Saturday, November 18, 2006

If not Now, When?

I have slightly less than 8,000 projects to do. That number can now be reduced by TWO! Here is a picture frame I did for my hubby. While attending a class with two co-workers, they went to Graceland. He doesn't travel much, so I know he'll like this. I know it's pretty busy but, I don't know, I just felt like putting ribbon and such on there. I'll relax once I do more projects... at first I feel like I have to cram it all in.

Personally, I don't think its that bad that it took me two months to finish my Creative Escape clock. I didn't have photos at the time, plus the word "forever" just bugged me so I hit a wall about finishing it. Well, when I got home, I decided to do it in this theme. It's for my husband and he is going to love it. He has a wicked sense of humor so I had to leave the 6 off and put a 5 instead. It's just so ~him~. I love masks now. I hope the clock works for a while! I have another one I bought from Wal-mart that I want to do in the CE theme with paper and the buttons as numbers.
So, it's okay that I'm still in my pjs and its 1:45 on Saturday afternoon. I think so!
And if you're outraged by O.J. Simpson getting any kind of publicity, please see the Goldman's website. To give anyone the opportunity to discuss possible murder or that they did murder, is not appropriate. I wrote to the bookstores (and got a reply back from Borders).
Last bit... I got my Karen Russell project kit - the J word. Obviously with as much blabbering as I do, I don't have trouble with journaling - I just loved the scalloped paper and the Creative Imaginations stuff so I bought it. I really like it. I didn't realize how much of that stuff she designs but I do know that it speaks to me. Oh and have you seen the Making Memories Wall Text... Way cool. One of HKS' team, Liz Eaton used it as a mask on her worktable. Looks amazing!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Who's 21?

It's Friday again! And the Princess Niece's TWENTY FIRST birthday! Yikes, I remember rocking the baby girl and both of us crying, I just couldn't figure out why SHE was! Wow - she has become a beautiful, sweet woman with a great curiosity and charming personality. I'll take another pic when she's gussied up for her weekend birthday celebrations. This is when she woke up this morning.
I've been snapping away. I don't know how to fully describe how this view makes me feel other than JOY and BLISS. I love looking out the breakfast room window with the beautiful trees and the sunshine and shadows, especially early on a fall morning when the shadows are long. I love the leaves and trees - our neighbor next door has a tree that is old (100 years) and big (huge really). I see it right outside my kitchen window and I forget some days what a great sight it is. I love this house and this neighborhood and I'm so glad we moved here. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.
I've also taken photos of my scrap room for Megan's CJ... finally! And I didn't even clean up the mess on the table. Oh well, what can you do? Life is about creating, not cleaning. BTW, I've been meaning to take a pic of those people that label their refrigerators just to show my family I am not as AR as some people! I can see the eye roll from here if I labeled it, but to tell you the truth I think its a great idea! Here's my last pic - my NEW stamp from 3 Designing Women. They're in Dallas - I got it from the internet and just love it. The stamp is just like the 7 Gypsies round stamp, I also got the chocolate ink. Yum, I know it will be beautiful!
Okay, I'm off for the 10,000 things I say I'm going to get done today... bank, grocery, Target, post office, pedicure and some birthday card making. Bye!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Rockets Won

We went to the Rockets game tonight and sat on the third row behind the bench. It was pretty awesome and amazing. I love sports live - I'll go to almost any kind of game. This was fun - went with Nancy and Jill. We ate at Barnabys beforehand. Still sticking with the no sweets!
Back to Nutcracker Market, since I'm still riding the high and thinking about going back tomorrow evening perhaps. There was a new booth called Texas Photomontage. It was pretty amazing, checkout their website: I want to order a custom 3D montage for Houston (of course) with a bunch of the old landmarks/restaurants. They are really cool in person plus I think they would be very cool Christmas gifts, for someone special.
Speaking of Christmas gifts, I think I want a Cricut or a Wishblade. Not sure which but I've used the Cricut and it's pretty amazing. I don't like buying the stupid disks though - I don't know if Wishblade uses your computer fonts... something I'll need to investigate before I fill out my wishlist. I do know I want the latest version of Photoshop Elements - mine is old.
Had a great visit with my shrink today and I've been following it up with a trip to Nordstrom's spa to see Leslie. I like the combination! I'll repeat it in three weeks. Tomorrow I'm going to scrap for sure - I think I'll block off 4 hours and that's all I will do. No 'putering or getting up to wash a load or fix food for anyone. Just 4 hours of me creating. Sounds like a plan. Let's hope I'm successful.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Nutcracker Market is Today

Yeah Yeah Yeah. It is my favorite shopping day of the year! I LURVE the Nutcracker Market. One of my dreams is to have 6 of my friends to take off work and go with me in a limo to the Nutcracker Market and just shop our little hearts out. It was a great show today and I found some amazing stuff! Here is a big picture view of my purchases...

