Thursday, December 28, 2006

Work KNose

I know this is going to sound completely lame but I am worn out from working all week. I worked alot more hours last week and this and it's been tiring. I am happy that we have settled a big claim that I have worked on for the past 6 months - we won't go to trial 2 in two weeks and it's a good thing. I feel proud of my contribution. They still don't get it at work but what can you do? Get over it.
My secret sister called this week and she's sending my present on Tues or Wed. It will be really great to get it - I can't wait. I love surprises. I hope I get it before I leave town tomorrow.
I am having surgery for a deviated septum on Wednesday. It should be easy and go smoothly. I'm good at listening to the doc and taking pain meds (Hell0 - Darvocet!) and hopefully by Fri afternoon I'll be sitting pretty and working on some scrapbook stuff. I have the pre op doc appt tomorrow afternoon and then we are heading off to East Texas. A storm is coming through so it will be cold & rainy at Canton (it is first Monday) so after a visit with DeWayne's mom we're heading over to Shreveport for the casino. Here's hoping I have good luck like last month. I still look at that photo and shake my head and can't believe the triple triple 7 picture. Chills! I'm looking forward to some laughs and good times. Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Looking Ahead

Woohoo - how 'bout them holidays! It's a relief now that the presents have all been bought and opened and the list making has lessened and we can all now focus on 2007 and its bright prospects. I am looking forward to 2007 - I know it holds alot of hope for me. We had a hectic Christmas Eve with a healthy dose of irony. Rachel's car broken down about 50 miles north of here that morning. DeWayne and I drove up there to pick her up (along with her brother and some random girl). What is so amazing is that we had anticipated it breaking down (120,000 miles on it) and bought another vehicle - to surprise her as a birthday present (she was born on Christmas Day). So, the keys to the car were in her stocking. It's a beautiful car - I'd like to keep it for myself. A shiny white 2002 Camry that only has 55,000 miles on it - a co-worker was selling it because she got a new Lexus company car. I felt so fortunate to happen upon it and then I still can't figure out what was the lesson from God when Rachel's car broke down on Christmas Eve. The time frame when it happened was interesting too. Hopefully, it will be revealed to me in good time. Anyway, we had stockings and then steak and then presents and everyone was happy, I think. I am so lucky because my husband loves Christmas and loves giving gifts. He gets a huge kick out of it and goes all out. We have several fun traditions and I am very fortunate.
Anyway, it was just weird about the timing of the distress call from Rachel. My husband was all grumpy because he hates to drive anywhere and yet, when we set off for it, he shifted gears and changed his attitude and we ended up laughing and having fun. It was a good thing and we needed it. I tell ya, this marriage thing really befuddles me.
I am going to clear away all this Christmas card stuff and get some new projects set up and ready to go. I need to make my journal for BPS A Year To Remember and also Stacy's Library of Memories. I got a nice call from my secret sister, Norma today saying my package was late because she had a death in her family. I was bummed before but I can so relate about that plus she was so sweet to call me on my cell, that's all I needed. I remember her at CE, she's really sweet and nice so I know I'll enjoy her package when it gets here. Besides, I've been holding off buying stuff, thinking - maybe I'll get it in my package, so my pocketbook has been spared!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Totally Random

It has NOT been a week since I posted. I don't believe it. Well, you see... I've been waiting by the mailbox for my CE secret sister package. Oh yes, and I've been waiting by the mailbox for the latest circle journal to arrive (hint, hint Megan). And I've been collecting packages from the mailman but have I been wrapping any of them? That would be a big no. We didn't have a tree until tonight when Rachel (niece #2) took pity on us and came over and whipped us into shape. We now have a sparkly tree and two less ornaments. Crash! Thank goodness that Target had the new cone dirt devil thing on sale and I bought one (well, thanks to Jeanette, really - her blog egged me on). Came in handy to pick up the shards from the two broken ornaments. Really nifty thing to have.
And if you have absolutely nothing to do tonight, you can always read Best of craigslist. The first few are pretty funny. My brother likes to read the rants and raves.
I don't have much else, so I'll leave a pic of the Killer boy with the Akita next door...

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Snowflakes and CJs in a Scraproom

This is just too much fun... you have to play with it. You can make your own snow flakes. Pretty cool when it's 70 degrees outside! Make a flake.
I just finished Megan's post CE circle journal, my scrap space. It was fun to do and of course, I included some hidden journaling. It is so much easier to do a 2 page LO than set up the whole book - this went way quick, even though yorkphoto didn't get my photos to me on time! I didn't do alot of embellishing - the paper has a great fuzzy texture so I just stuck with that.

This is the hidden journaling on the left side which basically explains that we bought and remodeled our house in Feb 2004 and we didn't have much family in Houston then, so we decided to forgo a dining room. The room is constantly evolving - in the two weeks since I took the photo, I've moved a bunch of things around, already!

This is the sign in card. I stamped on the back with my new address stamp from Three Designing Women and added a few words about me.

