Monday, October 15, 2007


This is a picture of my beautiful baby sister on her 49th birthday. We have a tradition at my house of singing happy birthday with the lights out and getting a snapshot. I love it because I have most everyone in the family in that same chair, same shot. I think she looks beautiful, even if she still does boss me around (and she's the baby!). She's an amazing Mom.
Okay, so I wasn't feeling so well this morning and left the house a bit late and as I drove down the street out of the neighborhood, I passed a hispanic woman, probably walking to work. For a brief moment, she made eye contact with me. Hesitant, tentative. And I made eye contact and smiled. I've been noticing this alot lately. In the hallway in our 20+ story building at work. Alot of different races and nationalities and how some women look right through you. How many times have I done it to others? Oh, I know some days you're engrossed in thought but for the most part, I stay aware of my surroundings. My CE friends think its a Texas thing - maybe it is. But I say HI to damn near everybody. C'mon - we share a common bond - we're women. Let's show a little kindness to each other. Hell, alot of kindness.
I had a great shopping weekend. I went to Scrapbook Junkie and found some great Heidi Swapp stamps. Also went to a great Hobby Lobby on 45S - really big store. Bought a bunch of frames for my Allison Tyler Jones photogs - realize now that I need 5 x 7s now. Also went to By Design and picked up a handful of glimmer mists - really fun to play with. And then to Novel Approach where I picked up Canvas Concept BINDER CLIPS! I've been looking for them every where! I made a memo board for Sister and now I can finish it and deliver it! Yipee. Saturday night I went to a really fun crop at Elida's, from a Yahoo Group called Houston & Beyond. What a great group! So nice and everybody shares - it was so enjoyable. I could do that every Sat night! Sunday I went to Urban Market in the Heights and scored some goodies. A wire gym basket and a cream-colored wrought iron patio table. I love that market - 45 vendors 3 times a year on a Sunday. Really unique stuff. I made the mistake last year of not buying a santos (wooden angel) because it was like $45... now I can't find one anywhere except on ebay for $190. Damn. They also sell amazing chicken salad. So much fun!


Jeanne said...

So did you get your Santos yet??? I still can't believe they didn't have any at Tlaquepaque.

Jeanne said...

Yipee! Your Allison picture looks GREAT!