Wednesday, January 31, 2007

More CHA

I mentioned Karen Russell's Wildberry collection yesterday - here's a pic from her blog. It just doesn't do it justice - the colors are beautiful together plus I am in love with her scalloped paper with lines!
There were a few booths at CHA that I totally missed - I don't remember seeing Basic Grey and unfort. Autumn Leaves was on the opposite end and I only zoomed by once. I'm crazy about their stamps. KI had the cutest make-n-take: a tiny red suitcase with a few flowers. I really wanted one but I didn't feel right doing m-n-t since I'm not a store owner.
These girls have some great CHA photos.
One thing that I saw everywhere was luggage (pink and this wild orange/gold) from Zutter. It's a binding machine for smaller projects. I didn't stick around for the demo but it seemed pretty neat and a TON of store owners were walking around with the luggage. I believe it was $99 for a bunch of pieces. I'll be interested to see if anyone in Houston got it.
I did see Maridawn and the ladies from Scrapbook Village at the show.
Pine Cone Press had all their beautiful BLING - it's not new but I am still crazy about it. And they have purple!
There were so many scrapbook booths to see but I did stop at one thread booth - Kreinik's. Apparently these people have been around awhile and I really enjoyed talking with Doug Kreinik because he had some awesome altered projects. The guy likes taking dollar store items and jazzing them up. He also used alot of these very cool things called beadlets. Maybe everybody has used them but I haven't. I'm ordering some today - I like jazzing up Target 1 spot stuff. Check out the Threadster pen - it was very cool. You just place some of the red tape down (and I have tons of it in all kinds of shapes) and you can draw any design with the thread. Then you fill it in with beadlets.
The Art Glitter booth was my first stop - while some of her suff is wild, I do like the art glitter. We used it at Creative Escapes and I also used it on my Christmas cards (thanks to Martha Stewart). It really does dress up a plain card. Martha showed some slides during her speech - I just love the snow effect.
Tinkering Ink has a very cool line called Covent Garden that looks great. I have to say their website it one of the coolest I've seen for scrapbooking. I'm not much for music but theirs appeals to me. Nice and mellow. This LO is from Tiffany Smith - just adorable.
My goal this weekend is to put some stuff on ebay! I've got too much stuff.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Kid in a Candy Store

I'm back home and it feels soooo good - I missed the comforts and my puppies. Waiting for me was an AMAZING package from my friend, Jeanne. It was so incredibly cute and such a nice surprise. It's all PURPLE - flowers, ink, brads, sharpie, ribbon - you name it - it's in there. She is just the best! I was in Anaheim for... CHA.
CHA is everything you think it would be... just amazing and fun and tiring (like any convention). When you love scrapbook products as much as I do - you are literally a kid in a candy store. You are so hyped up when you see all the beautiful product - it's hard to contain yourself. They place the first time vendors downstairs, which is pretty smart. There were a couple of stand outs but mostly I liked Luxe Designs - they have two lines available: Cashmere Sweater and Classic Black (ready to ship Feb 3) and both of the designs stood out. They're located in Dallas and I think they will be one of the new players. I have one other new favorite but I'm saving it for later...
From the big boys, some of my personal favorites are: Anna Griffin's new LuLu collection, Karen Russell's Wildberry, all of Delish, 7 Gypsies Hudson Valley, SEI Morning Meadow and all of their velvet paper, Bo Bunny Beauty, Prima MDF projects - all of them! Heidi Swapp has more acrylic stamps with a nice big font and more masks! Yes, the bird mask from Capri's room. I think she said it ships February 19th.
I'll be back in a bit to update... need to get some vegetables in the oven to roast!
Had a great Italian dinner with my CJ friend, Patsy from CE - it was so nice to visit with her, get to know her better and exchange ideas! Whew... I don't think there was a moment of silence, except when they brought out garlic bread with lots of slivers of garlic! Yum. Patsy was working at the UHU booth, along with Tasra Dawson, who wrote this book, Real Women Scrap. I had a chance to start it on the flight home and I'm enjoying it immensely. My favorite so far is the thought of "cropping" out what's not working in your life, just like you do a photo. I wish I had the chance to spend more time visiting with her - she's very down to earth and approachable. But of course, when you read her book - that's what she's all about!
At the end of dinner, I realized Claudine Hellmuth was across the way. She will be in Vancouver for the Artistry 2007 workshop, that a bunch of us from CE will be attending in March. She did the cutest puppy puppet in Craft Lab a few weeks ago. She was dining with Christina Lazar Schuler. Ali Edwards & Donna Downey are also teaching. I was so happy when I got home to get an email from Charleen (another CE alum) - she made her plane reservations and will be going also. How awesome is that! I am just amazed that this great group of women are willing to travel and attend fun workshops. Too cool!
I enjoyed Martha's keynote speech, just because I like Martha for the most part. The logo for her new EK Success products (to be carried by Michaels) is a beautiful blue and chocolate - my bedroom colors! She didn't give much insight to the product lines so we'll just have to wait.
Also visited with Debbie Schuh from Anna Griffin - she is so gracious and friendly. I enjoyed hearing about her plans for Germany in April - just hope she's back in May at Moments in Time.
Guess I should go snuggle with the pups and watch all my taped shows: The View, Oprah, and Decorating Cents. Work tomorrow... need to scratch more coin for the next trip!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


