Monday, April 09, 2007

Finding My Way Back Home

I've spent the past three days cleaning up my scrap room, getting ready for the big garage sale at Maridawn's next Saturday. I am embarressed by all the stuff I have to sell and called to see if they have another table for rent. They don't. So, I guess I will put a bunch of stuff under the table and will move it up top when space clears. I have an entire box of books and magazines. It feels really good that I committed the time this weekend to go through what I have and purge. I also feel guilty because I went through alot of projects that aren't completed.
I broke up the clean up time this weekend by ordering the armless chair from the Seagrass collection at Pottery Barn. I am redoing my living room into a reading room. We'll eventually move out the TV and the couch will go to my BFF's daughter. I'm going to have 4 comfy chairs and lots of lamps. This is chair #2. I'll probably keep a white wicker rocker that is already in there. It's funny because my BFF's daughter has a complete set of dishes from my old house and a few other items of mine. She's graduating from high school this year and when she gets her own place - I will feel right at home! She is such a sweet girl - who likes to play with scrapbook stuff!
I've been listening to my Itunes this weekend, especially Lee Ann Womack's Finding my Way Back Home. I LOVE the video for that song - it reminds me of me so much, as a child. Riding my bike and exploring. It goes so deep that it makes me cry when I watch it! I think crying is so cleansing and good for your soul.
I made several changes in my scraproom. Moved acrylix stamps to binders with page protectors and cardboard. I moved stuff around, my paints and embossing powder, flowers and changed my cardstock from a shelf to the Cropper Hopper vertical storage, just like my patterned paper. Hobby Lobby was having a great sale on Friday and I snatched up all kinds of goodness. I also started drawing in my art journal at the end of the day. It's pretty simplistic but I know it will improve over time. And the main purpose it to stay in touch with my feelings by either writing about them or illustrating them.
I've been pretty reflective this weekend. I guess cleaning and spending time with your stuff gives you ample time to think. It was one year ago last weekend that Ruth (MIL) moved in with us. I remember being totally overwhelmed that weekend and realizing, I was responsible for another human being. It was the beginning of alot of responsibility and demands being made on me. Too much but at the time I didn't know how to say no. I'm much better at it today, that is for sure! It was also crazy time - every week there was something else on the calendar, a graduation or some new drama. Man, I am so grateful my life isn't like that today. I remember I used to thrive on drama and now I don't like scheduling three things in a weekend. Which, is what is happening this weekend: all day garage sale at Maridawn's, my brother is having an open house at his new casa and Sunday Night, I am taking Nancy to see Wicked. So, boom - there's 3. That's it - no more.

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browneyedgirl said...

Hey Peg,
just updated my blog and caught up on yours. Sounds like you've been busy. I am too, but keep up the great work. You cleaning up and purging your scrap crap has inspired me to try to do the same...
We'll see how far I get.