Here's a pic of the corner of my scraproom INCLUDING my scary monkey ala Tim Holtz. He found one in an antique store. I found mine on ebay. He's sitting on an old Remington ammo box. It looks pretty junky... and I need more vertical paper holders. Yes, Megan, that is your mail-box for your CJ on the same shelf. But it's gone now! I don't know if everyone else has this problem but I seem to collect magazines and can't toss 'em. I have 4 or 5 stacks in the sunroom right now that need to be purged. I have some friends who barely scrap so I was going to share them and then donate the rest to the local assistance ministries place (they sell them). I am looking for a tray to alter with chalkboard paint. Moments in Time has a cute vinyl tray with Christmas paper that is really adorable. I'd like to do that also! I looked at a dollar store but the tray didn't have a flat surface. I'll keep looking.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

If you don't get everything you want...

This "Daily Thought" from Real Simple magazine has been ruminating in my mind for the past couple of days and after watching Oprah yesterday, it totally brings it into focus.

December 05, 2006
If you don't get everything you want, think of the things you don't get that you don't want.
— Oscar Wilde

Things I don't get, that I don't want:the flu, debt, car repairs, flat tire, stolen car, car wreck (and repairs), sick puppy dog, a funeral to go to, having to take shots (like my friend, Pat), an abusive husband, a stressful job.

So, like most people, I have little problems here and there - stuff that is stressing me out, but I definitely need to remember it is minutia compared to what could be looming. I'm going to try to let my current worries just slide away like water off a ducks back. Let's see if it works.

I had a great time at Michelle's house yesterday. Her Mom was my neighbor for 16 years and they went to a Creative Memories class I hosted once in 2003. That was all it took... now she's a CM rep and they scrap every Friday afternoon. She had leftover yummies from bunco and they sit and jaw all afternoon. She is such a great story teller and makes me laugh at all her expressions. Her new phrase is "jacked up". She gave me an amazing recipe for bread pudding that I will be making this weekend. It was lots of fun and laughs. They are real women and you pick up right where you left off, no matter how much time passes.

Anyway, when I watched the Oprah show last night and the woman was set on fire by her abusive husband, I almost shut it off because it was so depressing and gross. But I watched some of it and it dawned on me that whatever my problems are, they are miniscule compared to what that woman will face, with surgeries and just living. I need to be grateful for that, that is for sure. I was once in an abusive relationship and thank God I had enough strength to get out of it. Maybe that's why it made me cry. Anyway, I want to be focused on how good my life is and how lucky I am...

Made a pretty new Christmas card from Anna Griffin paper, will post later.

Friday, December 08, 2006


It's almost midnight and I am soooo tired but I want to post some pics of what I've been working on... I made this for my hubby... Manly yes, and I like it too! It's just a wall hanging on a paper mache plaque. This chocolate polka dotted sheer ribbon is my favorite right now... I also have been working on a birthday book for someone's 50th birthday. I got the pictures yesterday afternoon and I finished it tonight - over 25+ pictures! I did two accordian fold outs so I could fit them all and then put it in a board book. I'm not sure a board book was the best choice but it's done and I'm liking it! If I had more time, I would have made some different choices but I need to deliver it tomorrow. The pictures of the girls in this book are adorable - they really are cute kids and one of them is incredibly photogenic (she's 3!).

I left the space under celebrate for the 11 year old to write a note. The 4 year old wrote "Dady Miner". She's 4 and she can spell!
Okay, my last pic is a clipboard I made for my Christmas secret sister: You can't see but there's a cute white initial tied with ribbon. I love taking a 97 cent item and altering it!

I'm going to bed. This midnight bedtime is too much for me! G'night.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Sunday is Scrapping

I finally figured out why my fingers are so cut up and rough - Diamond Glaze and others! I haven't been very good about keeping the glue off my hands - keeping them washed. It was a great Sunday today. I piled all the junk from the table onto my desk and then put it where it belongs. Organized a bunch of drawers and put up scrap paper (which was overflowing). Last night I ordered something like 225 photos to be printed! York Photo loves me - that's for sure! I took a break and made some pumpkin bread and then came back and made 4 projects. I did two for my secret sister - her initial and a clipboard and then embellished a small note pad - nothing fancy. I also did a paper mache wall hanging (small) with the Serenity prayer for my husband. I used some cool brown plaid paper. I am telling you - I am totally in my "Chocolate Period" (not to be confused with Picasso's Blue Period). Everything I am doing right now is in the shade of chocolate. I absolutely love Coach's choice of chocolate. This is my current choice - the bling around the top is a nice touch. Target has some great 600 count sheets in chocolate that they had at some ridiculous price for Black Friday. I really would like to do my bedroom in blue and chocolate but the trend is espresso and that pale shade of green (which is pretty but not what I want!).
I had to follow Martha's advice and add some glitter to my Christmas cards. She's absolutely right - just a little touch of bling and it makes a difference.
I did a southern tour and NW tour of scrapbook stores this weekend. Friday I ran down to Just for Fun to pick up 6 HKS bat masks - people on the BPS A Year to Remember yahoo board were looking for them and they are sold out at Advantis so I RAK'd 6 people - which was fun to do. First I ran to Junkie in Kemah - I tell ya, they have some great stuff down there and stock that nobody else has. It's really fun -I just wish it wasn't so far away. Also ran into Novel Approach and picked up a couple of items for my Christmas Secret Sister - she wants Colorbox chalk, which they carry. I didn't get home til after 6!
On Saturday we kept 2 little girls, ages 3 & 4 and man, I was so dang tired after that! That is alot of work. It really kind of helped me though, because I have been mourning the fact that I never had children lately. This was the flip side to that, which was nice to see another perspective. Taking care of kids is alot of work! They left at 3 so I managed to run out to Memory Depot. Unfor. they are closing their Houston store and all was 30% off. Like Novel Approach they have great stamping supplies, so I picked up some good stuff. Also stopped in at Hobby Lobby and got Christmas wrapping supplies at 50% off. Now the picture is clearer... why I had so much rearranging and putting away today! I am free all of tomorrow, so I hope to get more projects done. Wish me luck...

