Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mii loves Wii

I think it is important to remember when life becomes as easy as a cake walk. Sunday morning was one of those times. I have been researching Nintendo's Wii for about a month. On Sunday I was reading the Chronicle and looking at the Target ad when I saw Wii and Wii Fit on friggin SALE, people! So I call and the Memorial City store says they have both in stock and I am there in 4 minutes flat. I did brush my teeth and I TOTALLY SCORED a Wii. Well, two actually. My 10 year old nephew wanted one so I woke up his Mom to see if it was okay to get one. It is very easy to put together and I have to say, I am now one of those goofballs that is hooked on it. The tennis brings me back to high school days. And no, I won't share my rated age (at this time). Maybe later. When I lose 20 pounds... We love the golf too and I love doing hula hoops. Nancy has a full workout routine going but for the past two nights we've started at 9 pm and then I can't get her off the damn thing. I just have to say, it is one of the best inventions of the decade, for sure. Come on over and play with us.
I've torn my scrap room apart and trashed the living room and sunroom. My new BFF, Ronda gave me some great ideas on using Ikea's Expedit and Liatorp together (hanging the E horizontally on the wall). I also have a cool PB engraved pencil thats 6' tall that I need to get on the wall. I won't do either until I get back from Quebec City (I leave Saturday). I did get another Elfa cart from Container Store - I have one that is crammed full and I love the large open trays. I still need to assemble it - maybe tomorrow night. I've had trouble sleeping 3 nights in a row so hopefully I can crash for the nite. Oh, wait. We need a requisite photo - let me look in my stash... This is one of the rooms at Lake Austin Spa, one of my favorite places to visit. They serve healthy cuisine and teach tai chi, along with all those fabulous spa services. I haven't been in years but it is on my vision board now. The rooms are so comfy and inviting. It is my goal to get back there in the next two years. Its a great way to kick off healthy living - you don't want to veer off the path once you get started. In my dreams I'd like to be invited as a speaker or teacher one day. I should probably have a clear idea of what I could teach or write but that's for another day. Yep, when the stars align and things come easily it is confirmation that I can relax and remember I'm not running the show. Good night.

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