Monday, May 28, 2018

Crafty Events

I was catching up with a friend today when we started comparing notes on upcoming art events.  I thought I would share the list with you too. We'll start chronologically.  It's happening right now but you might want to put it on your calendar for next year.  Carolyn Peeler does a week long event in Tuscany called La Dolce Vita Retreat and it is excellent, top drawer.  So many great events (art, cooking, antiquing) during the week, I'm so grateful that I went in 2015.  

Debby Schuh just announced a week in the Greece isle, Syros in August of this year.  It is attractively priced and Debby is another expert on having a good time and putting together  a great event.  She does a London, Paris, Italy tour and a New York City shopping trip in November, which I've attended and can highly recommend.  Debby said she’ll be doing her Greece trip next year too.

In September there is an event, Art Makers Denver that seems to be like Art & Soul a bit (although I have never attended so I shouldn't say...).  Pam Garrison is teaching a couple of classes and Jenny Doh has a two day class that looks interesting.

Stephanie Ackerman has some Whatever Craft House in Newton, Kansas events coming up, with the June event having spaces open.  I've wanted to go to this house for forever and so I checked airfare and its only $357.  I should go, huh?  Stephanie recently posted about a San Miguel de Allen, Mexico event schedule for March 2019, Meg Duerksen, the owner of Whatever Craft House has an event in September.  Oh my gosh, y'all, want to hear something neat?  I just realized what Whatever stands for...  Phillippians 4:8... my FAVORITE verse!  

Charlotte Lyons and Meleen have their popular Vermont retreats in June and October.  Noodle & Lou and August Wren will be there in June and Rebecca Sower will be there in October.  Any of these would be amazing.  I keep hoping for a Noodle & Lou class in Houston, since she's in Dallas.  It can happen!  If you have interest in one, shoot me an email or leave a comment below.

We were so happy to hear Kim Caldwell announce a new event for next May 2019, called A Dreamy Bohemian Affaire in Manhattan Beach, CA.  No doubt, it will be awesome, having attended previous KC events.  Kim, Colleen Moody and four others will be teaching classes.  Registration will be this summer.  Its always great to catch one of the local flea markets, (Rose Bowl  will be the following weekend).  

Just so this won't be a post without a photo, I'll include a few pics of my Warrenton finds (above & below).