Sunday, June 17, 2007

Is there Email to Heaven?

That's how I'd send my Father's Day card this year. My Dad died almost 3 years ago in August - on the last day of my job at the shipyard, a week before my birthday and right when we were moving into our renovated house. It was such a crazy time - my brother was in the ICU at the VA in Houston at the end stage of Hodgkins and my Dad was in Biloxi at the end stage with Parkinsons. I didn't go see him at the very end, which may sound weird to some people but I think that is how he wanted it. It was painful to look at him - he wasn't the man I knew - he was a mere skeleton of a human being. His mother died when he was 9 and I think for that reason too he didn't want me to be with him at the end. He had been sick for 3 years - alot of doctors and treatments and nothing worked. So his death was a relief. Wait, did I really say that? Anyway, my Dad was a rock - always solid, dependable, someone you could count on. He taught me about volunteering, because he did. He explained about balancing your life, each part in the image of a pie slice. He loved golf and played alot and could remember every single shot on every single hole. He was the epitome of a gentleman and believed in using your manners all the time. He was a Colonel in the U.S. Army Reserve, 75th MAC for a gazillion years and when he retired, his pension is what allows my mother to have an easy financial life. He met my mother in Germany, while serving in the Army and after five children, divorced her after 40 years of marriage. I didn't speak to him for 2 years because of it. I followed his career path and became a marine insurance broker when I was 17 and worked for him for 2 years when he bought an insurance agency in Port Arthur, Texas. On a slow afternoon, we'd flip a coin and see who got to take off for the afternoon. We had breakfast at Sears coffee shop for $1.10 each. He used to send me a card or flowers on the anniversary of my first day, 7/7/75.
You should have seen his funeral - it was amazing. He had an official Army burial with 21 gun salute. I know he loved every single minute of it - it was full of pomp and circumstance and he would have been so proud. I was proud. During the burial it rained lightly, which seemed so fitting. It was such a blur - the entire month. I still wish I had one more time with him - a hug and a talk and a laugh. Just one more.
I love this picture of him.

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Anonymous said...

I wish I had another hug, laugh and talk with my dad too. I lost my dad to a heat attack when I was 15. He was only 49. I'm seperated from my wife and since the seperation I don't have my kids every night by my side. I only hope and pray that my kids look the same way at me as I did my father. I love you dad.

Anniston Alabama