Sunday, September 16, 2007

One Down, 7 to go

Pictures, we have pictures of my first completed project! I finished Tracy's folder, inside and out: I know two girls who will be very proud of me! Last year after CE I attended CKU Houston and stuff sat around for months and even a year without getting done. I vowed to complete all 8 projects by Nov 11th... 1 down, 7 to go! I've almost finished the purse but I can't find the dang first page!
Last month when it was blazing hot, we, okay I had the grand idea of trapsing around Canton in 90+ degree heat. It was worth it, though, because we spotted this neat bench made from old bedposts and I thought/lied and said it fit in a Tahoe. It didn't fit. It had to be taken apart and then it barely fit. But we got it home and DeWayne was kind enough to re-enforce it was some l-brackets so it would be really sturdy. I also found a pretty white chenille bedspread that had a rust stain on it... today I recovered the bench and I think it looks perfect. I can't decide between a long bolster or two pillows... look at me, talking like I am a sewing-type person or something... As if. Anyway, it won't stay there, next to the front door but for now it is there. I love the architecture of it. And you can't see the top posts which are cool. It's so unique. Lurve it.
I went with DeWayne to the gun range today and shot a 38 and 380. S&W and Browning, I think. It was pretty good - I am trying to get over my fear of pulling the trigger. I've never been around guns and my hubby collects them so it was nice to do something together today. He's very patient and a very good teacher. I would like to practice my aim - it was just so hot out there. This morning, we woke to a beautiful nice breeze with just a hint of fall. It makes me so happy inside on mornings like this. We had coffee on the front porch. But man, later on it was 90 again and hot at that range. It'll be more fun in a month or so.
I have a root canal to look forward to this week... let's hope he has an appointment soon because this suckers been so painful! Good night.


Jeanne said...

You rock, roomie! Mine are unpacked, but also untouched!

browneyedgirl said...

Peg, you are a rockstar and looking dang good for your age. Let's hope we'll all age so graciously and beautifully as you old friend. Hugs,