Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Good Conduct Medal

It's been an emotional (sad) day. First of all, I have to gripe about contractors... We have an automatic gate for our driveway that's been broken since last week. I won't go through the whole story but I just don't get why these MEN can't pick up the phone and communicate. It's a great concept that works and prevents customers from getting ticked off because they wait around all day and no one shows. Just pick up the friggin phone!
Anyway, I did the usual grocery shopping, laundry, clean up around here stuff today. Worked a little on my scraproom - not like I should but what can you do. At least I wasn't in the stores buying things. I'm definitely getting better with that issue. I am taking a break from buying new projects til I get some stuff done. I have a circle journal due in 9 days... Plus a few cards and albums and well anyway, I don't need to start anything else. It's hard to remember that though cause I keep thinking about going to Wal Mart or Goodwill to find a new clock to alter like Heidi Swapps. Speaking of Heidi, she was promiment in my dream last night. I had a baby boy and she was taking care of him and I had to wait a few days for her to give him to me. She did but there was some anxiety about it. It was weird... Anyway, while organizing stuff in the room, I was putting photos into my Memory Dock and found this one of my Dad. He wrote this on the back: Sgt. William J. Nelson receiving Good Conduct Medal at 7712th EUCOM Intelligence School, Oberammergau, Germany 25 August 1949. Pretty cool. I spent an hour or so photoshopping it - there was a bunch of lint or snow on the uniforms that I cleaned up. I really love cloning... I would like to get better at it - really understand light and shadow. I need to research it in a Photoshop book or something. I'm going to have an 8 x 10 printed and frame it. I focused on it today because my nephew called and wanted advice about turning himself into the Army. He went awol last December. It makes me incredibly sad because I can't help him and its hard to sit by and not fix it. Guess that's why I worked on the photo today.

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Rich said...

that photo of dad is awesome. enjoying your blog.