Sunday, August 13, 2006

Shoppin & Motherin

Friday I drove fifty miles to Scrapbook Junkie to check out their new stuff and well, basically just because I haven't been there in a while. It was fun and they had some cute stuff, but damn it's a long way to get there (in Kemah). I wish there was an easier way to get there instead of Nasa Road One. And it invariably rains on my way there - yep, a thunderstorm jumped up on the drive there. I did pick up a bunch of new Heidi Swapp product, especially for my secret sister! She is going to love it! After Junkie, I had to go to Novel Approach. Wow. They had some new Hero Arts stamps and some cool paper but not alot else. I was really disappointed - none of the new CHA stuff that I could tell. Since I was in the neighborhood, I stopped by Just for Fun and picked up the paper bag book that I've wanted since the bus tour. Pine Cone Press book - I never thought I'd want a book about paper bags but its pretty cool. So I've got a nice little stash going - probably my favorite are Heidi Grace flowers. I want every color!
Well, I've been having a pretty good time at home - because of her. It is sort of mind-blowing because I haven't been close to my Mom. But I am totally enjoying her living with me now. Its hard sometimes because she has short term memory loss but I love hearing her stories about when she was younger or when I was younger. I just want to spend this time totally loving her and letting her totally love me. It is so cathartic. She has started saying things about when she dies. What is strange is my Mom never would talk about it before. I believe you know when you are going to die - I saw it with my cousin. So, I am scared to go into that sad place again since my brother and Dad died two years ago. But I plow ahead and just try to enjoy her - I'll handle that when it gets here. For now, I lay my head on her lap and just listen and talk. :) It is so sweet!

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