Thursday, July 13, 2006

New Pottery Barn Stuff

Yes, I did spend the entire day yesterday shopping... after a visit to Dr. Kray for my asthma I made my way from one side of town (I-45 North) to the other (59 South) because Scrapbook Village has a sale of 25% off the entire store. I have been meaning to get there all week... and decided what the hell - we don't need groceries we need MORE scrapbook supplies! Good choice, I think! Bought a few magazines and mini albums and of course, PAPER... will take a pic later.
What is important is an email I received this morning... Pottery Barn has published their fall stuff and it looks interesting - if doodling is in for scrapbooking, distressed and worn is in for furniture... I want this desk
and this mirror so far - but I haven't made it through it all yet! Gotta grab a shower and get Gracie to Miss Lisa so she can look purty...

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Rich said...

OK i am enjoying the blog entries, but I am wondering when you are going to write one called poo-poo-head growler.