Thursday, December 01, 2011

Five Things

You may not know that I

1) never went to college

2) deeply wish that I had had a baby,

3) wanted to be a singer,

4) sponsored a foreign exchange student,

5) cuss like a sailor.

I am really pretty knowledgeable about

1) how to make a good time
in a bad situation,

2) how to make a good meal,

3) how to help others,

4) getting it done/carrying the load

5) traveling domestically and internationally.


I know nothing about

1) motorcycles,
2) pools or how to clean them,
3) skiing or snow,

4) mountains -
I've been in the South all my life,

5) knitting.

And I believe

1) things happen for a reason
and its our purpose to figure out
why they are in front of us,

2) if you don't learn it now, it will come back around,

3) I am not in charge

4) you get what you give,

5) in miracles.

Your turn.
(in the comments or FB
if you don't have a blog)


Barb said...

Really cool things about you. Makes you all the more cooler.

Julia said...

I went to college but didn't finish because I quit to work and save money to marry a boy who broke up with me 6 weeks before the wedding. I've spent my life trying not to regret not finishing college. You just made me feel better because you are one of the coolest people I know :)

xoxo, Julia

Lisa said...

Thanks for sharing the things that people probably wouldn't know about you. :)