Saturday, February 24, 2007

Little Japanese Doll Vase

It was a good week - finally getting warmer in Houston. I was getting tired of the cold and wind. I went to Crate & Barrel on Monday. That store just totally inspires me. Pottery Barn's catalogs inspire me but the actual C&B store does it for me. The colors and textures are great. Makes me feel alive and motivated. And I'm not a modern, contemporary decorator but they have plenty of other things to choose from. This chair really caught my eye. It has a nice little stripe- I would like the blue I think. But the price is $1200, which is alot. Its very comfy too. I really want to redo a room in the classic blue, yellow and white. It will probably be my living room. I love that look - Southern Living has done is several times. Yesterday, at Randalls I picked up the BHG Creative Home magazine which has a cute yellow mosaic table on the front. I've always liked BHG magazines, especially the decorating magazines whether its bedroom, bath. This one is about home decor projects - right up my alley. I would like to try some stenciling on a dresser. With spring on the horizon, it would be a good time. Back to the shopping trip - I did pick up a pretty rectangular basket at PB for my current craft magazines. I had a shelf that wasn't working - this way I can grab them quickly when I need a quick read while waiting in line. The older ones are in the mag holders on the shelf.
The BIG find this week was another Japanese doll vase at The Guild - this one is purple, which I don't have in my collection. Here is my original one. Now, these vases aren't expensive or fancy - just sentimental. A lady named Iris Gillespie gave it to me 30 years ago when I first started working at Alexander & Alexander. She was a sweet older lady at the end of her career, that was receptionist and I was 19 and just starting mine. About 2 years ago, I saw another one at an estate sale and decided to start collecting them. Since then we have looked all over Texas, including Trade Days in Canton and never see them. I've found 2 at The Guild (a resale shop in Montrose) and 1 other one at Trader's Village. I've searched ebay and never seen one. I think they are local but I should would like to find others or know some history about them. Wonder where I could post a pic and ask?

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Love The One You're With

This was taken several years ago and I'd like to say that they've learned to share and play nice, but it just ain't so. They still fight like this, each and every time... damn kids!
Happy Valentine's Day! I'm grateful for the people that are in my life, letting me love them. I saw an old lady pushing a shopping cart on the street, wrapped up against the cold. It made me totally grateful that my Mom is with me and doesn't have any hardships whatsoever. Her only decision is what to buy next from QVC - some food product we won't eat or another faux fur coat that doesn't get worn. I'm only half kidding. - we've had barbeque beef, crab cakes, cheesecake, pretzels, steaks from QVC. The cheesecake rocks (Junior's) - and the bbq wasn't bad but the rest... eh. (not being very grateful right now, am I?)

Two years ago I got some roses from my favorite florist, The Cutting Garden. I love this place - they always use quality flowers plus this vase is so unique - heart shaped and etched. Just love it! I did a layout a few months later - I'm too lazy to dig it out and get a pic. Sorry.
Have several projects on the burner tonight - the letter H for a friend, an altered tin project (wish me luck on that one!) and a sympathy card.
Oh, and a beautiful chocolate dipped strawberry that's calling my name. Hope you are sharing some love tonight.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Missed Connection

It's been a great week so far. Relaxed and I am enjoying being rid of my cold/flu. Yuck. I'll admit, I can't just say cold because it doesn't express the full distress of being sick. It's too plain, it's not painful enough! So, anyway, I'm glad to be feeling well again plus it got to 70+ degrees today. Nice. I'm tired of cold, especially on my Mom's behalf, because she doesn't tolerate it very well and she smokes outside. She's fine during the summer with the Texas heat.
I finished my TRUST LO - pic added. On the CE Yahoo board someone mentioned a cruise with Tim Holtz, which actually doesn't happen until 2008. I've looked at the August 2007 cruise with Sweetpeas and Snapshots and I am seriously thinking about going now. I feel pretty indulgent and a bit selfish if I book it - that's really the only thing stopping me. I can scrape the money together - it's not that expensive. DeWayne and I were trying to do an Alaskan cruise last year but it was too late. So what's not to love about scrapping and Alaska? It would at least keep me out of the casino for the most part! I don't know anyone else going but what the hell - there's got to be somebody I would connect with! I'll think about it over the next couple of days.

