Monday, June 25, 2012


I'll beat you to the punch, before you even say it.  I can't help myself... really.  I hit two great estate sales Friday - one in River Oaks (wealthy) and my neighborhood (not wealthy).  I am so fortunate that we work our 40 hours in 4.5 days so that I am free to roam on Friday afternoon.  I found a bag of jello molds for $2 and spray painted a few the baby pink and glossy turquoise.  I set the doll heads on top to give you an idea of where we'll start - there will be alot more gussying up to do, for sure.  I'm sharing them, so if you want one/some, let me know.  I scored pretty well at the RO house, handled by Roger Howard - he's fair.  I love the graphics on the Our Home book and the tiny prayer books have incredible color pictures.  I also picked up what I thought was a flat sheet to cut up for a slip cover pattern for $1 - only to unfold it and realize it is a gorgeous all-white duvet cover with a beautiful cut-out pattern (what do you call that?).  So, I can't cut it!  I wish I had picked up more as there were several.  Also found more Setwell wooden hangers, a large wooden chopping block.  I don't know what my affinity to wood chopping blocks but this one is 2" thick and I just want to use it for the foundation of an art piece.  It sure won't be easy to hang.  It was $3.  I also found a friendship book, which will provide many lovely cut outs for art projects.  And then a formal dress for $15 with YARDS of lace and ecru rose and flower appliques.  It is gorgeous. 
At the 'hood sale, I scored on a cheaper scale - I've been wanting an oil can but they're so darn expensive at Round Top - this came out of a 50 year old garage for $1.  See the red folding ruler - isn't it amazing!  And a STACK of maps from all over the world!  A large roll of vintage flowery purple and green wallpaper.  Another setwell hanger and we called it done. 
I showed the 50s wooden play pen I found in tomball on Facebook - I just couldn't help myself.  It is in pristine condition with a little bit of cleaning.  I know. what can I do with it?  I imagine taking it apart at some point.  The colorful little beads are so darling. 
I am working on a plan to sell stuff.  Really, I am.  In the meantime, I'll be searching on Fri morning to see where I need to go. 

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