Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart

Still loving our beautiful downtown park, can't wait for the opening a week from Sunday. My Favorite Canadian, Charleen will be here all the way from Halifax, Nova Scotia for a visit with Mr. Bruce Springsteen. Okay, so he may not see us up in the nosebleed section, but we'll be there! The local economy will get a nice boost from her visit, especially all of our LSSs.
We took Gracie girl to Memorial Park on Sunday and Killer showed her the ropes. She didn't quite make it around the three miles, so I had to carry her a bit. She saw a pit bull and went after him, slipping out of her collar - I caught her within inches of his jaws. Okay, so he was just kind of looking at her but still... It was fun observing them at the park, but I think we'll have to stick with smaller venues. Maybe Discovery Green?
The house painters are in session - its looking great - hopefully, they will finish by Friday. Stop by and see us!
I drove by the Co-Cathedral tonight and after seeing the photos on the Chronicle site, wish I had been there today. Even if just out on the street, watching the procession. It looks so amazing and I can't wait to go inside it. Houston has alot of reasons to be proud these days.
Got a very interesting email yesterday from a lady, Gayle who has TWO Japanese doll vases, right here in West U. She found them at a garage sale, then she sent a link to an online auction where there is another one! Amazing. I asked the auction seller where she found it and she said Bakersfield, CA. So cool! I think I will have to get it... wish I could find out where they originate and the artist.
I ~ heart ~ Houston.

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