I've been thinking and talking with friends quite a bit about my disconnect with health and weight and working out. Hear me out. There is some kind of emotional issue that is stopping me from making the mind connection with my actions. Remember when you were 16 and you took chances - whether it was driving fast, drinking or drugs but you did it because you knew you wouldn't die young. That just didn't apply to you. Well, I have some health habits that in my mind, I know will result in not living longer, but I cannot stop doing them. And I don't think it's an issue of willpower or just making my mind up - there is something that stops me from getting off the couch and walking those 10 steps to the treadmill. In the past, I've realized that I use my size to protect myself. I feel stronger and more in control because I am larger. Same way I drive my Tahoe (I will admit it) rather than in a Corolla. People use their SUVs to make space - especially in Houston, especially in the Galleria area! It's a whole different world over there. Well, I'm pretty sure I do that with my body - I feel safer being bigger. Logically, I know that an attack/rape is more likely to happen to a girl in her twenties at an apartment complex and that's not me. It's an old fear that I want to weed out. (Is this WAY too deep for a blog?) I have some other old issues that I need to deal with and I think the time is now. If not now, when? I want to study this issue and ponder it and blog it and scrap it and get it worked out in my mind so that the end result is that I eat healthier and more in tune to being hungry. I move my body more so it doesn't ache like it does now. I want to be limber so it doesn't hurt all over when I stand up. I want to feel powerful because I work out. I don't want to be afraid of heart attacks because I get these racing flutters too frequently. I want to be proud at 50 and I don't want to feel 50. That's my goal for this year, for the rest of my 49th year. I think its also going to be my AYTR challenge. I know, I'm late but what the hell. It is what it is.

I'm looking forward to the weekend... I don't have anything planned. I may go up to the Woodlands on Saturday and shop at their mall (which I LOVE) and Lone Star Scrapbook and maybe the outdoor mall there with Sur LaTable, since I got a gift card from there for Christmas!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Creating An Escape

Whew, it was a long day and I just got back from the movies with my brother. We went to Angelika and saw Little Children with Kate Winslet. The Angelika theater is pretty cool, I like it alot - no kids, free parking after 6 and not too crowded. People actually get dressed up to go to the movies - it was wild. (And no, of course, I wasn't one of them...) The movie was interesting and thought provoking and I'm still thinking about it. I liked it because it brings out all kinds of emotions and thoughts. I was going to say that it didn't have a happy ending but it really did - KW got what was important in her life. I'm sure I'll keep thinking about it for a few days.
The morning started out with a bit of sunshine and coffee and the freedom to enjoy waking up naturally and snuggling with my pups. That's a good day. I waited til eleven for the registration for HKS/Bazzill Creative Escape in September. It sold out in two minutes - yep, TWO. Isn't that crazy? I registered but still waiting for the order ID confirmation email, which I guess everyone is waiting on. I don't know anything about programs that handle registration but it seems like someone really didn't understand how to set it up. It was nerve wracking and stressful for alot of people. I feel bad for one girl in Toyko who stayed up til 3 am trying to get in. I didn't understand it myself but kept playing around with it until it accepted a credit card. I don't know why it was so confusing. Anyway, a few people were raging about it on the Yahoo board and I've realized something - which is pretty profound for me. I used to be one of those gripers who would try to get people on my side and validate my position. Now, I realize - just say it to the people who can do something about it. Don't publicly bitch about it. It's immature and pointless. If you really have a complaint - tell it to the right people. Okay, enough of that.
I've finished the LO for my TRUST page - I'll glue it down tomorrow and post it. I'm also going to start my KNOW page for Ali Edwards and then pick a contest to enter. And who knows what else will get done tomorrow. I'd like to go to a crop - I think that would be fun but don't want to load up all my stuff. I think I'll just focus on scrapping here and getting the kitchen table cleared with all the Christmas junk still sitting on it. I know - what an embarressment! And Officer Bob of HPD comes here on Monday morning at 8 am to do an inspection and suggest better security. It's a good thing too... I found out today there was a break in at 4 am while the grandma and grand-daughter slept. That's too close for comfort. As soon as I get the details tomorrow, I'm going to make sure the security committee has all the details and we take action. That's just not acceptable at all. I'm so grateful to have my yappy little dogs because Killer isn't afraid of anyone and he barks like a maniac. That and the 38 next to my bed - I've got my protection. Good night.