Saturday, November 18, 2006

If not Now, When?

I have slightly less than 8,000 projects to do. That number can now be reduced by TWO! Here is a picture frame I did for my hubby. While attending a class with two co-workers, they went to Graceland. He doesn't travel much, so I know he'll like this. I know it's pretty busy but, I don't know, I just felt like putting ribbon and such on there. I'll relax once I do more projects... at first I feel like I have to cram it all in.

Personally, I don't think its that bad that it took me two months to finish my Creative Escape clock. I didn't have photos at the time, plus the word "forever" just bugged me so I hit a wall about finishing it. Well, when I got home, I decided to do it in this theme. It's for my husband and he is going to love it. He has a wicked sense of humor so I had to leave the 6 off and put a 5 instead. It's just so ~him~. I love masks now. I hope the clock works for a while! I have another one I bought from Wal-mart that I want to do in the CE theme with paper and the buttons as numbers.
So, it's okay that I'm still in my pjs and its 1:45 on Saturday afternoon. I think so!
And if you're outraged by O.J. Simpson getting any kind of publicity, please see the Goldman's website. To give anyone the opportunity to discuss possible murder or that they did murder, is not appropriate. I wrote to the bookstores (and got a reply back from Borders).
Last bit... I got my Karen Russell project kit - the J word. Obviously with as much blabbering as I do, I don't have trouble with journaling - I just loved the scalloped paper and the Creative Imaginations stuff so I bought it. I really like it. I didn't realize how much of that stuff she designs but I do know that it speaks to me. Oh and have you seen the Making Memories Wall Text... Way cool. One of HKS' team, Liz Eaton used it as a mask on her worktable. Looks amazing!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Who's 21?

It's Friday again! And the Princess Niece's TWENTY FIRST birthday! Yikes, I remember rocking the baby girl and both of us crying, I just couldn't figure out why SHE was! Wow - she has become a beautiful, sweet woman with a great curiosity and charming personality. I'll take another pic when she's gussied up for her weekend birthday celebrations. This is when she woke up this morning.
I've been snapping away. I don't know how to fully describe how this view makes me feel other than JOY and BLISS. I love looking out the breakfast room window with the beautiful trees and the sunshine and shadows, especially early on a fall morning when the shadows are long. I love the leaves and trees - our neighbor next door has a tree that is old (100 years) and big (huge really). I see it right outside my kitchen window and I forget some days what a great sight it is. I love this house and this neighborhood and I'm so glad we moved here. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.
I've also taken photos of my scrap room for Megan's CJ... finally! And I didn't even clean up the mess on the table. Oh well, what can you do? Life is about creating, not cleaning. BTW, I've been meaning to take a pic of those people that label their refrigerators just to show my family I am not as AR as some people! I can see the eye roll from here if I labeled it, but to tell you the truth I think its a great idea! Here's my last pic - my NEW stamp from 3 Designing Women. They're in Dallas - I got it from the internet and just love it. The stamp is just like the 7 Gypsies round stamp, I also got the chocolate ink. Yum, I know it will be beautiful!
Okay, I'm off for the 10,000 things I say I'm going to get done today... bank, grocery, Target, post office, pedicure and some birthday card making. Bye!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Rockets Won

We went to the Rockets game tonight and sat on the third row behind the bench. It was pretty awesome and amazing. I love sports live - I'll go to almost any kind of game. This was fun - went with Nancy and Jill. We ate at Barnabys beforehand. Still sticking with the no sweets!
Back to Nutcracker Market, since I'm still riding the high and thinking about going back tomorrow evening perhaps. There was a new booth called Texas Photomontage. It was pretty amazing, checkout their website: I want to order a custom 3D montage for Houston (of course) with a bunch of the old landmarks/restaurants. They are really cool in person plus I think they would be very cool Christmas gifts, for someone special.
Speaking of Christmas gifts, I think I want a Cricut or a Wishblade. Not sure which but I've used the Cricut and it's pretty amazing. I don't like buying the stupid disks though - I don't know if Wishblade uses your computer fonts... something I'll need to investigate before I fill out my wishlist. I do know I want the latest version of Photoshop Elements - mine is old.
Had a great visit with my shrink today and I've been following it up with a trip to Nordstrom's spa to see Leslie. I like the combination! I'll repeat it in three weeks. Tomorrow I'm going to scrap for sure - I think I'll block off 4 hours and that's all I will do. No 'putering or getting up to wash a load or fix food for anyone. Just 4 hours of me creating. Sounds like a plan. Let's hope I'm successful.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Nutcracker Market is Today

Yeah Yeah Yeah. It is my favorite shopping day of the year! I LURVE the Nutcracker Market. One of my dreams is to have 6 of my friends to take off work and go with me in a limo to the Nutcracker Market and just shop our little hearts out. It was a great show today and I found some amazing stuff! Here is a big picture view of my purchases...

