Tuesday, October 30, 2007

October Moon

On Friday we sat on I-10 for four hours behind an eight car pile up that involved two car fires. Soon the moon showed its face and I caught it. Other than good New Orleans french bread, this shot was the highlight of the weekend.
I've added it and deleted it 4 times now... Life is hard right now. I just wanted to share the photo. And I'm going to CE in 2008.
Good night.

Monday, October 15, 2007


This is a picture of my beautiful baby sister on her 49th birthday. We have a tradition at my house of singing happy birthday with the lights out and getting a snapshot. I love it because I have most everyone in the family in that same chair, same shot. I think she looks beautiful, even if she still does boss me around (and she's the baby!). She's an amazing Mom.
Okay, so I wasn't feeling so well this morning and left the house a bit late and as I drove down the street out of the neighborhood, I passed a hispanic woman, probably walking to work. For a brief moment, she made eye contact with me. Hesitant, tentative. And I made eye contact and smiled. I've been noticing this alot lately. In the hallway in our 20+ story building at work. Alot of different races and nationalities and how some women look right through you. How many times have I done it to others? Oh, I know some days you're engrossed in thought but for the most part, I stay aware of my surroundings. My CE friends think its a Texas thing - maybe it is. But I say HI to damn near everybody. C'mon - we share a common bond - we're women. Let's show a little kindness to each other. Hell, alot of kindness.
I had a great shopping weekend. I went to Scrapbook Junkie and found some great Heidi Swapp stamps. Also went to a great Hobby Lobby on 45S - really big store. Bought a bunch of frames for my Allison Tyler Jones photogs - realize now that I need 5 x 7s now. Also went to By Design and picked up a handful of glimmer mists - really fun to play with. And then to Novel Approach where I picked up Canvas Concept BINDER CLIPS! I've been looking for them every where! I made a memo board for Sister and now I can finish it and deliver it! Yipee. Saturday night I went to a really fun crop at Elida's, from a Yahoo Group called Houston & Beyond. What a great group! So nice and everybody shares - it was so enjoyable. I could do that every Sat night! Sunday I went to Urban Market in the Heights and scored some goodies. A wire gym basket and a cream-colored wrought iron patio table. I love that market - 45 vendors 3 times a year on a Sunday. Really unique stuff. I made the mistake last year of not buying a santos (wooden angel) because it was like $45... now I can't find one anywhere except on ebay for $190. Damn. They also sell amazing chicken salad. So much fun!

Friday, October 05, 2007

Friday turns to Saturday

Yeah for Friday's ~ We're loving them, especially in the GIRL HOUSE! And October Fridays are even better - when there's a bit of a breeze in the air. This may seem out of sorts with where I'm about to go but the first blog I read most days is dooce. She makes me laugh and has some good links. I linked here and there - isn't this owl lamp adorable? I want one... so what if its $198 - I'll bet Hambly Studios has one! What do you think of the peacock pitcher?
Next I found Gwenyth Paltrow's house in the Hamptons and all I can say is WOW. It is truly amazing and everything they say about it in House and Garden is spot-on. It is gorgeous and seems LIVABLE. Take a look-see for yourself. Now, couldn't you whip up some pretty cakes in this kitchen? And I'm no GP fan either but I have to say I have a new found appreciation for her style. Simply marvelous. Look at the whole house and see if you don't agree. I love the light in the yoga room. And the needlework canvas in the foyer. I am ALL over that.
I've spent a wee bit of time at this blog and like a good book, I just couldn't put it down. So many of the pictures spoke to me. Beautiful.
Oh and speaking of books! Borders has an interview with Elizabeth Gilbert of Eat, Pray, Love. Which reminds me, Oprah had an interview today... good thing I recorded it - it will be my nighttime viewing tonight. Another yeah for Fridays!
I have a memo board to finish tonight for my sister. Looking forward to coffee drinking and relaxing for a short while in the morning and then off to Archivers for the day. Should be interesting!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


How embarressing... I walked into the house tonight screaming, Girl House, Girl House ... thinking my husband had gone on his hunting trip. Didn't think twice about why his truck was still in the driveway, just assume they picked him up. Ooops. No. It got delayed for a day and man oh man, he was a-pouting. It was almost funny. Spent about 2 minutes trying to cheer him up and then gave up. I'd be the same way if it was a scrapbook trip! Oh, when you call out "Girl House" you have to strip to your bra and panties... Just because you can!
Anyway, work has been ferocious lately! I won't dwell, let's just say I have spent alot of time learning about Worker's Comp and it's confirmed. There's a real reason why I stayed away from it for 33 years. It sucks.
I've been reading Heidi K Swapp's blog and I have to say, it is so fascinating to see the pictures. It really is soooo coool that we can visit the country through her eyes. I thank her for that!
Well, I've spent alot of time cruising blogs - thanks to Megan and now it's bedtime. No pics, no words of wisdom, just a good night!