Monday, April 27, 2009

FKS SSL Project Pics

Was that whiney enough for you? Sorry about that - it sure did feel good to sleep in my own bed. Late this afternoon we had a HUGE thunderstorm that knocked out electricity for a couple of hours. After IKE, I bought a large lantern that sure came in handy tonight. A little after eight, we were back on and I could start the unpacking process. Because I'm lazy, I'm stealing a couple of photos from other people to show some of the projects from this weekend. I loved the size and style of Cheryl Mezzetti's beautiful project - the colors from CI's Narratives line really resonated with me, along with a few fun techniques that she added. I knew nothing about her before the class, but with her BAWston accent and funny stories, it was a great class to close out the event. Loved the attention to detail.

I wish I had a photo available of the Clear Scraps Scrap St. Louis project that we made. It really is terrific - I loved making it and I love that it is so unique! Last year we made a cute Mickey Mouse album and this year was just as spectacular. I still haven't unpacked all of my goodies and my project was pretty close to finish. I'll take photos soon (don't you hate when people promise that kind of stuff - kind of like - let's do lunch).

Anyhoo, using Ten Seconds Studio metal, we made a very cool tag with Linda Cain. She was just delightful and so relaxed and easy to be around. I would definitely take another class from her. And like I suspected - I loved working with the metal.

Wendy Vecchi's project was cool - fun to play with grungepaper. I'm just a wee bit of a freak about getting all that ink on my fingers... I know - lame but thats just me. I liked the design of the project but I just wasn't firing on all cylinders for that class.
Okay, I was a total dweeb today. I saw this project on Layle Koncar's blog and went to Pier One at lunch and bought a bird stand. Also picked up a beautiful blue bird plate... not sure if I'll keep it on my desk at work or in my scrap room. I really wanted one of these beautiful pillows (it has embroidery on it), but I drew the line quickly. They had some very cute white patio furniture ...
Oh and one of the St. Louis ladies, Ann Caryl used a Mighty Bright light during class - spiffy and we all oooohhhed and aaaaahhhed over it. Think I just might need one myself. It uses LED bulbs and she says she's had it forever and never replaced one!
That's all I'm saying. Good night.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Home Again Home Again

I'm dog tired and back from Scrap St. Louis. When I get back home I am so exhausted... I had a great time, hanging with Tanya and seeing all the Chicago girls(Jeanne, Cathy, Nan, Melissa and Kathleen and Finn), the local SL girls (Barb, Kathy, Julianne, & Kathy W) having a good time at Rock, Paper Scissors and dinner in St. Charles... and of course, all the classes at SSL. It is such an good easy time being there - the classes were fun and I got to try some metal work and some grunge paper flowers ... Lots of favorites: the St. Louis Clear Scraps album we made (way cool), Cheryl Mezzetti (who was a hoot) plus her project was all Karen Russell design - just gorgeous, the metal work we did with Linda Cain (who was just the nicest) and I fell in love with the spring line that Margie A's used in her project. It was all good and I'm just tired... What was so beautiful about St. Louis in spring was all the red bud and dogwood trees blooming. Just gorgeous. Tanya and I had a chance to walk through Missouri Botanical Gardens (my second year) and the tulips were phenomenal... Just lovely. Sorry I can't add much more - I'm just beat. I'll exit stage left through the tulips..

Friday, April 17, 2009

How Could I?

forget... On Sunday I tried herding some squirrels, er puppy dogs and out of 200 photos got a couple of good ones... I would love to post some of the out takes because now I sympathize with all the moms when they're trying to get their kids to stand still, look at the camera, for a picture. Jeez Louise, these dogs were just as bad. They really aren't keen on me whipping out the camera. Look, even my angel, Killer boy is misbehaving! (click on the smaller picture and you can see the devil coming out) Can you believe! Anyway, it was fun to once again try to capture them all together on film. I had such a difficult time getting all three in focus, so I'm really looking forward to getting into Karen Russell's online photography class in June so I can fix it! Just fix it. I did take my Canon to a retirement party for our company president, which was hard to give up my easy point and shoot Canon for the manual mac-daddy. But its the only way you'll learn. So hard to give up that comfort zone.

And I am so happy to say that in November, I will be attending Silver Bella again. Absolutely thrilled. I didn't realize how much I enjoyed it until several months later but besides being a fantastic event (well organized, good people - like Scrap St Louis which is next week!), I thrive on those types of projects now. I didn't say I've been doing the stitching and glittering, but I love looking at them... Another great way to get out of your comfort zone and stretch... I will get there! I'm taking two Rebecca Sower classes, one Charlotte Lyons, one Pam Garrison and one Corba. It's too early to go look them up and I'm going to be late for work... Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I {heart} Anthro

Been doing some fun things lately. Created this for my hubby - an accordian album for his desk at work - b/w pics of his father, who died 30 years ago. I made this simple and sweet - I didn't want to over do it - confuse the focus. When we did the Donna Downey project in Vancouver in 07 of b/w photos on bazzill 3 x 5 cards - it crystalized in my mind the need to get old photos out into view... and I've made several versions as gifts.

Last night the downtown Central Library had a workshop about memoir writing, given by an author, Thomas Larson who wrote a book called Memoirs and the Memoirist. It was a fascinating talk and we spent about 45 minutes writing also. He explained that an autobiography is (drawing hands out like an accordian) is about a lifetime whereas a memoir can be like a vertical cylinder - about a specific person, passion or life event. It was thought-provoking, different group of people and a great way to spend an evening. Thanks HPL! I'm kicking myself for not buying his book. He hails from San Diego - not sure why he came to Texas, but glad he did.
Lunch today involved some inspiration, thanks to our favorite, Anthropologie. I mean - what a great store. The creativity just flows like a river when I enter the store. I realized today in the middle of it are several large box skylights - no wonder it is flooded with light and feels so nice. Okay, tell me this cabinet is not the yummiest?? A large concept library card catalog - too cool. I'm not thrilled with the rolled book "collage" but it is an interesting concept. The drawings are very mid century modern, (another way of saying 50s) - v. interesting. I picked up several cute things, but I can't show them to you because some of them might, just might be gifts for friends that I will see next week in St. Louis. St. Louis, rah! I can't wait... to see all those Chi town girls plus the STL girls - it will be just too much fun. In 6 wake ups, as they say on the Yahoo board.
And have you seen Tim Holtz's projects posted on his blog today? I am in love with the second project, Transparent Illusions. I'm pretty sure it is an IKEA mirror. It fits me to a T - I am dying to make one. How much fun to spend the day learning all those technics. Will he do something similar at CE? Who knows! I am so on the fence about taking his class at Ten Seconds Studio in June... I would just love to do it (bonus is hanging with Cheryl!) but first I have to make it through May, which is going to be brutal. Not for me, but the hubs, who isn't thrilled when I travel.