There is a theme here... toile and toile and more toile with some mosaic thrown in for good measure. From the back is a santa hanger (I'll add a message with chipboard), a small china saucer and lid in red toile (very unusual), picture frame made of beads, a basket in the shape of a bone with dachshund Christmas cards and some doggie shampoo (I know!). Four cute little dishes with playing card suits and a spreader, a black toile mosaic fleur de lis, a pink and green mosaic fleur de lis, a black toile crucifix, a tin yard ornament for Christmas, a fleur de lis photo holder, an ecru tin basket, 3 tin angels, a basket made from pine needles (it smells amazing plus two coasters not shown)
I also got snagged at a booth that had soaps and lotions, with lots of lavender. Well, I love lavender and this lady filled me up with all kinds of products.

I had to have the bag - it was shampoo for dogs which I skipped but I had to have the bag. This is a lavender neck wrap and sachets, lavender bubble bath, spray and bath salts plus a foot file (I don't think it's lavender but let me check to make sure).

And then the piece de resistance:

It was the first booth when I walked in and I walked right up there and bought this lamp. I had to have this little teapot lamp with the chenille lampshade (pink and purple!) with pom pom fringe. The whole booth had cute teapot lamps and adorable chandeleirs. I'm glad I got it. I didn't bat an eyelash at the price - thank you casino!

Did you want some close ups of the stash?

That's a cute little dachshund ornament that I'm going to surprise my husband. He will just love it. Oh and a pink luggage tag - those were prevalent at the market.
Guess what is going into my crafts room? Isn't he just the cutest. Don't you want to make one just like it. I love him. I will have to think of a name for him. Any ideas?

Well, I left the market around one-ish and stopped at two scrapbook stores, Just for Fun and Novel Approach. I'm too tired to take pics of that stash so you'll have to trust me on it. Got some good stuff, a little bit of this and that. I'm going to miss the bus tour on Saturday so I figured I'd beat the crowd and pick up a few items. I've been waiting for the paper frills and they were in. I ended the day at Wal-Mart, which is really hilarious in a way. From one end of the shopping spectrum to the other. I found a clock to make, Heidi style.

And finally, I'll just say this is my 4th day going without sweets and its working well. I'm glad I'm doing it. Its getting easier now that I have a few days strung together. The first few nights I was craving sweets in the evening something fierce. I hope to get more energy now besides weight loss.
I'm tired, I need some sleep!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

We have a Winner!

Take a closer look at that baby. Not me, silly - the payline, oh yeah and look at the denomination too. I just spent a half hour writing up the entire story only for it to get lost somewhere in blogsphere... Bummer. Here's the short version. Went to Canton and had a great time. Good shopping and great weather. Tried out the casinos in Shreveport and I have a fav now, El Dorado. Guess why? Click on the pic and get a good hard look. See - I'm practicing my non-smile. When I was working on my CJ I realized all photos of me have this big toothy grin so I made a mental note to smile smaller now. Well, I'm working on it. And no, there is no one next to me what I'm talking through gritted teeth. DeWayne went and sat down cause it takes a while for them to bring EIGHTEEN HUNDRED SMACKAROOS to you. Amazing, huh. Biggest jackpot I've EVER won. I know you want the details... Some chick wouldn't get up from a 25 cent Wild Cherry so I was forced to play a $1 Wild Cherry on the other side of the casino. Well, apparently it was a good move because I picked up $100. I then took the hundred and slipped into the High Dollar Lounge and found this bad boy. Was up to 85 coins and not sure what to do. DeWayne said, play and have some fun and the very next spin...BAM - my MacDaddy jackpot. Pretty amazing and cool and fun and I like it. Played a little more and took the pile o'cash back to the gorgeous hotel suite that magically appeared an hour later. It truly is a beautiful hotel with spacious rooms and bathrooms like I've never seen in a hotel. And yes, it is now my favorite casino. Thanks to Cathy at the B&B for recommending it.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Update on Reorg

A month ago or so I reorganized my scraproom. I moved the table out and put Metro shelves in and I thought I was going to put the table across from my desk. It didn't work because when visitors sit in the club chair, they can't make eye contact with me. Not cool. So I pushed the table against the wall and moved the chair into the corner. Not ideal but its working. I LURVE the shelves - I can stow so much more and see it, plus its 6 inches shorter and really opens up the walk through space to my desk. I want to get rid of my chair that's tearing but I hate paying $75 to ship a chair from Target. That's idiotic when the chair costs $100. It's something like that... don't quote me.
I went to the dermatologist today for the first time in my life. Glad I did, just to get confirmation the little bo bo on my leg is nothing but the little bump on my nose is a little basal cell stuff. No big deal - I'll have it taken off after Thanksgiving. Monday I go to the ENT for my sinuses and it can't be too soon. I am so tired of these headaches and feeling lousy every day.
Oh, let me show you a draft of a Christmas card. I love paste that you use with brass stencils... I used white paste and chalked it. It's an outline type stencil, I don't think its meant for paste but it really pops with the green
My last bit was a couple of pics of my CJ... guess that will have to wait - trouble posting some photos. I'm going to play a little this afternoon... and cook a roast. Talk to ya later.
Update: BEWARE! Target has a ONE CLICK buying button on their website and guess who clicked it! Yep... I was looking at the shipping charges for the chair and thought, let's push this... and now it's going to arrive at my house by November 7th... Guess it's a good thing its white and will match. I just couldn't decide arms or no arms. I went with arms. Oh, and its only $27 shipping charges.
I didn't mention but we carved pumpkins on Sunday and it was a blast! We have some great artistic talent in our family...

