Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday at last!

Okay, so I'm still loving the Wii, like in - every evening we fight over it and I rushed home from work when Nanie called to say she was at Target, just so I COULD BE FIRST! It really is amazing how they trick you into doing all these little games and you DON'T EVEN REALIZE you're exercising your body. I am telling you - it is phenomenal. It was hilarious today when my 10 year old nephew came over and played tennis. I had been playing this civilized old lady in skirts version and he was making those guys ATTACK. Crazy. And just too much fun. I can't say it enough.
The good news is that I don't sit at the computer every night and do nothing... I also haven't worked on any of my Photoshop projects or my last CJ (sorry, Megan). I am leaving in the morning for Quebec City for 6 days and I need to pack tonight, along with get some money and pay bills blah blah blah. It's alot cooler in Montreal (70s) than here, which will be wonderful. I'm going to a conference where I know no one... except my boss. But they're my kind of people (insurance) so I'm sure we'll get along famously.

My newest BFF, Cindy found some amazing ideas on scrap rooms with my all time favorite being, Vicki Boutin. Oh man, it is exactly what I want. I have been eyeing the Liatorp cabinet and she has it outfitted beautifully.

I also found an ingenious clip it type storage here. Stop for just a moment and take a look see at how simple and inexpensive the solution she created. Amazing. It only cost her roughly $10.

Okay, I'm just about out of time but have to show you some amazing canvas' that I purchase a few weeks ago. Fell in love with them... Found them on etsy while searching for local, her name is Lori Young. Love her work. I purchased 6 of them - look at 33 sales to see the last 2 Texas canvas, that I bought. What do you think?

Okay, so I'm out of time. Have an early flight so need to get packing. Hope its a great weekend for you. Au revoir!


Karen C said...

Peggy - will you just come over when you get back and redo my room? I loved Vicki's room -- why can't mine look like that?

Megan said...

No need to be sorry about the CJ's! You will get to it at just the right inspired moment!

Sandy HoHo said...

Peggy, I have that hutch and love it. Mine's a little trashier looking. Bit Love it. Love the Clip It idea. I had a similar idea, but haven't built it yet. Have to get SIL to put up the shelf first. :)