Saturday, April 06, 2013

Friday Finds

Last Friday I headed over to Warrenton to see what I could find.  I made it there at noon, after stopping at Newman's bakery for breakfast, of course.  It was already busy but not packed.  Warrenton is down the road from Round Top.  I may have explained it before, but its miles and miles of tents/booths with cool stuff to collect/antiques/funky finds.  Here are a few things I saw: 
I stopped in a Cole's and met Kevin Novak of Bungalow 29 in Granbury.  He and his wife make some awesome projects, especially with yardsticks.  These are owl bags made from ties, light from roof tile and the yardstick table with drafting prints, scrabble room divider.  Just over and over, cool stuff. 


I loved this display - I snagged a couple of gym baskets for $15 each (look at the lower shelf)

While this isn't my style, this vendor obviously had style

 Anything with maps/globes is a good thing - these are lamps.  His whole shop was cool.
You can find lots of initials now.
 Ran into my friend, Ronda and her pal, Mary.
I found this P at Urban Market earlier this year:
Today I stopped by an estate sale and a couple of resale shops, with my neighbor.  Found an awesome board for $1.50, a couple of beautifully illustrated books (one on barns and a Currier & Ives), a sweet pink bag that I'm going to make into a journal.  

I took off Thurs and Fri - no special reason, just seemed like a good thing to do.  I put together this cork map that I found in London last time, at Inspitalfields - an awesome shop that's, well - In Spitalfields Market.  I stuck it on a black foam core board and stuck pins in the places I've been.  Want to find some red push pins.  The black ones don't show up so well. 

I bought a man's shirt and made this wine gift bag.  I'm going to make a small pouch with the other sleeve and perhaps a pillow with the body of the shirt.  The gift bag was easy - just measure a wine bottle (I happened to have one!), stitch up the bottom, and I added a pleat/tab on the sides so it would "sit" nicely.  I think they call it "box the corners".  Is that right?  The Pinterest tutorial says to add ribbon or elastic, but the sleeve closes nicely with the button.  I punched a tag and used some baker's twine.

Just think, I still have the whole weekend left! More craft to come.