Monday, October 30, 2006

Pixie Girl

I had a cute little post about pixie haircuts on Friday but couldn't get the pic to load, after I did a little Photoshopping of the scratches. Let's try again... Now i have to remember the cute story about how my Mom never wanted to fool with our hair so we had to have short haircuts... damn. Can't remember - guess it'll have to be a therapy session.
I signed up for Heidi Swapp's Big Picture class. Finally listened to the message and I just think most everything she does is amazing, so why not. Right now I'm sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. There's always an ailment and I hate it. I made two appointments: dermatologis and ENT. I have sinus headaches pretty much every day right now and then a serious bout of vertigo a week ago that scared the heck out of me. So, Wed and next Monday I'm going to the doc. I just don't feel like doing much of anything right now because of the headaches and that is hard to take...
Yesterday was Pumpkin Carving and it was alot of fun. Here's the final version:
Well, now that pic won't post so I'm going to go away for a while and come back. Maybe go get a pixie haircut...

Friday, October 20, 2006

Oops I Meant To... Kidding Myself

Yes, I KNOW! Our circle journal is due today and I really should finish it and not be posting... but I couldn't help myself. Y'all, I really have been kidding myself. I've done such a great job of staying out of the scrapbook stores since CKU ~ a month now. Weeeelllllll, let's take a closer look at the online action lately. Several things have been on my radar and little by little I've stopped in here and there.
I've been working on my Ps lately and saw this here.
Yes, I used the same phrase... I like it. Monday was a blog surfing day and I can't recall where I saw it but I thought it would go nicely with my big PB pencil. The PB pencil got a new home last week. I've finally got some reorganizing done. It lives here now. I love my new shelf from Container Store. It is 6" shorter than the table and makes the room feel so much roomier but now with 5 shelves! I LURVE it.
Paper Posies sent me their monthly email and although I've never bought anything from there before... I couldn't resist the 7 gypsies stamp and the Basic Grey Romani paper. I didn't realize it but I have a couple sheets of it already and its the LO for my CJ! The kit looks yummy. So, since I've been buying all this stuff - I finally got on the stick and put some stuff on ebay for sale. It's doing pretty well, especially the sizzix stuff. I have more sizzix, just need to take photos. I'll do that tomorrow after the CJ gets mailed.
Today is scheduled... I'm getting shrunk at 1 and using my gift card at Nordstroms for a massage. Yep. It's all about Me today. (Note - subject of my CJ too!)

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Good Conduct Medal

It's been an emotional (sad) day. First of all, I have to gripe about contractors... We have an automatic gate for our driveway that's been broken since last week. I won't go through the whole story but I just don't get why these MEN can't pick up the phone and communicate. It's a great concept that works and prevents customers from getting ticked off because they wait around all day and no one shows. Just pick up the friggin phone!
Anyway, I did the usual grocery shopping, laundry, clean up around here stuff today. Worked a little on my scraproom - not like I should but what can you do. At least I wasn't in the stores buying things. I'm definitely getting better with that issue. I am taking a break from buying new projects til I get some stuff done. I have a circle journal due in 9 days... Plus a few cards and albums and well anyway, I don't need to start anything else. It's hard to remember that though cause I keep thinking about going to Wal Mart or Goodwill to find a new clock to alter like Heidi Swapps. Speaking of Heidi, she was promiment in my dream last night. I had a baby boy and she was taking care of him and I had to wait a few days for her to give him to me. She did but there was some anxiety about it. It was weird... Anyway, while organizing stuff in the room, I was putting photos into my Memory Dock and found this one of my Dad. He wrote this on the back: Sgt. William J. Nelson receiving Good Conduct Medal at 7712th EUCOM Intelligence School, Oberammergau, Germany 25 August 1949. Pretty cool. I spent an hour or so photoshopping it - there was a bunch of lint or snow on the uniforms that I cleaned up. I really love cloning... I would like to get better at it - really understand light and shadow. I need to research it in a Photoshop book or something. I'm going to have an 8 x 10 printed and frame it. I focused on it today because my nephew called and wanted advice about turning himself into the Army. He went awol last December. It makes me incredibly sad because I can't help him and its hard to sit by and not fix it. Guess that's why I worked on the photo today.

Friday, September 29, 2006


I have added two very cool organization tools to my scrap room. One I found on my own and the other I saw on a blog. I wish I could remember which blog it was... oh well, never mind - I managed to figure it out on my own. This week while in Bed Bath & Beyond, I found this:

An 18 inch lazy susan. Isn't that the coolest! It fits my measly little paint collection plus Ranger dabbers (that is correct, they haven't even been opened yet!) I thought about adding my embossing powder in the middle, but probably not... I just loved it!
Earlier this week in my blog trolling, someone and I can't remember who! posted a pic of this yellow organizer from Target . It is a great organizer for chipboard alphabets. I'm not totally organized yet and have each drawer marked.. but I'm getting there. I love it!

The deal is, now I need to go to Container Store and get the metro shelf and get rid of the table I have in my room. I need more place to store all this stuff.
Oh, yes, and here is my new favorite blog/website. You guys know I love amalah and dooce and dawn - that won't ever change. But from a scrap/craft/decorating viewpoint, this chick has impeccable taste!

Friday, September 15, 2006

It's MY IPOD, Beyotch!

Yes, I did it. I got myself an IPOD and I'm jammin to Usher right now. I bought 3 of them at Christmas and my birthday TOTALLY sucked so I decided revenge buying works for me and walked into the Apple store today after CKU and got me one! White with a pink sleeve and BANG & OLAFSEN earbuds. This will not be my last B&O purchase. Two years ago I wanted their stereo system but we spent all our money on the house and I chickened out. Well, as soon as I can get my happy self over there, that will be my second RB.
I'm attending CKU Houston and it's been fun. Kind of hard to top Creative Escape and I'm pretty darn tired but I'll have fun playing with the projects next week when its all died down. I should take a picture of my desk and suitcase (yes, there is still CE stuff in there). Took Stacy Julian, Donna Downey and Lisa Beranson's classes today, along with Georgiana Hall. Georgiana is with Adorn It and I love the hot boss tool - they are selling the used ones tomorrow for $8.50. I will be there! You sprinkle embossing powder and free form write or doodle. Way cool. Donna Downey did the canvas with newsprint stuff which we did at CE - I want to try it with a map instead. Stacy Julian had great ideas and Lisa's project was nice. I am just worn out and need a rest. Plus I have to deal with real life now... Yuck. I mean - great! A New Adventure!
I went nuts at CKU and bought a gazillion Ranger dabbers. They are absolutely so cool. I got all the pinks and purples of course. And maybe a couple of green ones.
Can't wait for the classes tomorrow and then a couple of days of rest! I am t-i-r-e-d!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Creative Escapes in THREE Days

I leave in three days to go to Arizona for an amazing time. I know it will be awesome and I will be making many new friends. I am going alone - in like, my marriage has ended and when I come back I will be reconstructing a new life. A good life and a happy life. Yes, I'm scared even though I'm acting strong and brave on the outside. Right now I am just trying to stitch it together til I can get back and then I'll worry about it. It was funny because my niece asked timidly, are you still going to Arizona? I whipped around and said, are you kidding? Nothing short of death will keep me from that trip. I am getting away and having fun with my new buddies. Scrapgirls are great and I know they will envelope me and hold my hand. I need to get away.
I have a ton of projects to do before Tues am when I have to go to work. Yikes. I'm going to try and focus now...

Monday, August 14, 2006

Copy Cat, ScrapLift, Inspiration

Okay, you can call it what you want... but I saw Gretchen's letter g and it got me fired up last night. And so I did this... It's just the simple ProvoCraft letter that I picked up at Junkie last Friday. I LOVE the Lil Davis Glitter glaze - I put some pink on the flower - it is just the coolest stuff. The white metal disc says "shop" with a white heart. How appropriate. I'm pleased that I knocked it out in an evening. Felt good. Now... for the nineteen gazillion other projects to do... one day at a time. Here's another pic - trying to pick up the glitter glaze - just not gonna work. Oh well.
Did more shopping today - at Maridawn's and Moments-In-Time. Picked up more paper - I love paper but dying to see all the new product from CHA. Signed up for two Yahoo crops on the same day - that'll be interesting. Two days after my birthday - guess I should do as I please. What I really need to do is get pictures printed. Okay, I'm off to do just that!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Shoppin & Motherin

Friday I drove fifty miles to Scrapbook Junkie to check out their new stuff and well, basically just because I haven't been there in a while. It was fun and they had some cute stuff, but damn it's a long way to get there (in Kemah). I wish there was an easier way to get there instead of Nasa Road One. And it invariably rains on my way there - yep, a thunderstorm jumped up on the drive there. I did pick up a bunch of new Heidi Swapp product, especially for my secret sister! She is going to love it! After Junkie, I had to go to Novel Approach. Wow. They had some new Hero Arts stamps and some cool paper but not alot else. I was really disappointed - none of the new CHA stuff that I could tell. Since I was in the neighborhood, I stopped by Just for Fun and picked up the paper bag book that I've wanted since the bus tour. Pine Cone Press book - I never thought I'd want a book about paper bags but its pretty cool. So I've got a nice little stash going - probably my favorite are Heidi Grace flowers. I want every color!
Well, I've been having a pretty good time at home - because of her. It is sort of mind-blowing because I haven't been close to my Mom. But I am totally enjoying her living with me now. Its hard sometimes because she has short term memory loss but I love hearing her stories about when she was younger or when I was younger. I just want to spend this time totally loving her and letting her totally love me. It is so cathartic. She has started saying things about when she dies. What is strange is my Mom never would talk about it before. I believe you know when you are going to die - I saw it with my cousin. So, I am scared to go into that sad place again since my brother and Dad died two years ago. But I plow ahead and just try to enjoy her - I'll handle that when it gets here. For now, I lay my head on her lap and just listen and talk. :) It is so sweet!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Ahhhhhh Maaaassssaaaaggggggeeee

