Sunday, February 24, 2008

Simply the Best!

What an outstanding weekend! ALL of it was good. Simply the best! I woke up Saturday feeling much better - first time in several days... and headed to Wal-Mart to pick up photos and then to Kristin's for a crop. I had such a nice time and got to visit with a variety of interesting people. Lots of stories and got my SE page swap page laid out and most of it cut out. Finished it up on Sunday. I came home Saturday night around 10 ish and stayed up til 1 am working on my stuff. I felt so completely calm and peaceful and happy - scrapbooking does that for me. Such a tranquil happy feeling and for the moment I stop and realize that pure, blissful feeling.
On Sunday I headed over to the Urban Market for another fantastic day of shopping. I skimmed through a couple of shops and FOUND these santos wooden angels I have been looking for for the past year! I was thrilled and bought 3 of them! Oh okay, maybe five, whatever... I got 'em and I love 'em! The first one is large about 2-3 feet. They are so amazing. Last year I saw them and scoffed at the price, which was something like $60. Since then I've seen them on ebay for $190 and could not find them anywhere! It was another gorgeous day and just a nice time to look around. Ran into two friends. I also bought a couple of glasses and a Chinese caligraphy brush, which has a hand carved handle. Just liked the artistic part of that...
Finished my page swap pages - I'll take a pic before I ship them tomorrow, I'm too tired tonite. I started feeling sick this afternoon from the Z-pac, which I don't seem to tolerate very well (stomach upset). I should get to sleep so I'll be well rested for tomorrow - I have alot of catching up to do.
This one is going into my bedroom - I love her face. Goodnight.

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Karen C said...

Oh, I didn't realize the Urban Market was this weekend. I heard you talking about it. Tell me the next time it is and I'll go with you. I think I would love it! It was great seeing you and don't forget to call or email me when you think you are done and want your craft heater.