Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Starting with Inspiration

OMG OMG OMG.  You know how when you find something new on TV or Oprah and you're all excited about it and you want to learn more and when you learn more... you learn that this person lives in your town?  Have you watched TED speeches/interviews?  I get the emails and don't watch very often.  I mean of course, I've watched Randy Pausch's talk and Elizabeth Gilbert on creativity - but, really, who has the time?  For some reason this morning (procrastination is your name) I clicked onto this talk and hello, when did they start having TED Houston?  Apparently last summer.  I found Brene Brown's talk interesting and inspiring.  And hello, she lives in and teaches at U of H.  Love it.  I'm adding the authenticity badge.  Still thinking about my Word for 2011.  But I am going to work harder on being vulnerable and real and speaking my truth.

The Big House Reorg is continuing.  Today is Wednesday, so its Room of Shame time, formerly known as Grandmas room.  Selected only because there was no furniture in it which meant there was more room for stuff...  I love first of the year time - it is so invigorating and exciting.  I love to organize and clean up, taking it all out and rethinking the set up and seeing what happens.  I also realize that I've jumped ahead on a few initiatives like having sofa/loveseat and chair recovered.  I need to wait til I have the cash and that won't be for a couple of months. 

Do we need a few photos before departure?

My new niece, Ray-Lynn born in San Diego.

My nephew, Kyle amid his constructed fort in the sunroom.

Junior and Killer went to the vet yesterday.  They are both in great health, (yeah - Killer is 10.5 years old!) but it was pretty traumatic for Junior.  He was tuckered out and still not really speaking to me after the fecal sample incident.  Eewww.


Brené Brown said...

Howdy neighbor! Great blog!

Debe said...

Well, I listened to Brene's talk and it totally hit the nail for someone in my family who I immediately sent the link to...I will let you know if it impacts that person as it did me. I will be buying at least one of her books. Thanks for turning me on to her!
Sounds like you are busy doing something I do but never room is becoming The Place to Hoard! Congrats on being a new Aunt!!