Monday, August 14, 2006

Copy Cat, ScrapLift, Inspiration

Okay, you can call it what you want... but I saw Gretchen's letter g and it got me fired up last night. And so I did this... It's just the simple ProvoCraft letter that I picked up at Junkie last Friday. I LOVE the Lil Davis Glitter glaze - I put some pink on the flower - it is just the coolest stuff. The white metal disc says "shop" with a white heart. How appropriate. I'm pleased that I knocked it out in an evening. Felt good. Now... for the nineteen gazillion other projects to do... one day at a time. Here's another pic - trying to pick up the glitter glaze - just not gonna work. Oh well.
Did more shopping today - at Maridawn's and Moments-In-Time. Picked up more paper - I love paper but dying to see all the new product from CHA. Signed up for two Yahoo crops on the same day - that'll be interesting. Two days after my birthday - guess I should do as I please. What I really need to do is get pictures printed. Okay, I'm off to do just that!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Shoppin & Motherin

Friday I drove fifty miles to Scrapbook Junkie to check out their new stuff and well, basically just because I haven't been there in a while. It was fun and they had some cute stuff, but damn it's a long way to get there (in Kemah). I wish there was an easier way to get there instead of Nasa Road One. And it invariably rains on my way there - yep, a thunderstorm jumped up on the drive there. I did pick up a bunch of new Heidi Swapp product, especially for my secret sister! She is going to love it! After Junkie, I had to go to Novel Approach. Wow. They had some new Hero Arts stamps and some cool paper but not alot else. I was really disappointed - none of the new CHA stuff that I could tell. Since I was in the neighborhood, I stopped by Just for Fun and picked up the paper bag book that I've wanted since the bus tour. Pine Cone Press book - I never thought I'd want a book about paper bags but its pretty cool. So I've got a nice little stash going - probably my favorite are Heidi Grace flowers. I want every color!
Well, I've been having a pretty good time at home - because of her. It is sort of mind-blowing because I haven't been close to my Mom. But I am totally enjoying her living with me now. Its hard sometimes because she has short term memory loss but I love hearing her stories about when she was younger or when I was younger. I just want to spend this time totally loving her and letting her totally love me. It is so cathartic. She has started saying things about when she dies. What is strange is my Mom never would talk about it before. I believe you know when you are going to die - I saw it with my cousin. So, I am scared to go into that sad place again since my brother and Dad died two years ago. But I plow ahead and just try to enjoy her - I'll handle that when it gets here. For now, I lay my head on her lap and just listen and talk. :) It is so sweet!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Ahhhhhh Maaaassssaaaaggggggeeee

Has it been a month since I've posted? Well, lots of reasons... I was gone for 10 days to both coasts and just been in a bad place lately. I prefer to just keep to myself and not give it to the light of day. But I'm better today - mainly because I started with a list and got after it and then went for a fabulous massage at Natural Retreat. I had 90 minutes with Candi and she was amazing! I can handle my hectic life so much better when I take time for myself. I definitely need to get that lesson... and soon!
Now - look at her - isn't she the cutest! This is my 83 year old mother blowing out her candles. It's a bit grainy but I love this new camera - it captures great shots... and I don't even know the right way to use it! It was a busy day with her yesterday... I made a chocolate cake and huge pork roast along with a short mall visit. She moves slowly and has some memory loss so everything is a big production... but she was so happy. When she woke up, she told me it was a happy day because she was living with me. Now that's something to hold on to (and probably will save me thousands in therapy sessions!)
Saturday I went to the CKU crop at ScrapbookVillage. Nice group with the cutest idea - they are altering cereal boxes into stores - all with a scrapbook pun. Really great ideas. I worked alot on Miss Pat's album of her vacation - it's her birthday gift. I also have a new CJ to add to - "what brings you joy". Creative Escapes is in ONE MONTH - I can't wait! It is going to be awesome!
This work one day, off one day is still a little crazy. I have to shift and change gears and its just kinda a weird. I've been itching to find a full time REAL job and get back in the money. Spending money is great to have but I like to take care of me... I'll just keep my arms open for the right one.