My word for 2007 in line with the Ali Edward's challenge is Know. Know your strength. Know your power. Know yourself. I am considering it divine inspiration because it just came to me one day. Know your value. Know that you don't have to do it all. I could probably do a layout a week and have enough inspiration for the year. It's a pretty powerful word. I've been in a pretty hard place lately about my job. They only want me to work 3 days a week on contract. I want full time but I've come to realize I don't want it there. We've had several issues come up at work that justify a full time position but they just don't get it. And frankly, I don't feel like trying to convince anybody. I would have years ago but now I don't want to take on that battle. I know my value. If they don't, I'll find someone who does. But for right now, I'm stuck and its not fun or happy or comfortable. I'm so blaise about it I don't care if they read this. It's put me into the dumps, along with a few other life happenings but I'm trying to remember: This too shall pass.
The next week is extra busy with homeowner association stuff, including the opening of the new Archiver's in Katy on Friday. Woo hoot! I hope to be at the door at 9:30 when they open. And Saturday I leave for winter CHA in Anaheim, CA. I can't wait to experience it. This weekend I'm going to an a crop at Michelle's on Saturday and working an open house for my former neighbor, Wanda. Love showing a house. Maybe I should be a realtor, who sells her scrapbook wares. ha.
After reading the last paragraph, it comes to me that perhaps I should just be grateful. It's a good life. I will focus on that for now.
The sinus surgery went fine. A tad painful but more aggravating than hurting. Still healing but I hope it will prove to be worthwhile. Anything was better than the 10% use I had.
I hope to finish my latest LO and post later this weekend. Perhaps some inspiration on Friday!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Crazy crazy. Life can be crazy. I had my sinus surgery and it wasn't too bad. Not really painful more just a pain in the butt afterwards. It was really good to rest and have no plans or obligations. I slept alot. My little doxie, Killer was such a sweetheart and stayed by my side for 5 days - never once left it. Dogs are so amazing and I can't believe I lived so long without one. I've become one of those crazy dog people but it's okay - I think its a good thing. I will never be without a dog again in my life. I know that.
Went back to the doc today and he took the stints out of my nose. Yes, it hurt and it tickles now but I think it is going to be amazing. He said all is well, come back in 2 weeks. Good deal. When I came home the puppies ran up to greet me and my mother started balling as I walked up. Something felt weird - something was wrong. She got locked out of the house when Nancy left at 2 pm (3 hours later) and she had no way of getting back in. She had no key or phone - nothing. The big gate was locked so she couldn't go to the neighbors, although I don't know what they could have done - maybe call me if she could remember how to reach me. Well, here's a warning sign - something I need to fix. We'll put a key outside and a clicker. And I should probably look into getting the garage wired for a phone.
Okay, I have to go eat pancakes for dinner. Back later to 'splain my AE word.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Skipping Around

After reading a bunch of blogs tonight, I started getting excited about this month and 2007 and all the possibilities for scrapping this year. Where will I go? What will I do - both professionally and creatively? The prospects are exciting. I am signed up for both BPS A Year to Remember and Library of Memories so I know I will get alot from both of those classes. I am also going to Winter CHA as a volunteer for NSA and I am so totally jazzed about that. I think it will be amazing to walk around and see everything. Martha Stewart is the keynote speaker - she will have a new line of scrapbook stuff at Michael's - can't wait to see that! I will definitely blog and take pictures. I found out that the marketing guy from NSA is in Houston, which is very interesting! I like their website because they post all the contests and calls. That will be my homework before I leave - learn the org and all they have to offer! I want to be the best volunteer!
While in LA area, I plan on going to Sweetpeas and Snapshots - the pics at Debby Schuh's blog made me fall in love with it and I've never been there! Speaking of Debby, she takes these amazing trips to NYC and shops at some pretty incredible stores. I think she needs to be a tour guide in the Big Apple when she's not working with Anna Griffin! Just my 2 cents.

Archiver's is opening here (well, Katy actually) at the end of the month. Now I've never been to an Archiver's but I understand they are amazing... so it will be fun to check it out. They are stocking the shelves as we speak!
I've been busy on ebay - found a very cool Elizabeth II 1953 mug that has some neat details to it. I'm glad I won it! Look at the E in the handle and the scallops on the bottom. They say it's 3.5 inches tall so it can't be that big but I like it and I'm glad I got it.
One last thing - Gretchen or anybody really, tell me how to add a pic to the masthead. I couldn't figure it out and I'd like to change it! Thanks.
Well, I should hit the hay. I will be getting up at 5 am for that sinus surgery. Wish me luck - I'm sure it will go fine and hopefully I will just rest and relax for a couple of days. And read blogs...