Sunday, April 03, 2011

Lookie Look Look at what I found!

Decisions, decisions.  Early yesterday morning it was spitting (as the English like to say) when I left the house for Warrenton.  I had a wretched sore throat.  I decided to have breakfast at Newman's and if it looked bad, turn around and go home.  I ignored the little drizzle and pushed on and oh-boy, oh-boy, oh-boy, am I glad I did.  The day was fantastic and I had a blast.  Before noon the place was deserted and when I left at two, it was packed.  I found lots of smalls for very cheap prices.  Wanna see?
Doesn't this wooden truck ($8) scream PAINT ME, put some cool graphics on me? 
I adore that little booklet, baby shoe $2, doll heads $2

The zinc can is the sweetest shade of pink, creme puff will be a good
doll body.  Fell for the sugar bowl ($4) and had a brilliant conversation
with a long haired hippie about NOLA food.  The McCoy girl/boy were $11.

Debe, I found the cylinders!  Bought the whole box.

Need to decorate these wooden shoes, like West End Salvage did...

I know he is broken in two places but
I fell in love with him.  And he was $1.
He's like 8" tall.

My attempt at Subway Art.
I made this for my brother and will get it printed poster size.
Its the name of every street he's lived on on top of an
1878 map of New Orleans.
 It was such a fabulous day in the fields, I picked out little bits here and there and for really good prices.  I quit when I was tired and stopped at Nothing Ordinary in Brenham to get the little booklet and several other things above.  Had a wonderful visit with the ladies there.  So glad I took the chance, with the rain and had such a great second trip.  I kept thinking this week, I want to go to Brimfield (in Mass) and then I realized, WHAT THE HELL, you have good stuff right in your own backyard - go!  So, I did.  The end.


Debe said...

You are something else. You must have more energy than I do. Even staying up there, we got worn out! I didn't get to look for the cylinder guy, but you may have cleaned him out before I would have gotten there. I would love to buy just one from you for the great graphics. I think I bought a total of 9-10 things for probably less than $30. All smalls. Got one great buy...will take pictures and share. Yeah, we are lucky to have the whole shebang in our back yard!

Suz said...

You got some great stuff, Peh! I love that sugar bowl. The colors are just beautiful. The zinc piece is also really unique. You are so lucky to have all of these wonderful things. It would be very rare to find such pretties here!

Shabby Cowgirl said...

So happy for you. I REALLY wanted to go this year, but just couldn't make it. I will be there this fall. I just love your style. You've git great taste. Thanks for sharing the great pics.

Linda said...

Are you okay?