Has it been a month since I've posted? Well, lots of reasons... I was gone for 10 days to both coasts and just been in a bad place lately. I prefer to just keep to myself and not give it to the light of day. But I'm better today - mainly because I started with a list and got after it and then went for a fabulous massage at Natural Retreat. I had 90 minutes with Candi and she was amazing! I can handle my hectic life so much better when I take time for myself. I definitely need to get that lesson... and soon!
Now - look at her - isn't she the cutest! This is my 83 year old mother blowing out her candles. It's a bit grainy but I love this new camera - it captures great shots... and I don't even know the right way to use it! It was a busy day with her yesterday... I made a chocolate cake and huge pork roast along with a short mall visit. She moves slowly and has some memory loss so everything is a big production... but she was so happy. When she woke up, she told me it was a happy day because she was living with me. Now that's something to hold on to (and probably will save me thousands in therapy sessions!)
Saturday I went to the CKU crop at ScrapbookVillage. Nice group with the cutest idea - they are altering cereal boxes into stores - all with a scrapbook pun. Really great ideas. I worked alot on Miss Pat's album of her vacation - it's her birthday gift. I also have a new CJ to add to - "what brings you joy". Creative Escapes is in ONE MONTH - I can't wait! It is going to be awesome!
This work one day, off one day is still a little crazy. I have to shift and change gears and its just kinda a weird. I've been itching to find a full time REAL job and get back in the money. Spending money is great to have but I like to take care of me... I'll just keep my arms open for the right one.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

New Pottery Barn Stuff

Yes, I did spend the entire day yesterday shopping... after a visit to Dr. Kray for my asthma I made my way from one side of town (I-45 North) to the other (59 South) because Scrapbook Village has a sale of 25% off the entire store. I have been meaning to get there all week... and decided what the hell - we don't need groceries we need MORE scrapbook supplies! Good choice, I think! Bought a few magazines and mini albums and of course, PAPER... will take a pic later.
What is important is an email I received this morning... Pottery Barn has published their fall stuff and it looks interesting - if doodling is in for scrapbooking, distressed and worn is in for furniture... I want this desk
and this mirror so far - but I haven't made it through it all yet! Gotta grab a shower and get Gracie to Miss Lisa so she can look purty...

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Sunday Sunday

It was a wonderful rainy day in Houston. Yes, I know... its rained for every day the past week but what can you do about it? Nothing... just enjoy the green everywhere! You know what also makes me happy - 600 count sheets. I'm telling ya - there is nothing like the soft silky smooth texture! I think I got these at Target, believe it or not. They are coffee colored and just incredibly silky. Rainy + silk sheets = happy girl. I love waking up to rain when I don't have to go anywhere. Like today.
We stopped in Hempstead on the way back from College Station for a wedding yesterday. We bought corn and new potatoes and pinto beans. We fixed ribs and just finished a fabulous meal. Need to get another glass of sweet tea...
Okay, I'm back. This ALSO made me HAPPY HAPPY, JOY JOY. I love Rhonna Ferrar stamps and these will definitely find a home in my scrap room just as soon as they can be purchased! I used my alpha stamps today for a card - they are just sooo cool.
I have a circle journal LO to finish and get shipped... Can't settle on a title. I've been looking at scrap rooms on Two Peas - I may switch my table out for a stainless steel kitchen shelf - more space to store. And get a new desk - I've heard the PB desk isn't worth it so not sure what I'll
do. Love the expedit shelves from IKEA (which is TWO blocks away from my house but I NEVER go!) that Donna Downey has... that room is absolutely perfect in my book. I just love organizing and buying more stuff.. ha!
We need a pic... can't have a post and no pic...

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Be careful What you Wish for

I haven't posted in a while and don't really have a subject in mind. My boss is quitting tomorrow... pretty cool for her - who knows whats in store for me. I am only working 2 days a week Tues/Thurs so its no biggie. My life revolves around grocery shopping mostly... I really need to get to Costco and join.
I've cleaned up my scraproom but can't seem to create much. Not sure why. Really wish I could figure it out and get moving. I have a new circle journal LO to do: what makes you giggle. Problem is - I'm not really a giggler. Not much makes me bust out laughing. I do smile though when I think about my topic.
About 20 years ago I bought my first house: 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and a great yard. I loved taking care of the yard. Even though I filled all the closets with my shopping, I often wished for someone to share it with. I even sponsored a foreign exchange student from Germany for a semester... my sister and her family stayed for a while, my brother moved in when he separated from his wife. I always felt a bit guilty for having so much damn space all to myself. HA! Be careful what you wish for ... because The Universe will eventually give it to you. Right now I have SIX people in my house... and its not all about me anymore! That makes me laugh.

Want some eye candy? I absolutely LOVE the new Basic Grey ribbon. I had to go back to Lone Star and get more... Oh Baby and I forget the other name... really gorgeous stuff though. And look at that paper. This is tuff from Scrapbook Village from the bus tour... I think! I love paper.

I'm going to Long Beach & Santa Monica in 2 weeks - the girls are going to meet me for a nice little vacation. We are staying here. For their sake, I hope it is amazing! But first, I have to go to Wilmington, NC and Savannah, GA - it is going to be a loooooooong week. And then, July will be over!

One last pic. Of my hubby on his birthday. He's 53. haha. And I'm not!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Warning New Scrapbook stuff Ahead

We need pictures... pictures of the beautiful supplies I've purchased on the book tour and at the Pasadena stamp show... oh yes and the KI stuff I won from Karen Russell when she was raising money. It's pretty cool stuff and tons of great paper!

Although there wasn't much at the Pasadena stamp show, I did manage to pick up a few cool brass stencils and very cool stazon pads - there were about 6 different pastel colors I've never seen - I got butter cream and soft lilac. Can't wait to use them!

