Sunday, October 18, 2009

I was Thrifty!

What a fantastic weekend... With this kind of weather - it had to be good. Started off a bit rocky, but leveled out quite nicely. I had a chance to download some photos from Boston and thought I would share this one of Boston Harbor from my hotel. I resisted photoshopping this because I thought it was just spectacular the way it was. What do you think? I had the chance to cross the harbor in a water taxi every day - what a fun way to travel.

I also made it back to the International Quilt Show on Saturday for a couple of hours. I couldn't believe it because a sewing box that I saw on Wednesday night - was waiting for me! Now - how often does that happen - something you pass up is there when you go back to retrieve it! I also found some great twill ribbon - with the alphabet and icons. Cute stuff.
I do have a new obsession and I'm probably the last Bella on earth to know this... but I found Nifty Thrifty Dry Goods. Susan Gower is from Rhode Island but goes to Brimfield and the quilt shows. Oh my word, I restrained myself from the $12 ribbon but I DID have to have a few other items. Look at that dachshund ribbon - I have never seen dachshund ribbon before. The cushion above (spool silks) is a lavender sachet that smells amazing. I've been keeping at my office and it is so relaxing and just beautiful to look at. Susan sells the image and you can make your own. I wish you could see the buttons she used - very unusual. Apparently - she's famous - just google her and you'll find an article in Country Living, on Kaari Meng's blog, she's at Brimfield. Oh my - her booth is all color coordinated and just amazing. I have been on a mad search for vintage French embroidered ribbon with monogram in red script. Yes, Susan had some but not my initials. Oh well - I'm not complaining - I found enough goodies to make me happy. Afterwards - DeWayne and I went to Mardi Gras for dinner and I took my bag into the restaurant just so I could touch, feel and play with it again...
Here are the fabrics I bought - not many - but I only make fabric pages for scrapbooks. I didn't look at alot of fabric at the show but loved what I found.

I am so thrilled - I've finished all three swaps for Silver Bella. And I loved two of them... No - really I loved all three but for some reason, the Year of Tags stumped me. I spent weeks working and reworking my tag until finally, Saturday night, it came together. And now I'm excited and proud of what I made... I can't wait to see the rest. I also participated in A to Z swap and Saint Tags. It's my first time to participate in a swap so I hope mine are up to par - especially, Silver Bella par... Here's a sneak peak. I got to use the new Stars embossing folder with my Cuttlebug - I found it on ebay where the shipping was reasonable.

Okay - past my bedtime. Good night! I'll be in southern California this week for a couple of days - if you need me. For work - quick trip, there and back. Thanks to the slow economy, I get to stay at the Fairmont Newport Beach. See, there's a bright side to everything.


Wanda said...

Hye, I was in all three of those swaps as well. :) I've done swaps and was still nervous doing these. They were things I hadn't really done much of and it was a good challenge. I can't wait to see them all put together. See you in Novemeber.

Megan said...

So wish I could live your life for a day - love the shopping and thrifting and Silver Bella. I am going to go next year if my life depends on it - I think I am going to ask my mom for it to be my Christmas and Birthday gift combined and maybe Birthday the next year.

Linda said...

Where ARE you?