Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Welkom to Rotterdam

I got home last night from a week in Rotterdam (Netherlands) and London and at 4 am, now awake still a bit on London time. It was a wonderful trip - the business part went swimmingly. I met my colleagues (some for the first time) in Rotterdam and along with my boss, spent two days reviewing our work. It was in a great format - we met at someone's home and discussed various issues in an open format. There is nothing like visiting a colleague's home to really experience the country. I had dinner once at a colleague's home in Sydney and it was such a privileged experience. I lucked out on getting a row on BA by myself - so I read and relaxed and had a great flight.
I had a little difficulty figuring out the train system from the airport to Rotterdam but made it eventually and had dinner with my colleague, Rene. The scene was picturesque: a canal from where the pilgrim fathers departed around 1620 called Delftshaven, here's a photo. See the windmill in the background?We had a barbque (grilled) meal that was spectacular - pate, cheese and bread with wine. Grilled veal with grape tomatoes and chocolate souffle. The tomatoes were so sweet and savory, the waiter gave me extras to take home (and I ate them with eggs in the morning). Actually, all three meals in NL were AMAZING. Our group dinner on Thursday night was in a small hotel/inn near Ijmuiden called Augusta. Everyone was jovial and bantering and the food was delicious with a 4 course meal lasting 4 hours. One thing I will remember about Netherlands is their bread - I've tasted some of the most fresh and delectable bread in Holland. Just yum. And most people think of simple meals in Hollands - quite the contrary this time.

My camera battery is recharging - I will download photos tonight and post sometime in the next few days. The first leg of the trip was well worth it and enjoyable. I feel fortunate to be able to say that about my work. My best shopping score in London - 14 vintage photos!


Jeanne said...

Can't wait to see your pictures!

Barb said...

Glad it was a good trip....good food is always a plus!