Thursday, December 29, 2011


I am loving this week, working two days and then off for six...  Its surprising but as you get older, you (meaning I) have less interest in work and want to be at the nest, crafting and just hanging out with the puppies.  But it costs money to run the show so - I've been going off to work for 36 years, since 7-7-75.  If I had stayed with the same company, oh, never mind - if wishes were horses, beggars would ride.  I'm listening to my music set on YouTube, drinking coffee from my new Anthro mug and planning for 2012.  
I love planning trips.  I used to do it quite a bit in my thirties.  I'd search B&Bs and plot a course... through Connecticut or up the coast in California.  Be wary of the map (no Garman for me) - quaint towns will draw you in and take you off course, such as in Solvang, CA on my way to the Hearst Castle, a place I have yet to visit.  Anyway, I'm looking at the possibilities in 2012 of where I want to go, events I want to attend and how I want to spend my vacation.  I learned a long time ago that things don't just happen, you have to make them happen - you have to plan it and make your own excitement.  When my sister died, her two daughters were down about their birthdays so we packed up and went to DisneyWorld.  No, it doesn't make the grief go away but we made a great memory, instead of sitting home moping.  You have to make your own happiness.  So, here are my plans for 2012 and what I'm considering.
Most of the scrapbook/craft events have gone by the wayside, Creative Escape, Inspired, Silver Bella, Scrap etc.   I did attend The Creative Connection last year and fell in love so I will be attending 2012 - whereever it may be.  Thanks to Lisa and Michelle, we went to Junk Bonanza that week also and it was awesomeness.  The junk I love, inside and the prices were low.  Those 2012 dates are September 13-15.  Done.  Here's what I made with the $4 cake pans I bought there...

I was watching HGTV the other day - (Property Brothers is my favorite) and they showed Ocean Park, Maine.  It looked idyllic, I've never been to Maine and I think this is the year I should go... I may have to skip Destin in the summer but I'm thinking July or August would be a great time to get out of the Texas heat.  Now to fine suitable lodging... Anyone want to join me?
But what craft events can I attend?  If I had jumped on the $228 CO airfare I found last month, I would be going to Kaari Meng's event The Art of Craft in January, with Charlotte Lyons and Pam Garrison, not to mention Anna Corba.  Maybe even play with some of Charlotte's new fabrics from Blend or just see The French General store.  I would love that.
I could go to Atlanta in June for Haven, a new event by DIY-home decor bloggers.  I haven't moved into furniture refinishing, although I dream about it. 
I've also wanted to go to Portland so maybe I should consider Art & Soul?  I have the choice of Virginia, Vegas or Portland.  Two years ago they had some amazing teachers, now I'm thinking I would like to go to Pups on Wheels or a Lisa Kaus class - she is so kind and generous (learned that at Silver Bella 2010).  Speaking of kind and generous souls, I'd love to find out where Cathe Holden is teaching this year.  Met her at TCC and she embodies what I love about this craft world - she shares her projects for free, people.  And its so cool because the universe is giving back to her.  Unlike some, who want to charge $1.99 for a 3 inch printable...   Okay, that was mean, sorry.
If Cathe isn't home in Petaluma... you could attend Art is You or on the East coast.  In its 2nd or 3rd year, it looks like a good event.  Would love to take a Dee Foust class. 
I'll be checking Mary Engelbreit's blog for announcements of a 2012 event, either the small workshops she held in 2011 or large event like her 2010 workshop, which was a blast and where I met Kim Auman, a local crafter who ended up being my roomie at TCC.
I'm hoping to go to some awesome places for work this year - namely Aberdeen, Scotland and Australia in addition to London.  A small group will be going to Paris for a week in April for a flea market site-seeing tour.  I'm working on the finances because I definitely want to fit that in.  Interested?  Shoot me an email and I can hook you up.  Ali Edwards and Karen Russell are going to Ireland, which would be awesome - I just really want to go to Paris....  The other French alternative is Kaari Meng's Chateau July trip, something she's done for a few years.  Its sold out for two weeks, so they've added a third week.  Lucky you.
This week I'm headed out for a couple days of free-styling in Louisiana, inspired by Mary Ann Moss.  It's not Budapest or Mexico but baby steps... This old girl has to get her grove back.  Photos when I return.
And speaking of making it happen, I'm thinking we need to plan a reunion event... for the fantastic women I've met over the years:  Jeanne K and that entire Chicago gang - Kathleen, Melissa, Cathy D, Nan or my favorite Canadians Charleen and Heather or Megan and Mel and what about the Louisiana girls - Heather, Cori, Angel. Or Silver Bella glittergirls Debe, Julia, Linda and Virginia.  Tell me.  Where can we meet and how can we make it happen?  Hmmmm, let's think about it.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Five Things

You may not know that I

1) never went to college

2) deeply wish that I had had a baby,

3) wanted to be a singer,

4) sponsored a foreign exchange student,

5) cuss like a sailor.

I am really pretty knowledgeable about

1) how to make a good time
in a bad situation,

2) how to make a good meal,

3) how to help others,

4) getting it done/carrying the load

5) traveling domestically and internationally.


I know nothing about

1) motorcycles,
2) pools or how to clean them,
3) skiing or snow,

4) mountains -
I've been in the South all my life,

5) knitting.

And I believe

1) things happen for a reason
and its our purpose to figure out
why they are in front of us,

2) if you don't learn it now, it will come back around,

3) I am not in charge

4) you get what you give,

5) in miracles.

Your turn.
(in the comments or FB
if you don't have a blog)