Saturday, July 18, 2009


A great place for inspiration is found at the local Anthropologie store in Highland Village. (pssss - here's a scoop - it looks like we will have one at Town and Country mall!) There are a couple of gorgeous cupboards in the store. I haven't seen the white one in a while - it may have gone on to another store.
My love of wood makes me drool every time I see this beauty. Its somewhere between a library card catalog and a map file. Just makes me happy.
The other thing I've noticed about this store is that they have a couple of skylights in it, that brings in such a light and airy feel to the space. It's probably a good thing that I don't fit into their clothes - age or size because I find enough good stuff for the home. And it looks like now, with the new clutter free manifesto that I'll be going for inspiration only! I'm serious about this clearing out bit... I really am.
Now I'm asking you: who has the job to update Anthropologie's Facebook page? How freakin awesome would that be? And they have now posted their Fall Windows which, of course, look fantastic. Did you know there is a whole following of Anthropologie displays on Flickr?
The fall windows remind me of the Art League house from last year - the inversion house. Did you see it? Pretty amazing, up close and personal. I wish they had left it up longer.
Oh well, I have a Saturday to tend to which includes cleaning up the scrap room and then going to see Phantom of the Opera tonight. And yes, a friend and I are dragging our husbands to it and hoping they will love it as much as we do!
And then its an early flight to Bahamas for work, but back on Tuesday. Wish me luck.
I wish the sunshine outside wasn't so dang hot. It sure looks pretty from inside air conditioning!

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Linda said...

So how was Phantom? And Anthro at Highland Village is my fave! But I'll go to The Woodlands!!! So T&C may get one!!! Aren't you lucky! Gotta check out the fall windows. Are you talking about the inversion house...that had the hole through it? I loved that. I have pictures!!!