On the bus tour the day before they did a cool glass slide with alcohol inks... gotta love it! So of course I had to get more Ranger Alcohol Inks.
Speaking of bus tour, here's my Lone Star Stash:
You will notice the new Designing With book... that "paper" is actually fabric - so cool. The distresser is for my secret sister at CE and the acrylic stamps are brand new and look like alot of fun. Not sure how I'm going to decorate the initials but I think they were like a buck or two... I've been wanting the big chip chatter too. Fun Fun Fun.

I'm focusing on all of this today because I had some gum surgery this morning and thanks to my friend, Darvocet I am fairly functioning (but NOT driving according to the label on the prescription!) and without pain. I love that stuff! And yes, it is a narcotic.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Pity Party is Officially OVER!

The pity party is officially over! It has been an incredibly hard month and a half, starting at Easter with the unplanned move of my mother in law (with us), then my mother (with us), throw in a couple of graduations and a funeral (my mother in law’s husband) and we’re done! I managed to keep my head above water most of the time and now I am finally able to b-r-e-a-t-h-e. This marathon “oh no” session reminded me of 2004 when my Dad, Brother and Cousin died within a few months of each other and life felt completely out of control. And part of me gets pissed off at the exclamations that escape from people’s mouths – as if it were my fault. Or rather I kept taking it personally and felt embarrassed. Embarrassed that my life contained so much freakin upset and chaos not to mention the doom and gloom. So during this 2006 version, some martyrdom kicked in and before you knew it, a full-swing pity party was happening. When Katie Couric quit her job and they were talking about her husband and sister dying within the same year, I had my “ah ha” moment. It’s not just in my life, everybody has tragedies and death and crisis. It made me stop feeling sorry for myself and move on. Nuff serious talk…

Saturday was the Four Corners Bus Tour and it was a blast. The past two times they gave the microphone to some young girl who giggled for 8 hours and it was kind of annoying. This time, no microphone and I’ve made a bunch of friends in the Yahoo group so it was a TOTAL blast. Talked to some new people…especially Laura who owns THREE dachshunds. My kinda girl! Bought tons of new product and still haven’t played with it… but will do soon! Had a great time and both me and my pocketbook were weary at the end of the day.

Sunday I trotted into Stinkadina, I mean Pasadena for the Rubber Stamp Expo show and it was so-so. I picked up the Creative Memories blades I needed and a few other trinkets like Staz on ink pads with refills in light aqua and butter yellow... Pretty sure that show won't be here next year. Very poorly attended by sponsors, probably because it's the week before convention and not the week after.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Ambien, My New Best Friend

I am so tired. soooooooooooooooo tired.
You ask: where have I been the past two weeks? For 3 days I drove 6 hours each day... from New Orleans and then to/from Abilene. We moved my mother out of her apartment (well, okay, not officially until tomorrow) and attended my husband's daughter's college graduation. As a child of the depression, my mother saved every piece of paper that she encountered. every. single. piece. I searched for a drugstore website for 30 minutes before I realized the bill was dated 2001. We found $4,000 in checks in all the paper - I think we've missed $2k.
Like I said before, you really shouldn't be bitchin because bigger and better shit can come your way. And I'm really liking this stuff, Ambien. Didn't take it last night...won't make that mistake tonight.
My mother in law's husband passed away tonight. I will tell her in the morning. He was 90. I know it will hurt.
I so want my normal life back.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Yeah yeah yeah - victory is mine. I collected $287k at work on an old matter and it feels good. I seem to have knack for finding and collecting money and it feels good when I get it done! I have to admit I haven't been focused on work much lately. I have a million little things to do, mostly doc appointments. I did get some Ambien and took 1 last night and slept like a log. Feel a little groggy today so I probably will just take one tonight and then leave it alone for a bit - unless I go back to no sleep at night.
Last weekend was mega busy starting with the thunderstorm rains Sat am when I left to go to Novel Approach for a paper bag class. The book/bag is really cute and reenforced with brads. Yeah, I know, I didn't really believe it either when Rosemary told me about it. But the class was easy and fun and that store is just amazing. They have tons of very very cool stuff - and all of the new stuff plus stamps and stencils. The paper is amazing. Plus all the latest magazines and books. I'm thinking its my favorite store now. Too bad it is so far away. Nice people too.
Sat eve was Prom for Rachel - she looked gorgeous of course. That girl is so photogenic. She had a great time and came in at 3. My friend, Pat's son went with her - long story but it was good for both of them. Really sweet to see Miss Pat pin the boutonniere on her son - got a good photo of that!
Missed the neighborhood party - oh well. But got some awesome outdoor furniture for the front porch and I am totally enjoying sitting out there. Great breeze - awesome hummingbirds and butterflies. One of my neighbors started it - it is a great way to bring back the "neighborhood" and nice to say hello to the walkers. My goal is to sit out there at least 15 minutes every day. Its also reflection time and quiet time - no tv or noise. Most people have goals to exercise 15 minutes a day - mine is to sit! Ah me!
I've made a few pretty prayer cards, I'll post 'em later. Still lots of pages to go but don't seem to have time to sit and work on them. Hopefully soon. Fri is DeWayne's 90th day being sober. Sat is the neighborhood garage sale and then wedding shower for a work friend's son. Lots going on right now...
Went to Crate & Barrel today to get a wedding/shower gift... Had to get this for me - just too lucious to pass up!