Monday, August 07, 2006

Ahhhhhh Maaaassssaaaaggggggeeee

Has it been a month since I've posted? Well, lots of reasons... I was gone for 10 days to both coasts and just been in a bad place lately. I prefer to just keep to myself and not give it to the light of day. But I'm better today - mainly because I started with a list and got after it and then went for a fabulous massage at Natural Retreat. I had 90 minutes with Candi and she was amazing! I can handle my hectic life so much better when I take time for myself. I definitely need to get that lesson... and soon!
Now - look at her - isn't she the cutest! This is my 83 year old mother blowing out her candles. It's a bit grainy but I love this new camera - it captures great shots... and I don't even know the right way to use it! It was a busy day with her yesterday... I made a chocolate cake and huge pork roast along with a short mall visit. She moves slowly and has some memory loss so everything is a big production... but she was so happy. When she woke up, she told me it was a happy day because she was living with me. Now that's something to hold on to (and probably will save me thousands in therapy sessions!)
Saturday I went to the CKU crop at ScrapbookVillage. Nice group with the cutest idea - they are altering cereal boxes into stores - all with a scrapbook pun. Really great ideas. I worked alot on Miss Pat's album of her vacation - it's her birthday gift. I also have a new CJ to add to - "what brings you joy". Creative Escapes is in ONE MONTH - I can't wait! It is going to be awesome!
This work one day, off one day is still a little crazy. I have to shift and change gears and its just kinda a weird. I've been itching to find a full time REAL job and get back in the money. Spending money is great to have but I like to take care of me... I'll just keep my arms open for the right one.

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