Sunday, July 14, 2013

Junking July

A couple of weeks ago I went up to The Woodlands for CKC, a scrapbook convention in order to work with Cheryl Mezzetti at the Splash of Color booth.  I thought it would be fun.  And it was but man, oh man - it was a lot of work, standing on your feet the whole time.  Definitely something I'm not used to doing. The saving grace was that I got to hang out with one very cool chick, Cindy.  She worked too (because I signed us up for this craziness) and so we laughed about it together.  I don't think she's going to listen to any more of my cockamamie ideas. Yeah, oh well.  Here's the product I got for working those two days:  some Silks paints and modeling cream and other goodies.  We also got paid but there just isn't enough money for me to do that again. 
Yesterday we traveled to Fort Bend County Fairgrounds for Junk Hippy Roadshow.  My first time there and while I did find some good stuff, it was not enjoyable and we were out of there within an hour.  It was super crowded with small aisles and sticky hot even though it was inside.  They allowed strollers/carts and it just wasn't enjoyable.  Want to see what I found?   My favorite find was a vintage quilt for $45.  I just love the colors and its in great condition.  Also picked up two trays - I already painted and papered the bottom home turquoise in order to hold my washi tapes.  The other tray I'll use for my little bits.  I just went through them last weekend and put them in a couple of plastic cases but I think this will be nice to have some laid out.  It has the months of the year across the top - not sure what it was used for.  And the prayer is just so adorable, made of burlap in pinks and blues.  I just love it.
From the top left is a sweet English biscuit tin (good to hold treasures), a couple of scoops - I'm not sure why I wanted the galvanized one but the wood/metal one is cool.  Loved the vintage quilt teddy bear - he's a bit worn but I couldn't leave him.  The ticking fabric is a small remnant and a couple of linen pieces - the circles will be good to cut up.  The other white piece will make an excellent fabric book cover. 
After that we headed south/west to Glenflora and the Glenflora Emporium, where I always find something good.  I still have to thank Sandy Hoho for telling me about that place.  And then over to Wharton (which is right across the road) with of course, a stop at Bucee's for a cold drink and some beef jerky.
In Wharton we walked into a junk shop that had a bad mold smell and I was wondering how long I could stay but then it faded.  I saw these baby bed pieces and she said $5 each!  And the other baby bed had a price tag of $85 so I passed it up but when I asked, she didn't have the rails so she said $10 each.  Now, tell me - aren't they perfect chalkboard signs... We saw several at JH.
And finally, I love this blog (nanacompany) and really do want to start quilting and sewing more when I look at her gorgeous handiwork.  After one blog hop (which I cannot find now!), I saw this fabric and fell for it so I had to order it.  It's called Petal by Tanya Whelan and I got it from Shabby Fabrics.  I also saw some gorgeous French map fabric (Paris Flea Market) there that I had wanted to order previously and, so I did.  In two different colorways - blue and pink.  The little heart piece is hand stitched, I found that at Glenflora.  I figured it would make a sweet book cover on a fabric book.  Loved the shape of the flower frog ($1) and the glass piece  I don't know what those are but I have two of them.  I also found some chippy wood pieces at Glenflora and a nice small strainer at JH. 
We also made our way to Rosenberg and had a great hamburger at Another Time Soda Fountain and then we called it a day.  Whew - a long day, that started at 8 and ended at 5... It was so nice to hang out with Cindy and do what we love to do best! 
And now the fun starts.  This weekend is a scrapping weekend with the girls at Camp Allen, a place near Navasota - my first time there.  Cindy said there's scorpions.  Dammit.  And the following weekend is a plane ride to Baltimore and a visit with Megan and some work after that.  But on Thursday, Cindy and I are headed to southern Louisiana, a plantation and some good times at the inaugural Southern Craft Academy.