Sunday, June 09, 2013

Festival Hill at Round Top

I am probably the last person on the planet (of Texas) to NOT know about the symphony concerts at Festival Hill in Round Top.  Saturday, after running around to the outlet mall in Cypress and a few other stops, I was invited to attend the 43rd Round Top Annual Music Festival with my neighbors.  We stopped at Royer's first, and I had a fabulous burger and we took pie to go.  You can't leave there without pie, of course. 

Royers - source

source:  Junk Gypsies
So, have you been to the concerts at Festival Hill?  There's a wonderful story attached to it but I'm not sure where to start.  This guy, James Dick is an accomplished pianist and has set about establishing a fabulous institute so that young people can learn and practice their craft - kids from all over the US. International teachers!  Little by little the concert hall has been put together - in the past there was no roof or air conditioning! 
I cannot explain just how incredible the concert hall is.  Take a peak here to get an idea, but you should really go and see for yourself.  I spent most of the concert looking up and around at the gorgeous wood and architecture.  It's mind-blowing.  And the acoustics are perfection. 
What I thought was so cool was the second half of the concert.  They moved the grand piano to the front and James Dick came in and played with the orchestra.  It is good to be James Dick, I tell ya.  You build a place and then you get to do what you love with a lot of people watching you.  He deserves it.  I cannot say it enough - just how gorgeous the architecture is and how much you will enjoy the music. 
The concert season is 6 weeks and it just started.  Spend a Saturday afternoon or evening there - the tickets were $30.  June 30th is the patriotic concert and from what I hear, it is not to be missed.  I will definitely be there.  So cool.

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