There is a theme here... toile and toile and more toile with some mosaic thrown in for good measure. From the back is a santa hanger (I'll add a message with chipboard), a small china saucer and lid in red toile (very unusual), picture frame made of beads, a basket in the shape of a bone with dachshund Christmas cards and some doggie shampoo (I know!). Four cute little dishes with playing card suits and a spreader, a black toile mosaic fleur de lis, a pink and green mosaic fleur de lis, a black toile crucifix, a tin yard ornament for Christmas, a fleur de lis photo holder, an ecru tin basket, 3 tin angels, a basket made from pine needles (it smells amazing plus two coasters not shown)
I also got snagged at a booth that had soaps and lotions, with lots of lavender. Well, I love lavender and this lady filled me up with all kinds of products.

I had to have the bag - it was shampoo for dogs which I skipped but I had to have the bag. This is a lavender neck wrap and sachets, lavender bubble bath, spray and bath salts plus a foot file (I don't think it's lavender but let me check to make sure).

And then the piece de resistance:

It was the first booth when I walked in and I walked right up there and bought this lamp. I had to have this little teapot lamp with the chenille lampshade (pink and purple!) with pom pom fringe. The whole booth had cute teapot lamps and adorable chandeleirs. I'm glad I got it. I didn't bat an eyelash at the price - thank you casino!

Did you want some close ups of the stash?

That's a cute little dachshund ornament that I'm going to surprise my husband. He will just love it. Oh and a pink luggage tag - those were prevalent at the market.
Guess what is going into my crafts room? Isn't he just the cutest. Don't you want to make one just like it. I love him. I will have to think of a name for him. Any ideas?

Well, I left the market around one-ish and stopped at two scrapbook stores, Just for Fun and Novel Approach. I'm too tired to take pics of that stash so you'll have to trust me on it. Got some good stuff, a little bit of this and that. I'm going to miss the bus tour on Saturday so I figured I'd beat the crowd and pick up a few items. I've been waiting for the paper frills and they were in. I ended the day at Wal-Mart, which is really hilarious in a way. From one end of the shopping spectrum to the other. I found a clock to make, Heidi style.

And finally, I'll just say this is my 4th day going without sweets and its working well. I'm glad I'm doing it. Its getting easier now that I have a few days strung together. The first few nights I was craving sweets in the evening something fierce. I hope to get more energy now besides weight loss.
I'm tired, I need some sleep!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

We have a Winner!

Take a closer look at that baby. Not me, silly - the payline, oh yeah and look at the denomination too. I just spent a half hour writing up the entire story only for it to get lost somewhere in blogsphere... Bummer. Here's the short version. Went to Canton and had a great time. Good shopping and great weather. Tried out the casinos in Shreveport and I have a fav now, El Dorado. Guess why? Click on the pic and get a good hard look. See - I'm practicing my non-smile. When I was working on my CJ I realized all photos of me have this big toothy grin so I made a mental note to smile smaller now. Well, I'm working on it. And no, there is no one next to me what I'm talking through gritted teeth. DeWayne went and sat down cause it takes a while for them to bring EIGHTEEN HUNDRED SMACKAROOS to you. Amazing, huh. Biggest jackpot I've EVER won. I know you want the details... Some chick wouldn't get up from a 25 cent Wild Cherry so I was forced to play a $1 Wild Cherry on the other side of the casino. Well, apparently it was a good move because I picked up $100. I then took the hundred and slipped into the High Dollar Lounge and found this bad boy. Was up to 85 coins and not sure what to do. DeWayne said, play and have some fun and the very next spin...BAM - my MacDaddy jackpot. Pretty amazing and cool and fun and I like it. Played a little more and took the pile o'cash back to the gorgeous hotel suite that magically appeared an hour later. It truly is a beautiful hotel with spacious rooms and bathrooms like I've never seen in a hotel. And yes, it is now my favorite casino. Thanks to Cathy at the B&B for recommending it.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Update on Reorg

A month ago or so I reorganized my scraproom. I moved the table out and put Metro shelves in and I thought I was going to put the table across from my desk. It didn't work because when visitors sit in the club chair, they can't make eye contact with me. Not cool. So I pushed the table against the wall and moved the chair into the corner. Not ideal but its working. I LURVE the shelves - I can stow so much more and see it, plus its 6 inches shorter and really opens up the walk through space to my desk. I want to get rid of my chair that's tearing but I hate paying $75 to ship a chair from Target. That's idiotic when the chair costs $100. It's something like that... don't quote me.
I went to the dermatologist today for the first time in my life. Glad I did, just to get confirmation the little bo bo on my leg is nothing but the little bump on my nose is a little basal cell stuff. No big deal - I'll have it taken off after Thanksgiving. Monday I go to the ENT for my sinuses and it can't be too soon. I am so tired of these headaches and feeling lousy every day.
Oh, let me show you a draft of a Christmas card. I love paste that you use with brass stencils... I used white paste and chalked it. It's an outline type stencil, I don't think its meant for paste but it really pops with the green
My last bit was a couple of pics of my CJ... guess that will have to wait - trouble posting some photos. I'm going to play a little this afternoon... and cook a roast. Talk to ya later.
Update: BEWARE! Target has a ONE CLICK buying button on their website and guess who clicked it! Yep... I was looking at the shipping charges for the chair and thought, let's push this... and now it's going to arrive at my house by November 7th... Guess it's a good thing its white and will match. I just couldn't decide arms or no arms. I went with arms. Oh, and its only $27 shipping charges.
I didn't mention but we carved pumpkins on Sunday and it was a blast! We have some great artistic talent in our family...