Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Jeez Louise, it sure seems like I haven't blogged in a really long time. Oh, yeah, right. I haven't. So, what have I been doing? Um. I went to Austin for a weekend to spend time with friends and visit Uncommon Objects near Town Lake. Yes, it really is an amazing vintage store. We also hit the Citywide Garage Sale, which was small but fun. I went to Long Beach for work and stayed the weekend. I spent most of Saturday in Olde Town Orange at Country Roads and wow, what a great little shopping haven. The weather was a pristine 70 degrees and sunshine galore - felt so good after the cold and drizzly we've been having. I visited with the owner, Sue and picked up a few pieces that would fit into my luggage. Ate a wonderful salad outside at Rutabagorz. There was a great garden shop next door, with a bunch of great CA flowers -there's nothing like flowers in CA. Friday night I stopped off at the Fabric Barn which is a great warehouse with tons of ribbon and then took a drive along the beach. As usual, I spent some time wondering if I would like to move to CA. I do that in almost every town I visit...
I got a new Canon camera, a 30D with a couple of lenses that Karen Russell recommended. She is such a talented photographer - I love looking at her photos and I definitely can't wait for her online photography class. I have alot of learning to do with my first SLR, but I have been playing with it. I got this shot of Killer. It's funny because both dogs looked pretty annoyed at me while I was shooting. They were getting bored with the clicking and wanted to go to sleep already.
Not much else going on other than my favorite Canadian, Charleen is coming to Houston to see Bruce Springsteen with me. That's in April and I just can't wait. I'll leave right after for Scrap etc. in Nashville. Not much else good happening. Alot of down time, trying to be good to myself and patient. I am hooked on watching Jon & Kate + 8. They are amazing parents - reminds me of my sister. Going to crop at Kristin's this weekend - have two projects pending - my 8 x 8 page swap for SE and a book for a coworker that is retiring. I'll post pics when done plus a board book I made for my desk.

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Karen C said...

Hey, Peggy, it's good to see you. Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday.