Friday, September 28, 2012

Warrenton in the Fall-ish

It's time for Round Top again.  I live about 1.5 hours away, so its an easy day trip.  I took the day off of work on Thursday and took along my camera; here are a few shots.
I loved these scuffy little red boots, but not at $85.

 Lots and lots of flower frogs - saw them everywhere.

I actually go to Warrenton, through Bellville - such a peaceful drive and a good breakfast at Newman's Bakery.  First time ever, I stopped at Nothing Ordinary and didn't buy anything.  When I saw this pink Maytag, I thought of Lori Bunda Wilson in Calgary, who was kind enough to show me her shop.  And Cindy Vratil - I know they both would love this.  Wouldn't it be a fun drink cooler for parties.
I bought a bunch of yardsticks and promptly sold them to this girl.  Look at the legs - she needs plenty.  Loved her creativity.  She's from Granbury, TX. I want some piano keys.
This booth, Johnny and June was just setting up but I loved the antler dress form. 

I love old doors, maybe I'll take a ride over to ReStore tomorrow...

Plenty of linens and lace all over the place.  Click on it - I love how they're just up in your face!
It was blazing hot, 91 degrees, even though I arrived at 10, but 12:30 I decided it wasn't fun anymore so I headed inside to Cole's.  It was nice, not so crowded.  I scored two beautiful white tableclothes, I'll show pics tomorrow in a booth right outside of Cole's (to the left).  She sort of screamed at me when I asked for the price... first she said $50, then she corrected herself to $15.  ITS A FLAT PRICE FOR ANY ONE - she shouted.  It was sort of comical.  I decided I needed two. 
And I'll take a photo in the daylight of a gorgeous card catalog I snagged - $32. Gorgeous oak, one wide drawer and a beautiful Globe Wernicke label. I saw many spool cabinets and one special round oak spinner with fabulous handles on each draw - probably 80 drawers. $2750. But worth every penny. Why didn't I take a photo - maybe it was just too painful to walk away - no remembrances.

I have to share one more photo, okay maybe two.  Isn't this light fixture awesome - great green/yellow hues.
And my dogs just don't like their photos being taken.  Here's Grace, before she went to the beauty shop...If that ain't the evil eye!

Sorry, Junior was crying for equal time... so, there!