week. It was one of the best things I've ever done - getting good photos at 50 was a brilliant idea. We went onto shop at the Bazzill warehouse, Scrapbooks etc., Mystic Paper, Devine Memories and Melrose Vintage. And yes, all of those were great, each and of themselves but the high from Allisons prevailed. Melrose was an amazing store with a complete line of Anna Griffin merchandise. Oh my. Afterwards we had our circle journal dinner which was great. I miss my Favorite Canadians - all of them. Charleen and Heather each brought a friend, who turned out to be great just like them. We make a good group.
Everyone else has reviewed CE but here are my thoughts (after all it is my blog here). I admire Heidi Swapp for being so open and real. For all the negativity and hype about her, she is one very talented woman who opens her heart to us. I remain a big fan - she has great ideas and I will continue to take classes, even if it is in Chinese, i.e. Scrap etc 2008.
PS - I learned that my friend, Tanya is really a rocket scientist with a Phd and so now we have to call her Doctor Princess. :)
I was in awe of Tracy Niehaus' project - the see-through folder and I want tomake more. My goal is to complete all circle journals next 2 weeks and then all projects in the next 60 days. I'm happy to be home with no commitments this weekend. Lots of free scrapping time.
During Allison's keynote address, she showed one of our session photos and it was if time stood still when I watched the photo. She had us stand up in front of the crowd of 600. Way cool.
Sunday we drove up to Sedona for the day and looked around. Very cool. Heather finished her Carol Wingert journal from last year for her Sedona trip and did an amazing job. Canadians are very creative and resourceful.
PB delivered the replacement armoire and its now packed full of PTD (albums and projects to do). That'll keep me out of the stores for a while plus the bill from Arizona Vacation. And I'm going to have a root canal sometime soon.
And I'll close on a solemn note. My sister, Judi's father-in-law, Rudi Roemlein passed away on Thursday after battling prostate cancer. He was a good man and father and will be missed deeply by his family. I am sad for his wife, Kathleen who is an amazing Irish grandmother and my brother in law, Dennis. My sister and kids are on their way to NY for the funeral on Monday. I hope my Dad was at the gate to meet him. Den is now in The Club.