Friday, October 20, 2006

Oops I Meant To... Kidding Myself

Yes, I KNOW! Our circle journal is due today and I really should finish it and not be posting... but I couldn't help myself. Y'all, I really have been kidding myself. I've done such a great job of staying out of the scrapbook stores since CKU ~ a month now. Weeeelllllll, let's take a closer look at the online action lately. Several things have been on my radar and little by little I've stopped in here and there.
I've been working on my Ps lately and saw this here.
Yes, I used the same phrase... I like it. Monday was a blog surfing day and I can't recall where I saw it but I thought it would go nicely with my big PB pencil. The PB pencil got a new home last week. I've finally got some reorganizing done. It lives here now. I love my new shelf from Container Store. It is 6" shorter than the table and makes the room feel so much roomier but now with 5 shelves! I LURVE it.
Paper Posies sent me their monthly email and although I've never bought anything from there before... I couldn't resist the 7 gypsies stamp and the Basic Grey Romani paper. I didn't realize it but I have a couple sheets of it already and its the LO for my CJ! The kit looks yummy. So, since I've been buying all this stuff - I finally got on the stick and put some stuff on ebay for sale. It's doing pretty well, especially the sizzix stuff. I have more sizzix, just need to take photos. I'll do that tomorrow after the CJ gets mailed.
Today is scheduled... I'm getting shrunk at 1 and using my gift card at Nordstroms for a massage. Yep. It's all about Me today. (Note - subject of my CJ too!)

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Jeanette said...

What an adorable room you have! Love, love, love it!!!