Monday, September 05, 2016

Antiques Week Fall 2016

I'm a fortunate gal.  I know this.  I live in Texas (born in LA and I claim it too).  I can go to Warrenton and Round Top for Antiques Week on any day of the week.  It's a sweet, pretty hour-and-a-half drive from my house.  Hotel reservations aren't necessary.  For a junk and antique lover, that's a blessing.  Today I thought I would provide an update on my favorite haunts during this time of year, Antiques Week.

I start the process each season (twice a year, fall and spring) by checking out this calendar.  I look up Cole's and then determine a weekday to start the first trip.  I try to leave the house by 7 am but that doesn't always happen. During the second week, I attend with some good friends and we make a fun day of it, starting at 6:30 am!  These girls are serious about their junk.

The drive from I-10 can go one of two ways.  It's a pretty drive that can include some country driving or a more direct route near LaGrange.  If I have my camera and thinking about shooting, I will take I-10 to Sealy/Bellville (exit 720) and then up to Bellville on 36.  From there I go through Industry on FM 159. Watch the speed limit in town and between towns.  You can blow your entire junk spending budget on a speeding ticket in a construction zone (ahem, got a warning, thank goodness!).   There's a great shop in Bellville called Nothing Ordinary Antiques that is a personal favorite with tons of selection.  I generally stop on the way back because it opens at 10 and I can't hang around when Warrenton's waiting.

If I take I-10 to FM 71/LaGrange, I'll make a stop at Hruska's Bakery in Ellinger and then take FM 955 to Fayetteville.

But hold on, I'm getting ahead of myself.  For the drive in on FM 159, I generally continue on (if you take the FM 954 exit, you'll come right up to Cole's) to Fayetteville Antiques on the Square.  Fayetteville is a great little town that we used to visit for scrapbook weekends at Las Brisas.  It has a cute little town square and they have several antiques booths on the square.  Pricing has gone up on some of the booths but generally inside the building, it's reasonable.  I've always found a great selection of antiques too.

For both shows, any time of year Texas weather can easily be blistering hot and sweaty.  Cole's is an indoor show with air conditioning and clean bathrooms.  A great time to visit around 3 in the afternoon for a cool break from the heat.  In the past I've found two excellent library card catalogs in shops inside and outside at Cole's.  There's a great trifecta of dealers near one corner  - Wendell Wolff, Bungalow 29 and Traci Knighten's shop.  I almost always make a purchase at each of these dealers. 

March 2016 finds at Cole's
More Cole's finds

Now, let's go in a completely different direction to arrive at RT/W.  If you're coming into Round Top from Hwy 290, you will have several options for pit stops before/after. In Brenham, there are three stops for inspiration:  True Blue Home in Chappell Hill, Holly Mathis in Brenham, and Leftovers (great inspiration).  I still haven't made it to the first two but perhaps this season!

Now this is a hard choice whether to start or end the day in Burton.  I'm going to strongly suggest you stop at Bayberry's Antiques, owned by Shelby Geshay.  The vignettes alone will inspire you and the prices are excellent.  I'm personally looking forward to the opening of their B&B.  Another great shop for inspiration is Old Glory in Burton.  And dinner at the Brazos Belle is a good choice.  And there's new game in town, Burton Roadhouse which I think will be a must-stop this year.

Last season we spent a good amount of time at LaBahia and WOW, was it fun.
Plan to spend a couple of hours at this venue.  It is packed inside and out, with plenty of inspiration.

La Bahia

In Warrenton, I generally start at Zapp Hall and go both right or left.  At Zapp you can find an awesome booth, Rust in Peace from Atlanta, GA.  Always inspiring.  Going south (towards Cole's) Bar W fields are excellent with a treasure trove of good stuff including Theresa of Garden Antqs this year.  The pricing is much more reasonable here too.  Heading north past the food booths and through a little gully, I'm addicted to Mexican Street corn.  (I don't know any better directions, sorry!). 
Zapp Hall booth - wood clamps!

I haven't mentioned Round Top too much.  There are a few fields to visit but I'm not one to stop at Marburger Farms.  That's more for designers and formal antiques, not junk.  Zapp also has a prom one night but since I don't stay at night, I haven't made it to the prom.  And Royer's Pie Haven can't be beat but we generally eat there in the summer during Round Top Musical Festival.  It's impossible to get in there during Antiques Week.  It's still hot as blazes but that doesn't matter - I'm headed to the fields in a little over two weeks!